Summary of Khronos information on GDC: VULKAN,OPENXR,WEBGL,GLTF

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Summary of Khronos information on GDC: VULKAN,OPENXR,WEBGL,GLTF


Game Developers Conference, San Francisco The Khronos? group, an organization of leading hardware and software companies, has released major API updates and new workgroup announcements at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). This week, we will have a series of Khronos sponsored events, the Khronos group is accelerating the development of cross-platform APIs and bringing the latest hardware capabilities to developers.
Khronos, as always, is committed to building an open standards-based cooperative group that is widely used throughout the industry, and recent API development information published at GDC includes:

  • Vulkan? the adoption of standards continues to increase Publish new features : celebrating the first year of success, Vulkan API has made a lot of great achievements in high-fidelity gaming. Vulkan support is visible in the leading game engine, such as unity and Unreal, and numerous game studios are actively involved in the development of Vulkan title, including Doom,quake,the Talos Principle and Dota 2. The Vulkan drive is also supported by the major GPU manufacturers for all desktop and mobile systems. Today, Khronos has released new Vulkan extensions for cross-platform virtual reality and multi-GPU capabilities. For more information on updates and extensions, please visit Https://

  • Publish OPENXR: The Khronos launched a virtual reality project in December and made great strides in designing portable virtual reality and augmented reality applications and device open standards. Today, Khronos released the official name of the Working group: OPENXR. The team is comprised of the VR industry leaders working together to reduce industry fragmentation in these markets. Any interested company is welcome to join Khronos and participate in the contribution to the VR industry. For more information, please visit:

  • New 3D Portable Outreach Team invites : Khronos today issued a new outreach team invitation to create a local 3D portable API that allows developers to Vulkan, DX12 and write rendering code on systems that support metal. This API will also be a solid foundation for next-generation WebGL, which will be bundled with this portable API for JavaScript and webassembly. Any interested company is welcome to join Khronos and participate in the voting of this project. For more information, please

  • WebGL? 2.0 specification complete and start running : The WEBGL 2.0 standard, already supported by Google and Mozilla Browser products, is now finally complete and available to developers to create next-generation 3D Web applications and engines. WebGL 2.0 includes OpenGL ES level 3 functionality, which brings the functionality of desktop OpenGL to Web developers. Beyond that, Khronos is now developing the next generation of WebGL, bringing the power of the next generation of clear 3D APIs to the Web. For more information about WEBGL 2.0, please visit:

  • GLTF? 2.0 last call for feedback: Khronos has released the GLTF 2.0 Developer Preview, with the previous GLTF 1.0 has been greatly improved. For example, GLTF 2.0 introduces physical rendering (PBR) for portable high-quality footage, making GLTF independent of the underlying 3D API. Khronos is soliciting feedback and advice from the industry through GitHub to help complete the final GLTF in the next few weeks 2.0. Khronos today also started soliciting an introduction to the GLTF 2.0 output to the open source Renderer 3D authoring Tool project. For information on how to provide feedback and more information, please visit:

In addition to the API updates, the Khronos group will host a number of presentations and social events, including a full-day developer conference and booths from various member companies. Khronos's presentations and activities during the GDC are summarized below:

  • Khronos GDC Booth Welcome to Khronos Booth, every hour we will have an introduction to the Khronos API, and have the opportunity to communicate with Khronos member companies and industry standards experts. 2419 Booth, South Hall.
  • Khronos in the VRDC 2017 Discussions openxr: February 27-28, Monday and Tuesday, 10 o'clock in the morning to 6 o'clock in the afternoon, welcome to Khronos in the North Hall 135 room booth #tt06, with the VR experts who are developing OPENXR, and share your feedback.
  • Khronos 3D Graphic Developer Day, Vulkan, OPENXR, WebGL, GLTF wait:February 28 Tuesday 10 o'clock in the morning to 6 o'clock in the afternoon, the West Hall room 3022,khronos will give developers 1 hours to speak.
  • Khronos Meeting : co-explore WebGL, WebVR, GLTF, Mobile, and connect with Khronos member companies and developers to join us on the March 2 Tuesday, Evening 6:30-9:30 in San Francisco galvanize activities.
  • GDC official about Khronos Standard speech: Khronos member companies and developers will introduce Vulkan about the future of VR.

For full event information, please visit:

Khronos Summary of information on GDC: VULKAN,OPENXR,WEBGL,GLTF

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