Summary of common password-solving websites in CTF

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0x00. SynthesisThe Web site contains most of the encoded decoding. 0x01. Text in reverse order 0X02.CMD5 Decryption 0x03.①base64 Decryption ②base32 Decryption 0x04. ROT5, ROT13, ROT18, ROT47 displacement Coding 0x05. Yan Text (aadecode)Open Google Chrome-->f12--> Click console--> Paste Copy Enter will appear the answer 0x06. Message encoding (UUENCODE:M=75E; f-o9&7hoygdn*ked)Http:// 0x07. Charles Encryption (Playfair decryption) 0x08. Online encoding and decoding 0x09. Conversion between the input and the system 0x010.16 in and text conversion 0x011. Unicode encoding conversion (4 types)
& #x [hex]: & #x0054;& #x0068;& #x0065, [Decimal]: & #00084;& #00104;& #00101; \u [hex]: \ u0054\u0068\u0065\u+ [Hex]: \u+0054\u+0068\u+0065\u5927)\u5927)Http:// #23433) 0XC12. Brainfuck (++++++++++++[>++++>)Https://! and Brainfuck) Https:// 0x013. URL (%23) 0x014. Two-D code generation/decoder 0x015. Morse code 0x016.quipqiup 0x017. Zen with Buddhism 0x018.xxencode (RI64NJS0-ERKPKQM-JRAJM6)Http:// 0x019.jsfuck ([![] +[]) [+[]) Note: use [] ()! + encryption Open Google Chrome-->f12--> Click console--> Paste Copy Enter will appear the answerHttp:// the Big box below, click Eval (--v)) 0x020. UTF-8 encoding (& #x5B89) 0x021. DES (to be keyed) 0x022. CaesarHttp:// 0x023. Rabbit (Rabbit) decryptionNote: This code is similar to base64 0x024. AESSome examples: U2FSDGVKX1+QTU8KEGMMJWGGKCPUK3XBTDM+KHNRLHSCQL2NSXAW8++YBUKSYLRP 0x025. JS Decryption 0x026. ASP decryptionSome examples: #@~^eqaaaa==vxlj4umkayaumkn3bayaaa==^#[email protected] 0x027. Snake decryption (to key) 0x028. GRB vs. hexadecimal conversions 0x029.html hidden write online decryptionNote: Keys and URLs 0x030.shellcode Encoding (\x54\x68\x65\x7f) 0x031. Quoted-printable encodingWe receive emails, check the original message, and often see this type of code! (=e6=95=8f=e6=8d=b7=e7=9a)
function Quoted_printable_encode ($string) {     return preg_replace ('/[^\r\n]{73}[^=\r\n]{2}/', "$0=\r\n ", Str_replace ("% "," = "
0x032. Escape/unescape encoding (%u0054%u0068%u0065) 0x032. Tapping code (TAP code)
1 2 3   4 5 1 A B c/k D E 2 F G H   I J 3 L M N   O P 4 Q R S   T U 5 V W X   Y Z
0x033. Encryption for Chinese characters 0x034. Fences 0x035. Curved path Passwordrequires a pre-agreed key (i.e. curved path) 0x036. Column shift Password Key: How is U cipher: Qoury inpho tkool hbxva uwmtd cfseg Erjez 0x037. Etbashe CodeABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ZYXWVUTSRQPONMLKJIHGFEDCBA 0x038. Hill password (using matrix) 0x039. Summer Multi-password (zigzag encryption) 0x040. Compiling the password tableNote: if "Z" is present, it needs to be removed because "Z" is the least frequently used in English, and if it is German, "I" and "J" should be treated as one letter, while French will remove "W" or "K". Organize key lettersc u l t u r E, remove the following repeated letters to get: c u l t r e 0x041. Virginia Code key) key) 0x042. Automatic key Password 0x043. Beaufort Password 0x044. Scrolling key Password 0x045. Porta Password 0x046. Affine passwordwith the E (x) = (5x + 8) MoD 26 encryption, the D (x) =21 (x-8) mod 26 can be computed so that clear text is available. 0x047. Bacon password 0x048. ADFGX Password 0x049. Dual passwordplaintext: The QUICK BROWN fox=>5121542133 5435452521 3523311521: weted tkzne kyome XHttp:// 0x050.ppencodeconvert the Perl code into a string of only English letters 0x051.rrencode(Convert all Ruby code to symbols) 0x052.jotherYou can enter the ciphertext in the console of the browser (ie can) to perform decryption (with ! + () [] {} encryption) 0x053. CR4 decryptionHttp:// 0x054. VBScriptSome examples:#@~^tgaaaa== ' [6*lila6++p ' axvfilaa6i[[avwi[[a*p[[6*! I ' [6CP ' axvxila6fp[:6+wp[:xvwi[[6+xivriaaa==^#[email protected] 0x055. Executing php files 0x056. Picture/base64 Conversion must indicate the original address:

Summary of common password-solving websites in CTF

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