SVN unifies Apache to implement web also access SVN

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Purpose: In order to compare convenient view, pull the files inside the SVN library, use SVN and Apache together, you can use the browser directly to view the files inside SVN.




1, install SVN

Yum-y Install Subversion

2, install Apache

Yum-y Install httpd

3, install the Apache support module for SVN

Yum-y Install MOD_DAV_SVN


1, configure SVN

Create SVN repository: Svnadmin CREATE/HOME/SVN/REPO1





Edit Conf/authz



Group_admin =admin

Group_test = Test


@group_admin =RW

@group_test = R

* =


@group_admin = RW

@group_test = RW

* =

Start: svnserve-d-R/HOME/SVN/REPO1

2, configure Apache

After installing MOD_DAV_SVN, a subversion.conf will appear under/etc/httpd/conf.d/.

This file is complicated to import svn associated Apache module

LoadModule Dav_svn_module modules/

LoadModule Authz_svn_module modules/

To configure this file subversion.conf, add the following paragraph

<Location/repo1> DAV svn svnpath/home/svn/repo1 svnlistparentpath on authtype Basic Authnam E "Aolens" authuserfile/home/svn/passwd Require valid-user</location>

Svnpath is the SVN address

AUTHUSERFILE/HOME/SVN/PASSWD is the browser security authentication password generation

Htpasswd-cmd passwd Aolens

Aolens is a secure authenticated user

Restart Apache

Service httpd Restart


Enter the authentication password account to view SVN information

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SVN unifies Apache to implement web also access SVN

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