Solve the PHP deprecated problem

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Deprecated: It means "not recommended"

PHP 5.3 In one way, it can be said that in the 07-year Plan PHP6 of a pre version, adding a lot of features, unified a lot of grammar, so that PHP becomes more powerful and concise.

When it comes to statistical architecture planning, PHP will, of course, classify some aliases, repetitive function functions, and remove the unused ones after PHP 5.3. It is not recommended to continue using the new project.

PHP 5.3 has two deprecated,

E_deprecated and e_user_deprecated

Here are some of the problems that will be encountered in the old project after PHP 5.3

? define_syslog_variables
? register_globals
? register_long_arrays
? safe_mode
? magic_quotes_gpc
? magic_quotes_runtime
? magic_quotes_sybase
The php.ini comment is no longer recommended for use with #.
Deprecated functions:

Call_user_method () can be replaced with Call_user_func ()
Call_user_method_array () can be replaced with Call_user_func_array () Define_syslog_variables ()
? DL () against the use of DL load extension, php5.3 after application php.ini compounding
Ereg () can be replaced with Preg_match ()
? Ereg_replace () can be replaced with preg_replace ()
Eregi () Replace with preg_match () I parameter
Eregi_replace () Replace with preg_replace () I parameter
Set_magic_quotes_runtime () Replace with Magic_quotes_runtime ()
? Session_register () Session_unregister () session_is_registered ()
? above three unified with $_session replacement
Set_socket_blocking () Replace with stream_set_blocking ()
Split () replaces with Preg_split ()
Spliti () Replace with preg_split () mode ' I '
? Sql_regcase ()
Mysql_db_query () Replace mysql_escape_string () with use Mysql_real_escape_string () with mysql_select_db () mysql_query ()
? About time zone processing, unified with timezone to the image
Deprecated Features:

? The direct-to-add new instance is no longer recommended. PHP 6 will no longer support
? Call-time pass-by-reference parameter is now no longer recommended for PHP 6 will no longer support
The use of {} to access string order is no longer recommended. Unify [] instead. PHP 6 will no longer support

Of course, if the project is urgent, but also in PHP 5.3 using the above method, you can use the following methods to do

Increase in php.ini


Php_flag allow_call_time_pass_reference on
Php_value error_reporting "E_all & ~e_notice & ~e_deprecated"

Solve the PHP deprecated problem

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