Spring + Jedis Integrated Redis

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These days are fine, the previous learning of the Redis code to tidy up, nonsense not much to say, on the steps.

1, Pom.xml the introduction of resources;

        <dependency>            <groupId>org.springframework.data</groupId>            <artifactId> spring-data-redis</artifactid>            <version>1.7.0.RELEASE</version>        </dependency>        <dependency>            <groupId>redis.clients</groupId>            <artifactid>jedis</ artifactid>            <version>2.8.0</version>        </dependency>

2, configure Redis configuration file, here only configure a single-point database, the following will introduce the configuration of Redis cluster, here is not much to say;

Spring-redis.xml configuration:

    <!--read profile information--<context:property-placeholder ignore-unresolvable= "true" location= "Classpath:*.propertie        S "/> <!--Redis configuration--<bean id=" Jedispoolconfig "class=" Redis.clients.jedis.JedisPoolConfig ">  <property name= "Maxtotal" value= "${redis.maxactive}"/> <property name= "Maxidle" value= "${redis.maxIdle}" /> <property name= "Maxwaitmillis" value= "${redis.maxwaitmillis}"/> <property name= "TestOnBorro W "value=" true "/> </bean> <!--redis Single-node database connection configuration-<bean id=" jedisconnectionfactory "class=" or G.springframework.data.redis.connection.jedis.jedisconnectionfactory "> <property name=" hostName "value=" ${ Redis.host} "/> <property name=" port "value=" ${redis.port} "/> <property name=" password "value=" ${redis.password} "/> <property name=" poolconfig "ref=" Jedispoolconfig "/> </bean> <!--red Istemplate configuration, Redistemplate isMore operations on Jedis for Redis operations, encapsulation makes operation easier-<bean id= "Redistemplate" class= " Org.springframework.data.redis.core.StringRedisTemplate "> <property name=" connectionfactory "ref=" Jedisconnectionfactory "/> </bean>

Redis.properties File configuration:

#redis的服务器地址redis. host= here Write your Ip#redis service port redis.port=6379# password redis.password= here write your password # link database redis.default.db=0# The client time-out unit is milliseconds redis.timeout=100000# maximum number of connections redis.maxactive=300# maximum idle redis.maxidle=100# maximum connection wait time Redis.maxwaitmillis =1000

3, then, the specific implementation of the Code;

Serialization and deserialization tool classes:

 Public classSerializerutil {/*** Serialization *@paramObject *@return     */     Public Static byte[] Serializeobj (Object object) {ObjectOutputStream Oos=NULL; Bytearrayoutputstream BAOs=NULL; Try{BAOs=NewBytearrayoutputstream (); Oos=NewObjectOutputStream (BAOs);            Oos.writeobject (object); byte[] bytes =Baos.tobytearray (); returnbytes; } Catch(Exception e) {Throw NewRuntimeException ("Serialization failed!"), E); }    }    /*** Deserialization *@parambytes *@return     */     Public StaticObject Deserializeobj (byte[] bytes) {        if(bytes = =NULL){            return NULL; } Bytearrayinputstream Bais=NULL; Try{Bais=Newbytearrayinputstream (bytes); ObjectInputStream Ois=NewObjectInputStream (Bais); returnOis.readobject (); } Catch(Exception e) {Throw NewRuntimeException ("Deserialization failed!"), E); }    }}

Operation implementation class, where only 3 implementation classes are provided, others can be implemented according to their own needs:

@Component Public classRediscache {@ResourcePrivateRedistemplate<string, string>redistemplate; /*** Add Cached Data *@paramKey *@paramobj *@param<T> *@return     * @throwsException*/     Public<T>BooleanPutcache (String key, T obj)throwsException {Final byte[] Bkey =key.getbytes (); Final byte[] Bvalue =serializerutil.serializeobj (obj); Booleanresult = Redistemplate.execute (NewRediscallback<boolean>() {@Override PublicBoolean Doinredis (redisconnection connection)throwsDataAccessException {returnconnection.setnx (Bkey, bvalue);        }        }); returnresult; }    /*** Add cached data to set cache expiration time *@paramKey *@paramobj *@paramExpiretime *@param<T> *@throwsException*/     Public<T>voidPutcachewithexpiretime (String key, T obj,Final LongExpiretime)throwsException {Final byte[] Bkey =key.getbytes (); Final byte[] Bvalue =serializerutil.serializeobj (obj); Redistemplate.execute (NewRediscallback<boolean>() {@Override PublicBoolean Doinredis (redisconnection connection)throwsDataAccessException {Connection.setex (Bkey, Expiretime, bvalue); return true;    }        }); }    /*** Cache data based on key *@paramKey *@param<T> *@return     * @throwsException*/     Public<T> T GetCache (FinalString key)throwsException {byte[] result = Redistemplate.execute (Newrediscallback<byte[]>() {@Override Public byte[] Doinredis (redisconnection connection)throwsDataAccessException {returnConnection.get (Key.getbytes ());        }        }); if(Result = =NULL) {            return NULL; }        return(T) serializerutil.deserializeobj (result); }}

4, test code;

@Test Public voidTest7 ()throwsexception{List<String> list =NewArraylist<string>(); List.add ("Test List"); List.add ("Test List2"); Map<String,Object> map =NewHashmap<string, object>(); Map.put ("test*", "Test data"); Map.put ("Test Data", "what"); Map.put ("Listtest", list); Rediscache.putcache ("TestMap", map); Map<String,Object> Mapresult = Rediscache.getcache ("TestMap");    System.out.print (Mapresult.tostring ()); }


5, OK, all normal. PS: Interested students can go to see the Redis source code, very good!

Spring + Jedis Integrated Redis

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