Super: Mobile phone screen and mobile phone protection film What would you like to change? (17P)

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Mobile screen and mobile phone protection film What would you like to change? For such a question, already many netizens have discussed this question, all have their own position. Then the author to analyze the problem, to see if it is necessary to stick mobile phone protection film it?
Just beginning to contact this line, I said to myself: I buy a cell phone on the bare run, more comfortable. In fact, I have not used the kind of touch screen mobile phone, but also completely do not understand. Later listen to a mobile phone control friend said: This mobile phone protection film is still necessary to paste, although now mobile phone screen are very wear-resistant, very hard, but all day to play mobile phone, always spend, buy a film paste, give themselves rest assured. If one day the screen is spent, it is ugly, if serious, but also need to change the screen, less will be hundreds of dollars. However, buy a mobile phone protection film only dozens of dollars, the screen will not have any problems, the money does not need to spend much.
In fact, although my phone is not touch screen, but the screen is very hard, the quality is quite good. Now I pick up to look at the screen, is very flower ah, there are some scratches! If it is a touch screen phone, it is not ugly dead.   So I still suggest you go to film, after all, give yourself worry! Remember a word: stones. In the hard things all through the friction of time. Would you like to change your phone screen or change your phone's protective film?     I think it would be more appropriate to change the cell phone protection film often. Affixed with tempered glass protective film so that the display is the highest degree of protection at the same time, does not affect the performance of the display, glass material makes it also has high scratch, anti-oil, easy maintenance and other benefits. Let the use of mobile phones to achieve real worry, time-saving, convenient. And tempered film affixed to the mobile phone is particularly easy, a period of time I bought for their own mobile phone a tempered film, for the film I have never had any experience, but this first film for a few seconds to solve the problem, as long as the tempering film on both sides of the phone gently down on the line, automatic laminating without any bubbles, If you do not put your phone in the hands of the careful observation, you really can not see their mobile phone affixed a film. But also depends on your choice of what quality, as the saying goes: a penny a cent goods.

At present, all kinds of mobile phone film, a wide variety, the market price is also very different, in the purchase should pay attention to what aspects?  It is learnt that, in addition to looking at the film material, but also to understand the three elements: wear resistance, permeability and viscosity. Abrasion resistance: Mobile phone film is used to protect the screen, so to have a certain degree of wear. Especially for some handwriting input of the mobile phone, the film wear-resistant degree of higher requirements.  In general, the higher the wear resistance of the mobile phone film, the smoothness of the higher. Absorbance: The poor penetration of the mobile phone film, will make people use the mobile phone to very strenuous. According to the introduction, a good film of the permeability of about 95%, and inferior to 80% below.  Some stalls on the nominal can reach 99% of the film is actually not up to, and now generally no higher than 97%. Easy tack: In general, high-quality film can be used to ensure that the surface of the screen is clean, automatic pasting without the easy appearance of bubbles. General inferior film on the back of the adhesive, can not be repeated use, also can not wash. and high-quality film using electrostatic paste, no need to glue, can be reused or even washing.

Super: Mobile phone screen and mobile phone protection film What would you like to change? (17P)

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