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Phpeasyvcs is a simple version control system (VCS) and WebDAV server with minimal hosting requirements:

    • PHP 5.2+

No database is needed.

Files can be viewed and uploaded with a browser or by WebDAV.


If you want to see the web interface of Phpeasyvcs, either

    • See the screenshots or
    • Go to the demo site (login with username demo and password demo). Upload files up to 50kB and the data would be purged regularly.


You can download Phpeasyvcs from Sourceforge.


Copy Phpeasyvcs to a directory on your server, e.g. Easyvcs.

Browse to http (s)://your.server/easyvcs-dir/index.php (replace your.server and Easyvcs-di R with your server and installation directory) and fill out the settings form.

You can also create additional users on the Users tab.

Depending on your server settings, the authorization header might not reach PHP. In case of Apache you can add the following rewrite rule to your. Htaccess:

Rewriteengine on Rewritebase / Rewriterule .* - [ E = http_authorization :%{ HTTP : Authorization }]

You can also create additional repositories by

    • Creating a new directory in the Data folder (on the same level as the default folder)
    • Editing the user (s) to give them access to the additional repository-you has to reenter the password for this


Independent of the access type the user has to identify himself with his user name and password. If the user has access to multiple repositories, he must prefix the user name with the repository name and a backslash, E. G. "Specialrepository\max", otherwise it is not sure, into which repository he'll be logged in.

Web Browser

Browse to http (s)://your.server/easyvcs-dir/index.php (replace your.server and Easyvcs-di R with your server and installation directory).

You can browse the VCS, create tags to browse the vcs at a specific date, view versions, revert a file to a version, etc.

The Web Access would work

    • With Javascript switched off (no syntax highlighting, page reload on many actions),
    • With Javascript activated,
    • With Javascript and Java plugin activated and the Java applets loaded you can upload whole directories and get progress bar s during upload.

To enable Java and experience the least warnings possible:

    • Download and install Java from,
    • In your favorite browser (which should-the Java plugin), go to the plugins page (e.g. in Firefox Tools/add-ons/plu gins) and make sure that the Java plugin would either always Activate orAsk to Activate,
    • Open the Java Plugin Control Panel (windows:in start/programs, Linux gnome:search for "Java" in your Gnome menu) and set Security/security level to medium and add your Phpeasyvcs Web site URL to the website exceptions.

Using the navigation item , the user can change his password and switch the repository, if he have access to Multiple repositories.


Use http (s)://your.server/easyvcs-dir/webdav.php for WebDAV access. The actual syntax may vary depending in your operating system and WebDAV program.

The root level of the WebDAV drive shows at least the directory current , which represents the currently saved Fil Es. You'll also see the tags created in the Web interface, which represent read-only views of your VCS at a specific time. Additionally you can view the VCS at a specific point in time by manually specifying a date and time in the format Yyyy-mm-dd or yyyy-mm-ddthh:mm, e.g. http://your.server/easyvcs-dir/webdav.php/2011-01-01 or HTTP://YOUR.SERVER/EASYVCS-DIR/WEBDAV.P Hp/2011-01-01t16:00 (this might not work with your WebDAV client).


Enter the following URL in Nautilus or Caja: dav://your.server/easyvcs-dir/webdav.php

If This does isn't work, the connect explicitely by use of the It menu file/connect to Server and set server to y Our.server, type to WebDAV (HTTP) or Secure WebDAV (HTTPS), path to Easyvcs-dir/web dav.php and enter your user name and password.

You can also connect using Gnome commander:set type to WebDAV, server to your.server and remote Direc Tory to /easyvcs-dir/webdav.php.

Or install DAVFS2 and mount the WebDAV, e.g.:

sudo apt - get install Davfs2sudo mkdir / Media / Easyvcssudo Mount - T Davfs http : //your.server/easyvcs-dir/webdav.php/media/easyvcs

You probably need to the add options like -O rw,user,uid=myusername to is able to write, too.

Windows XP


    • Download and install KB907306 for Web Folders
    • To use Basic authentication, set the DWORD registry entry Usebasicauth in hkey_local_machine\syste M\currentcontrolset\services\webclient\parameters to 1and restart Windows.

Goto Explorer-tools-map Network Drive-connect to a Web site and enter http://your.server/easyvcs-dir/webdav.php as U Rl

Or Goto Explorer-tools-map Network Drive and directly add http://your.server/easyvcs-dir/webdav.php as folder (This is seems to work if your Phpeasyvcs installation requires no authentication)

Windows Vista/windows 7


    • Go to Settings in your Phpeasyvcs instance and make sure this authentication method is Digest.
    • Or, if you really want to use Basic authentication, follow the steps in Kb841215:set the DWORD registry entry Basicauthlevel in hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\services\webclient\parameters to 2 and restart Windows.

Goto Explorer-map Network Drive-connect to a Web site and enter http://your.server/easyvcs-dir/webdav.php as Url.

Alternatives for Windows xp/windows vista/windows 7

Totalcommander has a WebDAV plugin.

Bitkinex-all-in-one Ftp/sftp/http/webdav Client (freeware)

    • When setting up the connection your need to specify first the server and then set easyvcs-dir/webdav.php as Defa Ult directory.

Netdrive (free for home use): You can assign a drive letter to the WebDAV drive and use it as a local drive.

Problem solving

The following is a list of problems with various WebDAV clients:

    • With Nautilus you get an error message when moving/renaming (this is a Nautilus bug). But the move was executed correctly and you'll see it after a refresh (F5).
    • Windows xp:opening a file from a WebDAV drive, which isn't mapped to a drive letter, would only work, if the opening prog Ram is a WebDAV aware, like Microsoft Word.
    • Windows 7:although connecting to a WebDAV drive without authentication by HTTP works perfectly, connecting to the same We Bdav drive with Basic authentication set up only displays grayed out entries, clicking on a file or folder would do nothing .

Comparison with other vcses

Phpeasyvcs is the only VCS which

    • is implemented in pure PHP,
    • Stores the data in the file system, and
    • Offers WebDAV access.

Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.

The above describes the super easy to use the lazy WebDAV based on PHP personal cloud service building software, can be used for Zotero document synchronization, including aspects of the content, I hope to be interested in PHP tutorial friends helpful.

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