Some of the PHP development security issues that are organized

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Organize some PHP development security issues

PHP gives developers a great deal of flexibility, but this also poses a potential risk to security issues, the recent need to summarize the past problems, here to lend a translation of an article at the same time with their own development of some feelings summed up.

Brief introduction

When developing an Internet service, you must always keep in mind the concept of security and be in the Code of development. The PHP scripting language does not care about security issues, especially for most inexperienced developers. Whenever you talk about transactions such as money issues, you need to pay particular attention to security considerations, such as developing a forum or a shopping cart.

General Essentials of Security protection

Don't believe in forms

For general JavaScript foreground validation, the user's behavior is not known, such as shutting down the browser's JavaScript engine, thus passing the post malicious data to the server. Validation is required on the server side to validate the data passed to each PHP script to prevent XSS attacks and SQL injection

Do not trust users

To assume that every piece of data your site receives is malicious code, there is a hidden threat to clean up every piece of data

Close Global Variables

The following configuration is made in the php.ini file:

Register_globals = Off

If this configuration option is turned on, there will be a large security risk. For example, there is a process.php script file that inserts the received data into the database, and the form that receives the user's input data might look like this:

<input name= "username" type= "text" size= "maxlength=" >

Thus, when the data is submitted to process.php, PHP registers a $username variable, submits the variable data to the process.php, and sets such a variable for any post or GET request parameters. The following problem occurs if the display is not initialized (ref.:

<?php//Define $authorized = True only if the user is Authenticatedif (authenticated_user ()) {    $authorized = true;}? >

Here, suppose the Authenticated_user function is the value of judging the $authorized variable, and if the register_globals configuration is turned on, then any user can send a request to set the $ The value of the authorized variable is any value so that the validation can be bypassed.

All of these submissions should be obtained through PHP's predefined built-in global arrays, including $_post, $_get, $_files, $_server, $_request, etc., where $_request is a $_get/$_post/$_ The COOKIE is a union variable of three arrays, and the default order is $_cookie, $_post, $_get.

Recommended Security Configuration options

Error_reporting set to OFF: Do not expose the error message to the user, can be set to on when developing

Safe_mode set to Off

Register_globals set to Off

Disable the following functions: System, Exec, PassThru, shell_exec, Proc_open, Popen

The Open_basedir is set to/TMP, which allows the session information to have storage permissions while setting up a separate Web site root directory

Expose_php set to Off

Allow_url_fopen set to Off

Allow_url_include set to Off

SQL injection attacks

For SQL statements that manipulate the database, you need to pay particular attention to security, because a user might enter specific statements to make the original SQL statement change functionality. Similar to the following example:

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