Some of the. Net open source projects that are worth learning and borrowing from

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1, dotNetFramework
. NET Reference Source released a beta release that allows you to browse the sources of the. NET Framework 4.5.1 online, and you can debug the. NET Framework in Visual Studio 2013 through configuration.
Project Address: Reference Source
2. MVC
MVC doesn't have to say, it's powerful.
Project URL: Aspnet/mvc Road GitHub

3. Entity Framework
/ http/ADO The Entity Framework is Microsoft's/ http/ADO An object-relational correspondence (O/R Mapping) solution developed for the foundation, earlier known as ObjectSpace, is now included in Visual Studio Service Pack 1 and the. NET Framework 3.5 Servic Published in E-Pack 1.
Project URL: Aspnet/entityframework Road GitHub

4. Enterprise Library
Enterprise Library is the patterns & practices team developed a set of corporate libraries for the. NET Framework, currently the latest version is v5.0, which supports the. NET Framework 4.0, total includes 9 application blocks, including data Access Application block, exception Management (Exception handling Application Block), Data validation (Validation application Block), etc., is very helpful and useful for enterprise application development.
Project website: Enterprise Library
Codeplex:patterns & Practices

5, Nopcommerce
Nopcommerce is a high-quality open-source website system abroad, Based on the EntityFramework4.0 and MVC3.0, using the Razor template engine, there is a strong plug-in mechanism, including payment distribution functions are implemented through plug-ins, XML-based multi-language version, very flexible language switching functions, including in the background can also edit the product's English and Chinese properties, is very suitable for foreign trade, excellent Show ahead of the program architecture, performance is also very powerful, custom product name and classification has a good SEO optimization. The overall capacity is much higher than some of the domestic programs that are poorly structured. NET marketplace, is the first choice for two development and large-to-consumer architectures. 3.0 started to support multi-store.
Project URL: open-source Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solution

7, Orchard
Orchard is a Microsoft-led open source CMS project that allows users to. NET platform, and providing an extension framework that allows Customizer to add additional content through modules and themes, orchard can build complex content management systems that provide a powerful modular construction model that minimizes system construction costs by reusing components, helping users reduce coding, So as to attract the attention of non-technical personnel.
Project Address: Orchard

Some of the. Net open source projects that are worth learning and borrowing from

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