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This article is destined to be a roaring body, everyone crossing please hold

PO Master submitted a review at the end of August, and then waited for a full 10 days!!! This is the Apple conference after the end of the audit!!! The result is still rejected!!. I won't tell you the reason!

I just want to spit groove!! Why so coincidence! Must be in review! after the press conference. Mom, the conference is not enough staff, all go to help!!

There is a picture of the truth!

Then the PO Master in accordance with the reasons for the refusal to change, the same day again submitted! Yes, I'm going!!

Invalid binary!! arm64!!

I'm a rookie, so don't scare me!

Turn over a variety of forums, incredibly no one to mention this question, OK, I will mention!

Then the PO Master began a variety of trial process, what in architecture Remove arm64 Ah, blablabla, no use!!!

After the normal upload archive upload, also not!!

Close to 6 points, finally someone said that also encountered this problem! Long sigh!!

Definitely not a problem with the nest code!!

Later, people in the group asked me if I used a third-party library!

Yes, well, it's probably a third-party library problem!!

Before release I choose Yes, changed to No after, re-archive! The error! The source of the error is QQ and everyone!!

Then the PO Master tried the official demo, although the normal run can be in the real machine, but archive will error!!!

Rely on rely on rely on rely on rely on rely on depend on depend on rely on depend on depend on!!!

Finally locked the problem!!

Then the PO Master made a difficult decision!! Delete QQ and everyone login!!!

MY god!!

Login interface also to redo the wood has!!!

Last night toss a half a day finally submitted!!

Also encountered various problems during the period!!

Like this one!

Build 1.0.0 does not contain the correct beta entitlement. For more information, see the ITunes Connect Developer Guide

The corresponding solution is here!

Blood and tears lessons!!

Do not submit app!!! during the Apple launch

——————— Update ————————

Two more sizes in itunes Connect, which is the upcoming iphone6!!

By! Do you want to upload these two sizes?!

Call the Apple Developer Service Hotline!!

Say all the salesmen are on the phone!!

ha haha haha ha ha haha

——————— Update ————————

What the fuck!!!!

Now it's normal again!! Apple you are not hold the yard of the bombing of the farmers!!!!

By!! Sister last night to get the results of 10 points!! It's so white!!!

Mother Egg!!! This is not tossing people!!!

Elder sister again submitted again Ah!!!

Lean on, lean on, lean on.

——————— Update 9-18 ————————

It's been 7 days since I last submitted it.

Or Waiting for review?

So tired, never love again

Estimated and iOS8 released about

Want to upgrade it, I go to ...

——————— Update 10-14 ————————

Yes, it's been one months since the article was issued.

The PO Lord is still with Apple.

Was reject again because we used a third-party login, but only to do login verification, no related features

"We found that your app uses Weibo and Renren login for authentication purposes Only–but does not include any ACCOUNT-BA SED features offered by that site. This isn't in compliance with the APP Store Review guidelines. "

PO Master firm Appeal, after another review, and was rejected

Since the Committee considers the reasons for rejection to be correct, it is recommended that we make our own login system

Mahle Gobi

Had to do again mobile phone number login, submit again, currently in review already 4 days!!

Submit an iOS app is declined

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