Solve the problem that WebStorm cannot be connected during Chrome debugging.

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Preparing to learn html5, I decided to use WebStorm as the IDE. When using WebStorm for debugging or LiveEdit, it is always unable to connect to Chrome, the message "Waiting for connection from JetBrains IDE Support extension for Chrome. please ensure you have installed the extension or see Help. ", but in Chrome, JetBrains IDE Support extension has been installed and enabled.

After studying the principle of debugging, WebStorm has a built-in Web server, which will be started when WebStorm is started. This is a new function in WebStorm6.0. The Web server port is 63342 and cannot be modified. Therefore, if you create a new project named myproject, you can access it through http: // localhost: 63342/myproject in the browser. Then, Chrome's JetBrains IDE Support extension connects to the Web server. You can modify the Web server address and port in the attributes of JetBrains IDE Support extension.

Following this principle, we found that WebStorm did not listen to port 63342, but listened to several other ports and used one of them to bind to the TCP port We were pleasantly surprised to find that it could be connected, you can also open a website in a browser. I cannot understand why I didn't listen to port 63342, and the listening port changes every time I start it. How can I use this function? I need to check which port to listen to every time.

Later, we found that WebStorm7.0 was able to set this port, but it was not officially released yet. It can be seen that the built-in Web server function of WebStorm6.0 is still very weak.

Additional version information:

WebStorm 6.0.2 build 129.664

Java 7

Windows 7 64-bit



After WebStorm7.0 EAP 130.753 is installed, an error is reported when the port bound to port 62734 or above, for example, "ChannelException: Failed to bind to: 62735: Failed to bind: 62735 ". When binding fails, a port is randomly bound. The rule is unknown. You can successfully bind ports 62734 and lower, but two ports are bound. One is set, and the other seems to be randomly allocated after the binding fails. Besides, LiveEdit is very unstable.

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