Summary of Web Front-end interviews and summary of Web interviews

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Summary of Web Front-end interviews and summary of Web interviews
2017web front-end interview Summary

It has been more than half a year since I started the interview and written a written test in March to find an internship for school recruitment. I 've got a lot of offers and learned some of my experiences. I 'd like to share them here, refer to Do not spray.

Note that the following points only represent my personal experience and do not represent any organization or company.

About Process

There is a general process for internships and school recruitment: (here I am personally using the official website delivery channel and have not experienced the presentation stage. I have no experience in this part)


As the first part of recruitment, the test is generally based on basic professional knowledge. Here we will focus on the computer-related basics of your school, that is, many people will find that, I have clearly tested the front-end exams for so few front-end knowledge points, and sometimes I find that front-end exams do not have front-end knowledge points.

There are also different types of written examinations. For example, I took part in 360 and Alibaba's school recruitment. The written examinations are divided into the ability test and the technical test, the ability tests here are logical thinking questions that we often ignore or analysis questions. The technical test, as the name suggests, is to evaluate the basic knowledge of computer science and professional science, no nonsense here (to mention one point: you may not be able to choose js for some written programming questions, so I will consider it here ).

The basic knowledge is computer network, operating system, data structure, database, etc.

The suggestion for the written test is to use multiple questions (ignore me if you are a super student). Here we recommend several websites: Niuke network, leetCode, and CIDR.

Note: For example, Niuke and competition code, note that many companies use the two platforms for the written examination. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the online environment of programming questions.


Congratulations! If you have passed the written examination, you will have taken a big hurdle. You must know that many of you are not eligible for an interview. At the interview stage, most of the study was conducted with professional knowledge. Of course, basic computer knowledge was not excluded.

On the one hand, the knowledge points discussed here are relatively basic. Here, your interviewer will analyze your technical skills, how is your personality? Then, report to the boss in the group to determine whether you have the opportunity to participate in the next round of interviews.

Pay attention to the character I mentioned. Everyone is not willing to work with a weird person. You must be enthusiastic, optimistic, and motivated. This is really important!

Here, my suggestion is that the Foundation should be solid, and the interviewer will be able to see whether or not you are going to understand it. However, if you have been asked too much, it is not optimistic, but it is not ruled out that you have a solid foundation, when the interviewer thinks that these basic knowledge points are a waste of time, they start to ask you in depth. At this time, they should pay attention to the fact that they will smell a lot of knowledge points that you don't know, and do not give up trying as much as possible, but do not be arrogant. What the interviewer wants to see is your potential and ability to solve unknown problems.

Two Sides

Congratulations, you have passed the course. Your foundation is good. Next you will meet the high T in the group or the boss in the business direction (face-to-face with Daniel ).

On the second side, we will also examine the basic knowledge. Here we are all in a hurry. I am very responsible for saying that you will encounter many difficulties on the second side, And I will examine your project on the second side, based on the project experience on your resume, the interviewer will ask you something he is interested in, give a brief description and give a key point, from the use of technology stacks to the design of the project architecture to the implementation of technical difficulties.

The interviewer is also a person, and he will be curious about how some magical projects are implemented, So my suggestion is to do more level projects at ordinary times, do not write todolist or library management system projects on your resume.

Here we will reveal that your interviewer may be your leader in the future. Many of the questions they ask are technical difficulties that you encounter at ordinary times, what are the pitfalls you have stepped on? Some people who are interested in remember these problems and go back and look at them, it will be of great help to your own improvement (after all, the problems you can find online are all bad Street problems, at this time, it is rare for you to discuss the problems encountered by Daniel ).

Let's talk nonsense here. Don't give up saying no if you encounter any problems. Try more. In that case, the interviewer wants to see your ability to solve unknown problems, I usually say my thoughts first and I will explain my implementation methods again. At this time, I may encounter a situation where I am directly correct, so I can only say congratulations, however, in most cases, your solution is not optimal. At this time, the interviewer will guide you in the right direction, this process of exploration is the key for the interviewer to see your hard and soft strength.

Three sides

Congratulations to the last step. Here is the HR or technical manager. It's just like you are the most authentic. You can chat with hr or the boss and talk about your basic situation, I will not talk about it here.

Note: In fact, I still need to pay attention to this point. Many people say that I have been rejected after all three sides. Why, in fact, this is not your third-party rejection (of course, I will not say much if you have any character problems). As far as I know, there are several situations:


Here is a brief summary:

  • Self-introduction is concise and concise, reflecting your own personality and highlights;
  • Basic knowledge (basic computer skills + basic professional skills );
  • Ability to solve problems;
  • Do not show your own negative emotions, positive and optimistic;
  • Communication skills;

Note: your summer internship experience is very useful for your school recruitment interview. You must seek a summer internship. I had no experience during my summer internship. After I had an internship for a few months, my school recruitment basically swept away and I met one of them.

(Web Front-end learning and communication group: 328058344 chat prohibited, not welcome !)

Technical knowledge

Here is a list of my previous knowledge points. I have written other articles for details. (Some companies may have forgotten to finish the interview ). I have forgotten about it for a few months since my previous interview. Here is a list of what I suddenly thought of. Please forgive me.

Html + css Basics
  • Several implementation methods of basic layout (which is fixed next to adaptive center;
  • Several implementation methods of vertical center;
  • Box Model;
  • Position;
  • Line Elements and block elements;
  • BFC (Block-level formatting of online text, test with floating );
  • Animation;
  • Pseudo-element pseudo-class;
  • Less, sass, stylus preprocessors;
  • ... Js Basics
  • Prototype chain;
  • Closure;
  • Class and inheritance (es5 implementation method + es6 implementation method );
  • Let, const, var;
  • Promise;
  • Asynchronous processing method;
  • Write a method to traverse all the nodes in the document tree (recursive );
  • Cookie and webstorege;
  • Jsonp and cross-domain;
  • Sort sorting (note ascll)
  • Copying arrays and objects in depth;
  • Some basic operations of String + Array;
  • Write an array deduplication method;
  • Bubble and capture;
  • Event proxy;
  • This (note that this of the arrow function points to a problem );
  • Call, apply, bind;
  • Variable escalation;
  • High-order functions;
  • Animation;
  • SetTimeout, setInterval, and requestAnimationFrame;
  • Modular development;
  • Causes of Memory leakage;
  • Ajax;
  • Map, filter, reduce related;
  • Map and Set;
  • Mobile Development;
  • ... Framework and tools
  • Vue data binding principle;
  • Communication between vue parent and child components and brother Components;
  • Vuex principle;
  • Asynchronous and synchronous operations of vuex actions and mutation;
  • Event listening for vue;
  • Vue-router obtains custom parameters;
  • Go related to vue-router;
  • Vue component design;
  • Modular tools;
  • Webpack packaging optimization;
  • What are the main functions required to design a packaging tool;
  • Babel problems;
  • Advantages of mvvm;
  • Some basic usage of jquery;
  • Lodash related;
  • Comparison between vue and react;
  • Comparison between vue and jquery;
  • ... Technical development
  • Design Patterns (Singleton, publish and subscribe );
  • Browser rendering process;
  • Performance Optimization (this is a big point. In many aspects of design, don't think that optimization is the one that is often seen on the Internet );
  • Design a template engine;
  • Design a packaging tool;
  • A case worth attention when designing an mvvm framework;
  • Source code reading;
  • Here are a few projects that I often ask for during interviews.
  • Like ELE. Me Shopping Cart (local shopping cart, global shopping cart, and local storage, which can be searched on the Internet );
  • Chrome plug-in development lettalk;
  • A simple social app developed by rn;
  • Copy the vue mvvm framework (copy the vue Source Code );
  • Like Jquery class library (when reading jquery Source Code );

There are so many things that I can think of. Please forgive me. I hope everyone can get their satisfied offer.

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