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1, what is the Friendship Union (umeng.com)

(1) The Union is committed to providing mobile developers with professional data analysis, development and operation components and extension services. Services include mobile application statistical analysis and segmentation industry mobile game statistical analysis, social sharing components, message push, Automatic Updates, user feedback, error analysis and other products.
(2) The Alliance offers multi-platform services such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
2, the application of the League of Friends statistical analysis

The Friendship Alliance statistical Analysis Platform is the largest mobile application statistical analysis platform in China. Used to help mobile application developers to statistic and analyze traffic sources, content usage, user attributes, and behavioral data, so that developers can use data to make decisions about product, operation, and promotion strategies.

3, using the sample
As the code sample provided by the official website is objective-c, I will show you how to use Swift to tune the AU's SDK.
(1) Access to Appkey

Before you integrate the AU SDK, you need to register with the league website and add new apps to get Appkey

(2) Download Statistical SDK

Download statistics SDK Analytics-ios-sdk.zip and unzip

(3) Add the SDK to the project

Drag the libmobclicklibrary.a and MobClick.h two files in the SDK into the Xcode engineering directory structure.

Also remember to add a bridging file in which to add a reference to the ally analysis.

#import "MobClick.h"

(4) Add the configuration in the Appdelegate.swift, the code is as follows:

The configuration mainly includes filling in the Appkey, setting the sending strategy and filling in the channel ID three part

1,ios platform Data delivery strategy includes batch (send at startup) and Send_interval (send at intervals) two, the Union by default use to send at startup (more provincial traffic), you can change the sending policy in code Reportpolicy:batch.

2, channels can be defined freely. When viewing data, the channel is a dimension that is subdivided as a data. When Channelid is nil or "", the default is treated as the "App Store" channel.

3, because IOS9 introduced the app Transport Security (ATS) feature and asked the app to access the network using the HTTPS protocol, developers are required to add settings in the project so that HTTP requests can be sent. See also my other article: Swift-Web request app transport security has blocked a cleartext wrong

Import Uikit

Class Appdelegate:uiresponder, Uiapplicationdelegate {

var Window:uiwindow?

Func Application (Application:uiapplication,
Didfinishlaunchingwithoptions launchoptions: [Nsobject:anyobject]? -> Bool {

Mobclick.startwithappkey ("564d3bf567e58e8179000811", Reportpolicy:batch,
Channelid: "hangge.com")

return True

Func applicationwillresignactive (application:uiapplication) {

Func Applicationdidenterbackground (application:uiapplication) {

Func Applicationwillenterforeground (application:uiapplication) {

Func applicationdidbecomeactive (application:uiapplication) {

Func applicationwillterminate (application:uiapplication) {

(5) Test effect
The above configuration after the direct start test (true machine simulator can), into the league backstage, you can see the new user information.

4, add the statistics of specific pages
Only the page statistics are integrated correctly to get the correct page access path, access depth (PV) data. To implement a page's statistics, you need to match the corresponding page count method in each view.
For example, to count the "about" page, add the following method on the About page (Aboutmeviewcontroller.swift)

Import Uikit

Class Aboutmeviewcontroller:uiviewcontroller {

Override Func Viewdidload () {
Super.viewdidload ()

Override func Viewwillappear (Animated:bool) {
Super.viewwillappear (animated)
Mobclick.beginlogpageview ("homepage")

Override func Viewwilldisappear (Animated:bool) {
Super.viewwilldisappear (animated)
Mobclick.endlogpageview ("homepage")

Override Func didreceivememorywarning () {
Super.didreceivememorywarning ()

5, use, statistics custom events
Custom events are divided into count events and calculated events. Here is an example of a count event, such as a "buy" button on our page, and I want the user to click the button once to record it.
(1) First select "Count event" when adding an event in the league background.

(2) The program code is as follows:

@IBAction func Purchaseclick (sender:anyobject) {
Record the "Buy" button hits, while assuming that 4 books have been purchased
Let dict = ["Type": "Book", "Quantity": "4"]
Mobclick.event ("Purchase", Attributes:dict)

(3) The following statistical data can be seen in the backstage of the League of Friends:

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