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Collect and organize some commonly used PHP libraries, resources and techniques. To quickly find what you need in your job ...

Learning Resources

References to PHP-related community, blogs, websites, articles, books, videos and other resources

    • PHP website (php Websites)

      • PHP the right-one quick reference Guide to PHP Practice
    • PHP Books (php Books)

      • Modern PHP-author of the authors of the path to PHP and the author of the SLIM framework
        • Modern PHP (Chinese version)

Dependency Management (Dependency Management)

Packages and frameworks for dependency management

    • Composer/packagist-A package and dependency manager.
    • Composer Installers-A multi-frame Composer Library Installer
    • pickle-php Extension Installer
    • Melody-a tool to build one file Composer scripts.

Framework (Frameworks)

Web Development Framework

    • Symfony2-Framework consisting of independent components (SP2)
    • Zend Framework 2-also a framework consisting of independent components (ZF2)
    • Laravel 5-Simple and elegant PHP Web development Framework (L5)
    • Aura PHP-Framework for standalone components
    • Yii2-A high-performance PHP framework for developing large Web applications
    • Nette-A framework that is also composed of independent components
    • PPI Framework 2-An interactive framework
    • CakePHP-An efficient application development framework (CP)
    • Phalcon-A framework as a C extension
    • YAF-The framework of the C extension of the bird brother
      • Swoole-yaf

Component (components)

    • Aura Components-a PHP5.4 package
    • Hoa Project-A collection of PHP components

Micro-FRAME (frameworks)

Mini-frames and routing

    • Silex-Miniature framework based on SYMPHONY2 components
      • Silex Skeleton-Project Framework for Silex
      • Silex Web Profiler-Web Debugging Toolbar for Silex
    • Slim-Another simple mini-frame
      • Slim Skeleton-Frame for Slim
      • Slim View-slim Custom View Set
      • Slim Middleware-slim Custom Middleware Collection
      • Slimmvc-skeleton-slim based on the implementation of MVC and some components
    • Bullet PHP-a mini-framework for building rest APIs
    • Lumen-Laravel-based mini-frame
    • Proton-a miniature PHP framework
    • Blink-a WEB micro high-performance framework for building a "long running" service

Routing (routers)

    • Fast route-an efficient routing library
    • Route-a routing library based on Fast route
    • Pux-Another efficient routing library
    • Klein-A flexible routing library
    • Macaw-A simple PHP router, super thin, fast and very sexy.

Template engine (templating)

Libraries and tools for templates and lexical analysis

    • Twig-A comprehensive template language
    • Twig Cache Extension-Template fragment caching library for Twig
    • mustache-php implementation of the Mustache template language
    • phly Mustache-another PHP implementation of the Mustache template language
    • mthaml-php implementation of the Haml template language
    • phptal-php implementation of the Tal template language
    • Plates-An original PHP template Library
    • Lex-A lightweight template parser

Static station generator (statically site generators)

Preprocessing Tools for building Web page content

    • Sculpin-Tools to convert markdown and twig to static HTML
    • PHROZN-another tool for converting textile, markdown, and twig to HTML


Libraries for HTTP and crawl sites

    • Guzzle-a full HTTP client
    • Buzz-Another HTTP client
    • Requests-a simple HTTP library
    • Httpful-a chained HTTP client
    • Goutte-a simple web crawler
    • PHP VCR-a library for recording and replaying HTTP requests

Middleware (Middlewares)

Middleware for building the application's class library


The library that resolves the URL

    • Purl-a URL action library
    • PHP Domain Parser-a local suffix parser
    • Uri-A Simple URL action library

Email (email)

A library for sending and parsing email

    • Swiftmailer-a solution for a mail program
    • Phpmailer-Solution for another mail program
    • Fetch-an IMAP library
    • Email Reply Parser-a message Reply parser library
    • Stampie-a library of mail services, such as SendGrid, postmark, Mailgun, and Mandrill
    • Csstoinlinestyles-an inline CSS library in the mail template
    • Email Validator-A small mailbox verification library

File Operations (Files)

About file handling and MIME type checking

    • Gaufrette-an abstraction layer for a file stream
    • Flysystem-The abstraction layer of another file stream
    • Canal-a library to check the Internet media type
    • Apache MIME Types-a library that parses Apache MIME types
    • Ferret-a MIME detection library
    • Hoa MIME-another MIME detection library
    • Lurker-A Resource tracking library
    • PHP file Locator-a library that locates files in a large project
    • PHP FFmpeg-a library for FFmpeg video packaging
    • CSV-a CSV data manipulation library

Flow (Stream)

The library that processes the stream

    • Streamer-A simple object-oriented flow wrapper library

Dependency Injection (Dependency injection)

Implementing a library that relies on injection design patterns

    • Pimple-a small dependency injection container
    • Auryn-Another small dependency injection container
    • Container-Another flexible dependency injection container
    • PHP DI-A dependency injection implemented using annotations
    • acclimate-generic interface for Dependency injection containers and service locators
    • Symfony DI-A Dependency Injection component (SF2)

Image (Imagery)

Library for working with images

    • Imagine-an image processing library
    • PHP Image Workshop-another image processing library
    • Intervention image-also a picture processing library
    • GIF frame Extractor-a library for extracting animated frame information from GIF
    • GIF Creator-Create a library of GIF animations from multiple pictures
    • Image with text-the library in which the text is embedded in the image
    • Color Extractor-a library that extracts colors from an image
    • Glide-An on-demand picture processing library
    • Image Optimizer-a library of optimized pictures
    • Phpthumb-Thumbnail processing library

Test (testing)

Test the code base and the library that generated the test data

    • PHPUnit-a unit test framework
    • Code Test Library for Dbunit-phpunit
    • Parallel Test library for Paratest-phpunit
    • PHPSPEC-Unit Test library according to specifications
    • Codeception-a full stack test framework
    • Aspectmock-phpunit/codeception's Simulation framework
    • Atoum-a simple test library
    • Mockery-a library of mock objects for testing
    • Phake-another mock object library for testing
    • Prophecy-A powerful simulation framework
    • Faker-a pseudo data generation library
    • Samsui-another pseudo data generation library
    • Alice-a library for generating complex data
    • Behat-A test framework for behavior-driven development (BDD)
    • Pho-Another test framework for behavioral-driven development
    • Mink-web Acceptance Test
    • HTTP mock-a library that simulates an HTTP request in a unit test
    • VFS Stream-A virtual file system for testing flow wrapper
    • VFS-Another virtual file system for testing
    • Locust-a modern load test library developed by Python
    • Peridot-an event-driven test framework

Continuous integration (continuous integration)

Libraries and applications for continuous integration

    • Travis CI-A platform for continuous integration
    • SEMAPHORECI-a continuous integration platform for open source programs and private projects
    • PHPCI-an open source continuous integration platform for PHP
    • Sismo-a continuous test server library
    • Continuous integration platform supported by jenkins-php
    • jolici-php development of continuous integration client supported by Docker

Document (documentation)

Build a library of project documents

    • Sami-an API document generator
    • Apigen-Another API document generator
    • PHP documentor 2-Document builder
    • Phpdox-Document Generator for a PHP project (not just API documentation)

Safety (Security)

Used to generate secure random numbers, encrypt data, scan holes, token libraries

    • HTML purifier-a standard HTML filter
    • Randomlib-Libraries that generate random numbers and random strings
    • True Random-a library that uses to generate random numbers
    • Securitymultitool-A PHP security library
    • Phpseclib-A pure PHP secure communications Library
    • Tcrypto-A simple key-value encryption repository
    • PHP IDS-A structured PHP security layer
    • PHP SSH-Object-oriented SSH wrapper library
    • Iniscan-a tool to scan php INI file security
    • Sensiolabs Security Check-a web tool that checks composer dependencies based on safety recommendations
    • Zed-Integrated Penetration testing tool for Web applications
    • PHP-JWT (JSON Web token)-JSON Network Token Library
    • Jose-json Signed and encrypted libraries

Password (Passwords)

Libraries and tools for handling and storing passwords

    • Password Compat-a compatible library for the new PHP5.5 password feature
    • Phpass-A portable password hash frame
    • PHP Password Lib-a library for generating and validating passwords
    • Password Policy-A password rule library for PHP and JavaScript
    • Password Validator-Library to validate and upgrade password hashes
    • zxcvbn php-a PHP display password strength estimation library based on Zxcvbn JS
    • Genphrase-a library that generates secure random passwords

Code Analysis

Tools for analyzing, parsing, and manipulating code libraries

    • PHP Parser-PHP parser written by PHP
    • phpphp-a PHP-implemented PHP virtual machine
    • Sandbox environment for phpsandbox-php
    • Dissect-a collection of tools for lexical and syntactic analysis
    • PHP Mess Detector-a library that scans code bugs, sub-good codes, and unused parameters
    • PHP Code Sniffer-a library that detects standard violations of PHP, CSS, and JS code
    • PHPCPD-a library that detects copy and paste code
    • PHP Analyser-A library that parses errors in PHP code
    • PHP CS Fixer-a standard library of code
    • PHP Manipulator-Libraries for parsing and modifying PHP source code
    • PHP Metrics-A static measurement library
    • PHP refactoring Browser-a command-line tool for refactoring PHP code
    • UBench-A simple, small benchmark library
    • Athletic-A label-based benchmark Library
    • Mondrian-Code analysis tool using graph theory
    • Scrutinizer-web tool for checking PHP code
    • Phploc-a quick tool to evaluate PHP project size
    • Phpcheckstyle-a tool to help comply with specific code rules
    • Phpdependencyanalysis-a tool for creating customizable dependency graphs
    • Code Climate-Automated Code review
    • PHP error-Used to convert standard PHP errors, primarily for debugging in the development process

Structure (architectural)

A library of design patterns, programming specifications, and how code is organized

    • PHP option-a library of type PHP options
    • Ruler-A simple stateless engine that generates environmental rules
    • Finite-a simple PHP finite state machine
    • Compose-a library of feature combinations
    • Monad PHP-a simple Monad library
    • Patchwork-a library of functions that redefine a user
    • Galapagos-Language Conversion evolution
    • Design Patterns PHP-an example library for designing patterns implemented with PHP
    • Functional PHP-a functional programming library
    • Lib Accessor-a library for simplified access
    • Iter-a library that uses generators to provide an iterative primitive

Debugging and performance (debugging and Profiling)

Libraries and tools for debugging code

    • XDebug-a PHP Debug and analysis tool
    • PHP Debug Bar-a debug toolbar
    • PHP Console-web Debug Console
    • Barbushin PHP Console-a Web Debugging control tool that uses Google Chrome
    • Phpdbg-An interactive PHP debugger
    • Tracy-A simple error detection, log, and time measurement library
    • Z-ray-a tool for debugging and performance analysis
    • Xhprof-facebook Open-Source PHP performance evaluation Tool
    • low-overhead code Profiler
    • Kint-a tool for debugging and performance analysis

Build tool (Build tools)

Project building and automation tools

    • Go-A simple PHP build tool
    • Bob-A simple project automation tool
    • Phake-a PHP clone library
    • Box-the tool used to build the Phar file
    • Phing-Build a system based on Apache Ant's PHP project

Task Runners

Libraries that automatically run tasks

    • Task-A pure PHP task runner based on Grunt and gulp
    • Robo-Object-oriented PHP task runner
    • Bldr-PHP task runner built on Symfony components

Navigation (Navigation)

Tools for building the navigation structure

    • Knpmenu-a menu library
    • Cartographer-a site Map generation library

Resource Management (Asset Management)

Tools for managing, compressing, and minimizing site resources

    • Assetic-A resource-managed pipeline Library
    • Pipe-Another resource-managed pipeline Library
    • Munee-A resource-optimized library
    • Jshrink-a JavaScript compression library
    • Puli-a library that detects the absolute path of a resource

Geo-positioning (geolocation)

Libraries using latitude-encoded addresses

    • GeoCoder-a geo-coded library
    • Geotools-a repository related to a geoprocessing tool
    • Phpgeo-A simple geo-Library
    • GeoJSON-An implementation of a GeoJSON

Dates and times (date and time)

The library that processes the date and time

    • Carbon-A simple date-time API extension
    • Expressivedate-Another Date time API extension
    • Calendr-A calendar-managed library

Events (Event)

Libraries for event-driven or non-blocking event loops

    • React-an event-driven, non-blocking I/O Library
    • rx.php-a response extension library
    • Ratchet-a Web socket font
    • Hoa WebSocket-another web socket font
    • web socket font
    • Hoa EventSource-an event source Library
    • Evenement-an event dispatch library
    • Event-event package for your app and/or domain.
    • Cake Event-A class library of events scheduling
    • Broadway-an event source and CQRS Library

Log (Logging)

Libraries for generating and processing log files

    • Monolog-A comprehensive log class library
    • Klogger-an easy-to-use PSR-3 log class
    • Analog-a chance closure of the mini-log package

E-commerce (E-commerce)

Libraries and applications for payment and construction of online ecommerce stores

    • Omnipay-A framework for multi-gateway payment processing
    • Payum-an abstract library for payment
    • Sylius-An open source e-Business Solution
    • Thelia-Another open source e-Business Solution
    • The Fowler money pattern implemented by money-php
    • Sebastian Money-a library for dealing with currency values
    • Swap-a library of exchange rates


Libraries and software for working with PDF files

    • Snappy-a PDF and image generation Library
    • Wkhtmltopdf-a tool to convert HTML to PDF
    • Phppdf-a library that transforms XML into PDFs and pictures


Processing libraries for various documents in the Office suite

    • Phpword-Library for working with Word documents
    • Phpexcel-Library for working with Excel documents
    • Phppowerpoint-Library for processing ppt slides
    • Excelant-Library for manipulating Excel documents

Databases (database)

Database interaction Library Using object-relational mapping (ORM) or data-mapping technology

    • Doctrine-A complete Dbal and ORM
    • Doctrine Extensions-An extended collection of Doctrine behavior
    • Propel-A fast ORM, migration and querying library
    • Eloquent-laravel 5 ORM (L5)
    • Baum-a nested collection of eloquent
    • Spot2-mysql ORM Mapper
    • Redbean-A lightweight, easy-to-configure ORM
    • Pomm-An object model manager for PostgreSQL
    • Proxymanager-Tool collection for data map generation proxy objects
    • Cake ORM-Object Relational Mapper with Data mapping mode (CP)
    • Medoo-a lightweight, accelerated development ORM

Migration (migrations)

Libraries for managing database schemas and migrations

    • Phpmig-a Migration management library
    • Phinx-a Database Migration management library
    • Migrations-another Migration management library
    • Doctrine Migrations-Migration Library for Doctrine

Non-relational database (NoSQL)

Dealing with a NoSQL backend library

    • MONGOQB-a MongoDB query building library
    • Monga-an abstract library of MongoDB
    • Predis-A fully functional Redis library

Queuing (queue)

Libraries for handling events and task queues

    • Pheanstalk-a BEANSTALKD client library
    • PHP amqp-A pure PHP AMQP library
    • Thumper-a library of RABBITMQ patterns
    • Bernard-a multi-backend abstract library
    • Php-resque-Redis-based Message Queuing
    • Gearman-Mission distribution system

Searching (search)

Indexing and executing query-related libraries and software in your data

    • ElasticSearch PHP-The official client library for ElasticSearch.
    • Elastica-Another Elasticsearch client library
    • The SOLARIUM-SOLR client library.
    • Query library for SPHINXQL query Builder-sphinx search engine

Command line

Building a library of command-line tools

    • Symfony/console-symfony command-line work components
    • Boris-a miniature PHP REPL
    • Psysh-Another PHP REPL
    • Pecan-an event-driven, non-blocking shell
    • GETOPT-a command line selection parser
    • Optparse-another command line selection parser
    • Commando-A simple command-line selection parser
    • Getoptionkit-also a command line selection parser
    • Cron Expression-A library that calculates the cron run date
    • Shellwrap-A simple command-line wrapper library
    • Hoa Console-another command line library
    • Shunt-a command-line library that runs in parallel on multiple remote machines
    • Cilex-Small framework for building command-line tools
    • CLImate-a library of output colors and special formats
    • Webmozart Console

Authentication (authentication and Authorization)

Libraries that implement the authentication mode

    • Sentinel-A framework for authentication and authorization
    • Sentinel Social-a library for social network authentication
    • Opauth-Provides OAuth authentication support and provides a unified standard access method
    • OAuth2 Server-A OAuth2 authentication server, resource server, and client library
    • OAuth2 server-Implementation of a OAUTH2 server
    • PHP Oauthlib-another OAuth library
    • Twitteroauth-a Twitter OAuth library
    • TWITTERSDK-A fully tested Twitter SDK
    • Hawk-a Hawk HTTP authentication library
    • Hybridauth-an open-source social login Library
    • Lock-an Access Control Lists (ACL) system library.
    • OAuth 1.0 Client-an OAuth 1.0 clients library.
    • OAuth 2.0 Client-an OAuth 2.0 clients library.
    • Sentry-Authentication and authorization system
    • Evaoauth-Unified interface for OAuth login PHP class Library

Mark (Markup)

Library for working with tags

    • Decoda-A Lightweight Tag parsing library
    • PHP Markdown-markdown Parser
    • Commonmark PHP-A markdown parser that supports Commonmark spec.
    • Parsedown-a markdown Parser
    • Ciconia-a GitHub-style markdown Parser
    • Cebe Markdown-A fast, extensible Markdown Parser
    • HTML5 PHP-a HTML5 parsed and serialized library
    • Emoji-A simple class library for handling Emoji

String (Strings)

Libraries that parse and manipulate strings

    • ANSI to HTML5-a library that converts ANSI to HTML5
    • Patchwork UTF-8-Portable library for handling UTF-8 format strings
    • Hoa string-Another string library in UTF-8 format
    • Stringy-A multi-byte supported string manipulation library
    • Color Jizz-a library for processing and converting colors
    • UUID-a library that generates UUIDs
    • Slugify-A library that converts a string to a slug format
    • Urlify-a Django urlify.js PHP port
    • Text-a textual processing library
    • SQL Formatter-A library for formatting SQL statements
    • UA Parser-A library that parses the UA (User Agent) string
    • Device Detector-another library that resolves the UA (User Agent) string
    • Mobile-detect-a lightweight library for detecting mobile devices (including desktop devices)
    • Browser-Detecting the user's browser environment

Number (Numbers)

Library for working with numbers

    • Numbers PHP-A library that handles numbers
    • Math-a library that handles larger numbers
    • Byteunits-a library that parses, formats, and converts byte units in a binary and measurement system
    • PHP Units of Measure-a library of conversion between units of measurement
    • PHP Conversion-Another library for measuring conversions between units
    • Libphonenumber for php-php Google phone processing system library
    • hashids.php-Used to generate a unique string of integers (e.g., to hide real IDs by encrypting and decrypting IDs)

Filtering and verification (Filtering Ang Validation)

Libraries for filtering and validating data

    • Filterus-A simple PHP filter library
    • Respect Validation-A simple validation library
    • Valitron-Another data validation library
    • Cake Validation-another data validation library
    • Php-readability-Content analysis algorithms
    • Upload-a library that handles file uploads and validations
    • DMS Filter-A label-based filter Library
    • Metayaml-A schema validation library that supports YAML, JSON, and XML
    • Iso-codes-Validating different ISO and zip coded libraries

Rest and APIs

Libraries and web frameworks for developing restful APIs

    • Apigility-an API builder built using Zend Framework2
    • Hateoas-a Hateoas rest Web service Library
    • Hal-A Hypertext Application language (HAL) build Library
    • Negotiation-a Content negotiation library
    • Drest-a library that presents doctrine entities as rest resource nodes
    • Restler-A lightweight framework that presents the PHP method as a RESTful web API
    • Fractal-[Best practices] Unified processing of data returns

Cache (Caching)

Library of cached data

    • Alternative PHP cache (APC)-open source opcode caching for PHP
    • Doctrine Cache-a caching library.
    • Zend caches-another cache library
    • Cake Cache-a library for caching
    • Stash-Another cache library
    • Cachetool-a command-line tool that clears the Apc/opcode cache
    • phpfastcache-php Cache Library

Data structure and storage (Structure and Storage)

Libraries that implement data structures and storage technologies

    • Ardent-a library of data structures
    • PHP Collections-A simple collection library
    • Serializer-a library for serializing and deserializing data
    • Zend Serializer-Another library for serializing and deserializing data
    • PHP Object Storage-a library for object storage
    • Fractal-a library that transforms complex data structures into JSON output
    • Totem-a library that manages and creates data modification sets
    • pinq-php real-time LINQ Library
    • Jsonmapper-a library that maps an inline JSON structure to a PHP class
    • Cake Collection-A simple collection library

Notice (Notifications)

about the Notification library

    • Nod-a notification library
    • Notificato-a library that handles push messages
    • Notification Pusher-Standalone library for device push notifications
    • Notificator-a Lightweight notification library

Deployment (Deployment)

Libraries for Project deployment

    • Pomander-a deployment tool for a PHP application
    • Fast and simple deployer for rocketeer-php
    • Envoy-Tools to run SSH tasks using PHP
    • Plum-a deployment library
    • Deployer-A deployment tool

Internationalization and localization (internationalisation and localisation)

Libraries for internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10N)

    • Aura Intl
    • Cake i18n-Translating and localizing messages

Third-party APIs (third parties APIs)

Libraries accessing third-party APIs

Extension (Extensions)

Libraries to help build PHP extensions

    • Zephir-A compiled language between PHP and C + + for developing PHP extensions
    • PHP CPP-A C + + library for developing PHP extensions

Others (Miscellaneous)

Useful class libraries and tools that do not belong to the above categories

    • Pinyin-a library of Chinese characters to pinyin
    • Pinyin-a library of Chinese characters to pinyin
    • class.upload.php-File Upload processing class
    • Php-paginator-Pagination Processing class
    • PHP implementation of Underscore.php-underscore.js
    • Flexihash-Consistent Hash Library
    • Eden-A PHP rapid development class library that contains many components for automatic loading, event-driven, document systems, caching, templates, internationalization, databases, Web services, payment gateways, mounts, and cloud service technologies.
    • Html-parser-html Parsing Tools
    • Phpcrawl-php's reptile frame
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