Supermap iclient troubleshooting and precautions, supermapiclient

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Supermap iclient troubleshooting and precautions, supermapiclient

Problems encountered in the project, sorting out and continuing...

1.Do not use plsql or manual SQL to modify the table structure in a spatial table. You must use desktop to adjust the table structure..

2. SuperMap iClient 6R for JavaScript query data speed is relatively slow. What are the optimization methods?
A: You can optimize it in the following aspects:
(1) set the field index for the fields to be queried in SuperMap indexing pro. NET (for how to set the index, see "dataset field Index" in the help document of SuperMap indexing pro. NET );
(2) set the fields attribute of SuperMap. REST. FilterParameter during query, and only the required fields are returned;
(3) query by Page Based on attributes such as expectCount and startRecord of SuperMap. REST. QueryParameters;
(4) If you are querying the surface data, you can use the "re-sampling" function in SuperMap features pro. NET to reduce the number of contained points in the surface;
(5) use a high-performance vector layer to display the query results, that is, set SuperMap. layer. the renderers attribute of Vector is Canvas or Canvas2. Canvas and Canvas2 are implemented based on Html5 Canvas. If you use these two methods to render Vector Data, you need to use a browser that supports Html5 Canvas.
3. SuperMap iClient 6R for JavaScript is associated with the External table for query. How can I obtain the attribute value of the External table?
First, obtain a Feature object feature in the query result. For example, if the external table name is foreignTable and the field name of the field value needs to be obtained is CONTINENT, the attribute value is feature. attributes ['foreigntable. continent'].
4. SuperMap iClient 6R for JavaScript sets the associated External table in distance query. Why does the query result only return geometric information and not attribute information?

A: If the query method is distance query, range query, or latest object search, you can only set the attribute filter. For other query conditions, for example, groupBy, orderBy, joinItems, and linkItems are not supported.

What is the difference between supermap iclient 6R for flex and supermap iserver java 6R?

One provides flex interface and one provides java Interface

SuperMap iClient 6R for Silverlight online tutorials?

After iServerJava6R is installed

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