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Guide: From the original  Best ' must know ' open sources to build the new Web , the translation is compiled by the cool shell net Chenhao  The best resources for Web development in open source ". The information collected in this paper is quite complete for everyone to study and reference.

Learn HTML 5 programming and Design

HTML5 Rocks : Major Feature Groups's resources for Learning HTML5 (HTML5 demo, tutorials). Source

Very good HTML5 Dashboard –mozilla, the effect is very dazzling.

WhatWG Developers , a clear HTML5 technical specification.

StackOverflow : The famous technical question-answer forum.

Addyosmani , jquery and JavaScript article tutorials

Sohtanaka , jquery and JavaScript articles and tutorials

nettuts+ is a web developer and designer Web site that offers a variety of technical tutorials and articles covering HTML, css,javascript,cms ' s, PHP and Ruby on Rails.

codrops , tutorials, and web resources

webappers , the best source of resources

tutorialzine –php MySQL jQuery CSS tutorials, resources and giveaways

Mozilla JavaScript Guide

codes Snippets , some snippets of code collected by the author himself

Server-side Software

node. JS is a server-side JavaScript environment that uses asynchronous event-driven mode. It allows node. js to achieve very good performance in many Internet application architectures. Source Code and Live demo.

Phantomjs is also the WebKit of a server-side JavaScript API. It supports a variety of Web standards: DOM processing, CSS selectors, JSON, Canvas, and SVG

Lighttpd A lightweight, open source Web server. News, documentation, benchmarks, bugs, and download. LIGHTTPD supports several well-known web 2.0 sites such as YouTube, Wikipedia and Meebo.

NGinx , a lightweight Web server that is incredibly performance-high. It's much higher than Apache. It took 6 years to finally get to the 1.0 version.

Apache HTTP Server is a popular web server that supports multiple popular operating systems.

PHP is probably the most popular server-side Web scripting dynamic Processing language.

Of course, there are Ruby , Python , Erlang , Perl , Java , . NET , Android , C + + , Go , Fantom ,coffeescript , D , ...

PHP Frameworks and Tools

WordPress is an open source software based on the blog system. See "How does WordPress win?" 》

Drupal is a Content management system (CMS).

Centurion is a newly emerged open source CMS, a spirit of PHP5 Content Management Framework. Using the Zend Framework, its components adhere to universal, simple, clear and reusable design principles.

PhpBB An open-source forum (domestic discuz! More

★simplepie : Ultra-fast, easy-to-use, RSS and Atom feed PHP parsing.

★phpthumb , PHP image processing Library

★phpmailer Powerful, full-featured PHP Mail Library

pubsubhubbub Protocol, a simple, open, Server-to-server pubsub (publish/subscribe) protocol--atom and RSS extensions.

See more – 20 You should know PHP library and 9 powerful free PHP libraries


Apache CouchDB is a document-oriented database management system. It provides a rest interface with JSON as a data format to manipulate it, and can manipulate the organization and rendering of documents through views: source code.

monoql is a MySQL database management tool developed with PHP+EXTJS. The interface is very much like a desktop application that supports most commonly used features such as table design, data browsing/editing, data import/export, and advanced queries.

MariaDB is a branch of MySQL, developed by MySQL founder Monty Widenius. GPL, used to combat all of Oracle's license of MySQL. Since Oracle acquired Sun, the entire community has not stopped worrying about MySQL's future.

SQLite Unlike the common client/server architecture paradigm, the SQLite engine is not a separate process with which the program communicates, but a major part of connecting to the program. So the main communication protocol is the direct API call within the programming language. This has a positive effect on total consumption, delay time, and overall simplicity. The entire database (definitions, tables, indexes, and data itself) is stored in a single file on the host host. Its simple design is done by locking the entire data file at the start of a transaction. The library implements most of the SQL-92 standards, including transactions, which represent atomicity, consistency, isolation, and persistence (ACID), triggers, and most complex queries. No type checking is performed. You can insert a string into an integer column. Some users find this to be an innovation that makes the database more useful, especially when used with an untyped scripting language. Other users consider this to be a major drawback.

SQL Online Design editor , the picture in this section is what this online editor looks like. An online tool for drawing database diagrams. Very powerful.

API and online data

Programmableweb , the most popular web Services and API catalog.

Google data Protocol is a group of Google services API.

Yahoo! Developer Network –apis and Tools

Yahoo! Pipes Visual Online Programming tool, a service for filtering, transforming, and aggregating Web content.

★the yahoo ! Query Language a very SQL-like Web query tool.

Online Code and media editor

Coderun Studio a cross-platform, integrated development environment based on the JavaScript language, which is based on the design of cloud computing and makes it easy for developers to develop, debug and deploy Web applications on the browser side. (See the online development IDE)

Cloud9 IDE – a JavaScript program built based on node. JS to develop the Web IDE. It has a very fast text editor that supports coloring display for JS, HTML, CSS and these kinds of mixed code.

Jsfiddle –javascript Online display framework, this tool can effectively help the Web front-end developers to effectively share and demonstrate the front end effect, its simple and powerful (JavaScript, MooTools, JQuery, Prototype, YUI, Glow and Dojo, HTML, CSS)

Akshell , A cloud service that uses server-side JavaScript and online Ides to help developers with rapid application development. It also provides cloud hosting, so the deployment is instantaneous.

Jsoneditor , a handy JSON editor

TinyMCE A lightweight browser-based WYSIWYG editor that supports a variety of browsers that are currently popular, written by JavaScript.

Ext Designer is a desktop utility that helps you quickly develop a ExtJS-based user interface.

Lucidchart , an online charting software based on the latest HTML5 technology, is powerful and fast, and needs to support HTML5 's browser to run this software.

Balsamiq Mockups , a product designer to draw a wireframe or product prototyping interface.

Color Scheme Designer 3-a free on-line tinting tool

PIXLR , is a free online image processing website based on Flash from Sweden. In addition to the operating interface and features close to Photoshop, the multilingual version supports Simplified Chinese. (formerly Cool Shell introduced)

Aviary , an online image processing tool based on HTML5, makes it easy to post-process images. Aviary API

Favicon Generator, on- line Favicon (16x16) production tools.

Code Resources and version control

GitHub is an Internet-based access service for projects that use the GIT version control system.

Git is a distributed version control/software configuration management software created by Linus to better manage the development of Linux kernels. Its huge speed, efficient, the use of a distributed version of the library, without server-side software support, so that the release and exchange of source code is extremely convenient.

Google Code Google's official developer website contains APIs, development tools, and development technical references for various development technologies.

Google Libraries API Google is deploying a good JavaScript framework on its CDN, and using the Google Libraries API on our website can speed up the loading of JavaScript frames.

SNIPPLR An open source code skill sharing community, known as Code 2.0. and the common source code sharing site, it is not for the large web site source code, but some coding skills.

JavaScript Desktop application Framework

JQuery is a fast, simple JavaScript library that simplifies the traversing of HTML files, event handling, animations, Ajax interactions, and facilitates the rapid development of web pages. Source code, API, API browsing, very good documentation.

★ Official JQuery User Interface (UI) Library (demo and documentation). Source code, Themes Roller, Download.

YUI 2 -yahoo! User Interface Library

Mootools , a super-lightweight web2.0 JavaScript Framework

Prototype provides object-oriented JavaScript and Ajax

Dojo The Dojo Toolkit, a powerful object-oriented JavaScript framework that cannot be defeated. Mainly consists of three major modules: Core, Dijit, DojoX. Core provides ajax,events,packaging,css-based Querying,animations,json and other related operational APIs. Dijit is a replaceable skin, template-based Web UI Control Library. Dojox includes some innovative/novel code and controls: Dategrid,charts, offline applications, cross-browser vector graphics, and more.

EXT JS 4 , the industry's most powerful JavaScript framework.

php.js , an open source JavaScript library, tries to implement PHP functions in JavaScript. To import the php.js library into your project, you can use your favorite PHP functions on a static page.

JavaScript Moving and touching frames

jquery Mobile : is the version of jquery on the phone and on the tablet device. jquery Mobile Not only brings the jquery core library to the mainstream mobile platform, but also publishes a complete unified jquery Mobile UI Framework. Support the global mainstream mobile platform. The JQuery Mobile development team said: "We are very excited to be able to develop this project." Mobile web too requires a cross-browser framework that allows developers to develop real mobile web sites. We will do our best to meet this demand. Sources.

zepto.js Zepto.js is a JavaScript framework that supports the mobile WebKit browser and has a jquery-compatible syntax. 2-5K's library handles most of the basic work with a good API. Sources.

Microjs : The MICROJS website app lists a number of lightweight JavaScript libraries and frameworks that are small, mostly less than 5kb. This way you do not need to load a JS frame because only one function is needed.

PhoneGap : is an open-source mobile application development platform, it can only use the HTML and JavaScript language to create a mobile device can run on multiple applications. Sources.

Sencha Touch Sencha Touch is a HTML5 framework that supports many smartphone platforms (IPhone, Android, and BlackBerry). Sencha touch can make your web app look like the native app. Beautiful user interface components and rich data management, all based on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 Web standards, fully compatible with Android and Apple iOS devices.

JQtouch , a jquery plugin, is used primarily for JavaScript libraries on WebKit browsers on mobile phones that implement a variety of common UI effects including animations, list navigation, default app styles, and more. Sources.

DHTMLX Touch JavaScript Framework for mobile and touch devices. DHTMLX Touch creates a mobile web app based on HTML5. It's not just a set of UI gadgets, but a complete framework for creating cross-platform Web apps for mobile and touch devices. It's compatible with mainstream web browsers, and apps created with DHTMLX Touch can run smoothly on ipad, IPhone, Android smartphone, and more.

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