Summary of Chinese configuration problems in BT5-R3 installation

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Q1: How to perform localization, add the input method apt-getupdateapt-getupgradeapt-getinstalllanguage-pack-gnome-zhlanguage-support-zhlanguage-pack-gnome-zh-baselanguage-pack-zhlanguage-pack-zh-basel Q1: how to make Chinese, add the input method apt-get updateapt-get upgradeapt-get install language-pack-gnome-zh language-support-zh language-pack-gnome-zh-base language-pack-zh language- pack-zh-base language-selector add the font from cp msyh under Win. ttf and msyhbd. ttf to/usr/share/fonts/msyh Directory, and then cd/usr/share/fonts/msyhmkfontscalemkfontdirfc-cache-fv to modify the font to Q2, then Q2: BT5 notebook cannot adjust the brightness setpci-s. 0 F4. B = 99 in hexadecimal notation. The value is FF, and 00 is black. You can use alias or sh to execute Q3: after the automatic graphical interface install gdmapt-get install tpd settings default to gdmupdate-rc.d (WTI) defaults edit grubnano/etc/default/grubgrub_linline_linux_default = "text splash vga = 791" change to quietGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT = "= 791 "update grubupdate-grub restart Q4: recommended audio and video players: video player apt-get install smplayer music player apt-get install audacious screen recording recommendation FFMPEG such as recording video ffmpeg-f x11grab-s 1366x768-r 10-qscale 8-I: 0.0 + 0 + 0-vcodec libx264- Vpre lossless_ultrafast-threads 0 xxoo. avi-r: 10 frames per second-qscale 8 image quality. the smaller the value, the better.-s: Set the window size. xwininfo: enter this command and click the target window. the recommended size is 0: 0 indicates that the screen starts, and + 100 + 200 indicates that the screen is 100 pixels away from the left end and Q5 from the top: wicd Network Manager wireless connection interface error cocould not connect to wicd's D-Bus interface. check the wicd log for error messages. solution: dpkg-reconfigure wicdupdate-rc.d wicd defaultsQ6: VPN dial apt-get install network-manager-gnomeapt-get install network-manager-pptpa Pt-get install network-manager-vpnccp/etc/network/interfaces. backupecho "auto lo">/etc/network/interfacesecho "iface lo inet loopback">/etc/network/interfacesservice network-manager restart after installing and restarting network-manager, the network icon appears in the Gnone menu. add a VPN. Q7: Chrome does not allow root to run the hexedit/opt/google/chrome/chromeTAB key to switch to the ASCII code mode location on the right. press Ctrl + S to enable the search function and enter geteuid to search, replace the geteuid with the getppid to complete the modification, and press Ctrl + X to save and exit. Q8: the logon displays unlock login keyring, prompting you to enter the keyboard password. You can try to delete the configuration file rm ~ /. Gnome2/keyrings/login. keyringQ9: Ubuntu 10.04. modify the boot interface. BT5 is based on Ubuntu 10.04. Xsplash is replaced by Plymouth 10.04. The Ubuntu10.04 Pluth Uth settings files are all placed in the/lib/Plymouth directory. With the master ?? Mail with P? Set the file to/lib/plymouth/themes ,???? Efault. plymouth. QA: the problem that the installed VBox cannot use the USB flash disk has not been solved yet. the online solution is to add the account to the vboxusers group, and the test is invalid. We look forward to a solution from experienced users.
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