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Swift is Open Source swift.org Source Code Swift Package Manager Pack Manager Core Libraries Library platforms cross-platform Getting Started start with Swift. Summary

Swift is Open Source

Swift is now open source. Today Apple launched the open source Swift community, as well as amazing new tools and resources including:

    • Swift.org–a site dedicated to the open source Swift community
    • Public source code repositories at GitHub
    • A New Swift Package Manager project for easily sharing and building code
    • A swift-native Core Libraries project with higher-level functionality above the standard library
    • Platform support for all Apple platforms as well as Linux

Now anyone can download the code and in-development builds to see what the team was up to. Developers interested in contributing to the project can file bugs, participate in the community, and Contri Bute their own fixes and enhancements to make Swift even better. for production App Store development Your should always use the stable releases of Swift included in Xcode, and this re Mains a requirement for app submission. (at the time of submission, you still have to follow the swift version in Xcode)


Swift.org is a entirely new site dedicated to open source Swift. This site hosts resources for the community of developers that want to help evolve Swift, contribute fixes, and most importantly, interact. Swift.org hosts:

    • A Bug reporting and tracking system eight elder brother tracker
    • Mailing Lists mailing list
    • A Blog dedicated to the engineering of Swift Blog
    • Community Guidelines Community Rules
    • Getting started tutorials Beginner's tutorial
    • Contributing Instructions Contribution Guide
    • Documentation on Swift documentation
    • Developer and API Design Guidelines Development Guide

Swift.org is where the daily engineering work for Swift would take place, as the community of developers work together to B Ring Swift to new platforms, add new features, and continually evolve our favorite language.

Source Code

Apple have a new home on GitHub located at Github.com/apple where can find all the source code for the Swift project. The public repositories include the Swift compiler, lldb debugger and REPL, the D Core Libraries, the package manager, and other supporting projects.

GitHub is already a incredibly popular place for developers to collaborate. It's easy-to-view the source code right on the website, or quickly check-out the code to your. If you had a patch to contribute, we accept the pull requests.

Swift Package Manager Pack Manager

Today We also launched a brand new Project:the Swift package Manager. This early-stage project would be developed in the open from the outset. The repository is in a very early state, and together we'll define what a great package manager should do and H ow we can make it intuitiveto use, and give it the power it needs to scale across the many platforms where we ex Pect Swift to prosper.

Core Libraries Library

Apple have long provided a rich collection of frameworks that provide higher-level functionality commonly required across a Wide variety of software. Frameworks such as Foundation, libdispatch, and xctest make it much easier to write complex pro Grams, and we wanted to is sure that developers get those same benefits as they take their Swift skills to new platforms. Whether writing apps for IPhone or MAC, or building a new cloud service on Linux, the Swift core libraries would give you B Uilding blocks you can count on.

Platforms Cross-platform

Open source Swift runs on a Mac, and was capable of building apps for OS X, IOS, WatchOS, and TvOS. Swift.org also offers a Linux version of Swift, complete with a Linux toolset including Package Manager support, the L LDB debugger, and the REPL. (Linux version contains: 1) Package Manager 2) lldb Debugger 3) REPL) We ' re excited to see the community bring Swift to even more new places. As students and professionals learn to program in Swift, each new platform and use case opens new opportunities for them a Cross the technology industry.

Getting Started start with Swift.

It's easy-to-get started. swift.org hosts binary downloadsof the compilers and command line tool s for the Apple and Linux platforms so Can is up and running quickly. (The official website contains only the Apple and Linux platform compilers and command-line tools) The latest version of Xcode supports an alternate toolchain option specifically designed to make it simple-to-try out the Latest open source builds of Swift from within Xcode. (the latest version of Xcode includes tools to switch to the latest swift version.) And swift.org have great getting started guides to walk you through the process of setting up your environment Open source Swift.


    • What does swift.org do?
    • All open source what 1) Swift compiler 2)lldb Debugger 3)REPL
    • How to get started: Download the latest Xcode (version> 7.2) (contains beta), which contains the tools to switch the SWIFT version.

    Swift is Open Source Blog note

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