So,you Think you know JavaScript?

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Quick test for real understanding of JavaScript core beyound closures and scopes.

Here five small scripts.

Try to answer, what would be alerted in each case without running them in the console. Then you could create a test file and easily check your answers. Ready?

if inch window)) {    var a = 1;} alert (a);
var a = 1,    function  A (x) {        && A (--x);    }; alert (a);
function A (x) {    return x * 2;} var A;alert (a);
function b (x, Y, a) {    arguments[2] = ten;    alert (a);} B (1, 2, 3);
function A () {    alert (this);} (null);

These are the 5 five interesting topics given by JavaScript master Dmitry Baranovskiy in 09, and see if you can get all the answers right?


The author starof, because the knowledge itself in the change, the author is also constantly learning and growth, the content of the article is not updated regularly, in order to avoid misleading readers, convenient tracing, please reprint annotated source: HTML has a problem welcome to discuss with me, common progress.

So,you Think you know JavaScript?

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