Summary net Some common procedures source (reprint)

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   recently relatively busy, summed up some of the features commonly used in the development of the source code, to hang it out; The second is to facilitate the needs of friends to download. Most of the source code is developed under the VS2005 environment, all through debugging, if the source code can not run after download, Welcome to throw eggs Stone, O (∩_∩) o ... Ha ha!
        This post will be constantly updated, the number of source code is constantly increasing, the quality of the source code is constantly improving, if there is any problem in use or the landlord has any suggestions and requirements, please leave a comment in the comments, I will do my best to speed up the answer, and finally I wish you all rest assured that use happy! -------Haste

1: Common tab Menu Navigation Code
Common tab Menu navigation code
2: Mail send
Mail send code
3:datalist usage
DataList usage
4: Simple chat Program
Simple Chat program
5: Crystal Report
Crystal Report
6: Drag div
Drag div
7: Chinese Verification Code
8:gridview nested application instance
GridView nested application instance
9: Provinces, cities and counties (including the National full database) Ajax No refresh three-level linkage
provinces and cities and counties (including the National full database) Ajax No refresh three-level linkage
10:gridview No refresh sort
GridView No refresh sort
11: Judge City according to IP
City by IP
12: Shopping cart    
Shopping cart
14: Kanji to pinyin
kanji to pinyin
15:js Slide
js Slide
16:ajaxpro Simple instance
17: Common CS Class Library (String operation class, database operation class, Mail sending class, regular class, Object conversion class, file operation class, common JS Operation class, Office action class, etc.)
Common CS Class library

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Summary net Some common procedures source (reprint)

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