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In early October, the three-day AjaxWorld conference and Expo ended in Santa Clara (us). Major Ajax vendors such as Laszlo Systems, JackBe and Backbase, it also includes more than 90 conferences and presentations from software giant vendors such as IBM, TIBCO, and Adobe.

Some people have been advocating the Ajax era for several months. In the past three days, there have been some notable results in California. At present, more than a dozen companies and manufacturers have announced that they want to attract the world's news media through the influence and promotion of this meeting. Not only does the OpenAjax alliance play an important role in this meeting. The first Steering Committee was selected at this meeting, which is consistent with the content and themes of the AjaxWorld 2006 conference.

In fact, OpenAjax was hosted by Sun, but many people are surprised that Sun did not receive any of the seven awards at this conference, sun is very interested in Ajax. Despite the late competition, Sun's famous engineer John Crupi has become the CTO of JackBe, so that Deepak Alur and Nicholas Halms (Java experts from Sun) joined JackBe.

No company sent so many speakers at the conference like Sun, including Greg Murray, the main Starter of Servlet 2.5, and now the Ajax architect of Sun, greg personally spent weeks preparing for the OpenAJAX Alliance member meeting at Sun's Santa Clara (US) regional headquarters.

At the AJAXWorld 2006 conference, Sun's other speakers also included: Inderjeet Singh, who spoke on the blueprint of Java EE 5 and the use of Ajax in Web applications. Also, Inderjeet Singh, a senior engineer of Sun Microsystems and architect of the Java blueprint project; Craig McClanahan, who was the first author of Apache Struts and also defined servlet 2.2, 2.3 and JSP 1.1, 1.2 members of the standardization expert group, Tomcat servlet Container architect, Senior Engineer of Sun database technology team, with 18 years of experience in database and architecture development. David Van Couvering, the first architect of Sybase J2EE Application Server Enterprise Edition.

Sun seems very interested in Ajax, and Sun hopes that Java will become a majority of Ajax immediately!

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