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In the era of mobile internet, the app market is becoming more and more crowded, and the biggest problem faced by enterprises is the promotion of apps. However, faced with the increasingly shrinking of online traffic and the increasing cost of promotion, enterprises usually choose the most obvious promotion effect as one of the ways to promote it. So what are the ways in which apps are pushed? Next, let's share some of the experience of pushing.

Way one: Sweep Lou
Sweeping the floor is the usual means of pushing the world, a building from the roof of the tenants began a door on the first floor of a family, or a office building floor-to-door visits are called sweeping floor!
But! Sweep the floor often will doors, imagine, the family suddenly come in a strange person with you to sell, will certainly let the hearts and minds, refused and far; but from the front-line to push the team's experience, the sweep floor, whether efficiency or effect are good, so may have a good opportunity.
Way two: Point extension
A point extension is defined as a fixed point in the area of the target user set, which is usually mobile to the target user and we are fixed. However, it is more solid to collect the information of the pre-position, and to grasp the period and the flow of people during the rush hour. Of course, for the more general application of strong, you can choose the location of the surrounding restaurants, squares and other areas.
In addition, must be in advance docking a good bit of business cooperation. This requires the point of contact with the head of the meeting to discuss the details of the process, to monitor the progress of the contract, to avoid affecting the entry time.
Way three: Scatter extension
The flexibility of extension is relatively large, can be based on the peak of the road and the flow of people to adjust the operation policy, but also need a strict regulatory system.
A. People movement, fixed expansion. For example: shopping malls, squares, pedestrian streets and other crowded areas, the use of camp waiting system.
B. Customer fixed, expand flow. For example: Clothing wholesale market, building materials market, lighting city, such as the use of decentralized guerrilla system.
Four, radiation zone extension of the customer
Radiation-type extension is mainly the point of the surrounding radiation of the business district and the main traffic nodes, often with the extension of the operation. The range of radiation can be delineated as a point extension for the center of the 1-3 km range, but also to the customer screening, to be based on the app's attributes and the ease of operation to make a choice.
In addition, the need to consider the fixed point and the distribution of staff outside, out of contact with the fixed point of the problem, such as when the material is used up when the fixed point of the person sent to or out of the staff sent back to take.
La Nieu is the key action of all apps, pull the new effect to push the success of more than half, pull new mistakes, the app to push to meet will be miserable!
With these ground-pushing methods, but the subsequent work is still difficult, that is, the app's channel installs the amount of statistics. There is a tool to help everyone.
Shareinstall also has a feature is the app channel installs the quantity statistics. If an app for advertising, cast TV, bus, Subway, web and other advertising channels, today came 50,000 users, but the user is from which channel, without an accurate data, how to promote the channel to the fittest?
Shareinstall's channel statistics function allows users to more accurately understand the effects of different channels of promotion, more importantly, this feature is free.
Summary: I hope this article will be helpful to the hard-pushed people.

Some experience with app push

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