T3js v2.7.0 release, JavaScript framework

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Unlike the MVC framework, T3 is built on the concept of a scalable JavaScript application architecture to create loosely coupled, less-model systems to create large JavaScript applications.

Use T3 to decide what type of component you create, so that all things can be divided into three categories:

Services: Libraries that provide additional tools for your app, such as Cookie utility, URL Encoder/decoder, popup menus

Modules (Modules): Modules can use services to accomplish tasks, but modules cannot directly reference other modules

Behavior (Behaviors): A hybrid module that is designed to allow the connection of events that are shared by multiple modules. For example, block link clicks to perform AJAX navigation. Behaviors can use services to accomplish tasks, but they cannot directly reference modules or other behaviors

Almost all builds conform to one of these three categories, and the ability to mix and match them is sufficient to create many different types of user experiences, and this does not prevent the use of backbone, react, or other frameworks to add to T3, T3 just helps individuals better organize their code, Allows the engineer to spell out a completed client stack based on what they want.





T3js v2.7.0 release, JavaScript framework

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