Supermarket Marketplace App Customization Solution

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Although the Internet e-commerce development is very hot, but for the shopping malls and supermarkets are mainly physical stores, but the Internet e-commerce to attract, many traditional e-commerce began to transform, to achieve platform development, the development of custom app software, mainly in line off the development model, with the physical store development complementary, to obtain new survival opportunities.

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Traditional supermarkets, shopping malls, the sales model is to attract users to shop purchase. And the Internet Supermarket app realizes the line up and down single, offline physical store fast delivery service, users in the app platform as can browse the details of the product, in the logistics distribution, the user can choose to shop extraction and delivery services, than the traditional simple offline purchase mode to facilitate a lot, To provide consumers with a variety of shopping options.

If you want to customize a supermarket store app software, then the following with the app small together to see the supermarket shopping mall software customized solutions.

1, commodity display, commodity category this is the most basic function of the supermarket platform, the detailed information of the commodity, price and stock, user evaluation and so on can affect the user to buy information displayed to the user.

2, LBS positioning navigation function, convenient for users to find near supermarkets or shopping malls in the supermarket app software, if the user needs to deliver home service, users can directly locate and determine the delivery address, convenient delivery to the door quickly.

3, supermarkets, shopping malls preferential activities, in the app can see people's preferential activities, so that users to the most preferential prices to buy their own products.

4, supermarkets, shopping malls member registration, the establishment of membership system can not only promote consumption, but also to bind consumption, supermarkets, shopping malls, the development of a great role in promoting. And the app is to support the electronic Membership card processing, not only can eliminate the trouble with cards, but also for supermarkets, shopping malls to eliminate the cost of the card, supermarket members can always view the membership card balance and validity period and other information.

5, online payment, to meet the habits of modern consumption.

6, shopping evaluation, with other users to analyze the shopping experience, but also from other users of the shopping experience to choose their own products to buy.

The main mode of traditional enterprise transformation is to increase the online development channel on the basis of the original physical store, realize the integration and development under the line and go, in the small part of the app, it seems that the trend of the integration of the retail line is inevitable.

Supermarket Marketplace App Customization Solution

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