Squid3.1.0.15 release

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Squid3.1.0.15 releases -- Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. From: Guo mi lost badly

Squid Cache (Squid for short) is a popular free software (GNU General Public License) proxy server and Web Cache Server. Squid has a wide range of uses, from cache-related requests as front cache servers of Web servers to improving the speed of Web servers, to cache the World Wide Web for a group of people to share network resources, domain Name System and other network search, to help network security by filtering traffic, to the LAN through the proxy to access the Internet. Squid is designed to run in Unix systems. Squid has a long history and has complete functions. In addition to HTTP, FTP and HTTPS support is also quite good, and IPv6 is also supported in the 3.0 test version.

Download: http://bo.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/squid/squid-
More: http://bo.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/squid/
View ReleaseNote: http://bo.mirror.garr.it/mirrors... 5-RELEASENOTES.html

Changes to squid- (23 Nov 2009 ):

-Regression Fix: myip ACL not accepted in config
-Bug 2795: acl arp lookups including port
-Bug 2794: ESI parsing fails on FreeBSD
-Bug 2778: fix linking issues using SunCC
-Bug 2724: eCAP build failure unless ICAP enabled
-Bug 2628: Correct default PID location to PREFIX/var/run/squid. pid
-Bug 2617: Performance degradation during processing list of dstdomain ACL's
-Bug 2374: Support ICY/ICEcast/SHOUTcast streaming protocol.
-Fix: 64-bit filesize issue in squidclient POST of large files
-Fix: send correct Connection: header on intercepted replies
-Support libtool 2.x
-ESI libraries libexpat and libxml2 now optional
-ESI support default enabled
-Bump libcap minimum requirement to libcap 2.09 +
-ARP/MAC support fixes for IPv6-mode
-Add outstanding IPv6 settings to squid. conf (localnet, localhost)
-... And your additions to the background testing structure
-... And very using minor build and code cleanups for non-GCC compilers.
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