Take your hand and draw you a dynamic Error alert Android Custom view

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Well.. 1 more to get the perseverance badge, today to draw you a relatively simple view.

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Don't say much nonsense, look:

First, the constructor measures ... Here's a pen.

Public Errorview (Context context) {This (context, NULL);    } public Errorview (context context, AttributeSet Attrs) {This (context, attrs, 0);     } public Errorview (context context, AttributeSet attrs, int defstyleattr) {Super (context, attrs, defstyleattr); } @Override protected void onmeasure (int widthmeasurespec, int heightmeasurespec) {int widthsize = Measu        Respec.getsize (WIDTHMEASURESPEC);        int widthmode = Measurespec.getmode (Widthmeasurespec);        int heightsize = measurespec.getsize (Heightmeasurespec);        int heightmode = Measurespec.getmode (Heightmeasurespec);        if (Widthmode = = measurespec.exactly) {mwidth = widthsize;        } else {mwidth = 200;        } if (Heightmode = = measurespec.exactly) {mheight = heightsize;        } else {mheight = 200;    } setmeasureddimension (Mwidth, mheight); }
If you do not understand the above, turn over my blog, there are some complementary knowledge points. Round percent view

Next draw, if you want to draw a static this suddenly, you must close the eyes can also draw out. So how can we achieve dynamic effects?

In fact, imitation of the process of hand-painted, we are 1.1 points drawn out, a line of gradual delay. Then we will imitate this natural process.

First draw a circle.

Paint p = new paint ();        P.setstrokewidth (ten);        P.setantialias (true);        P.setcolor (color.red);        P.setstyle (Paint.Style.STROKE);        RECTF RECTF = new RECTF (0 + ten, 0 +, mWidth-10, mHeight-10);        Canvas.drawarc (RECTF, mprogress/100, p);        mprogress+=5;

You can see that the third parameter of DrawArc is a change, where the initial value of Mprogress is zero, and here he increments, that is, every time the OnDraw method is called, he increases.  So each time the arc will be a little longer than the original, until the end of the painting. So at the end of the program there must be postinvalidatedelayed (10); Method.

Next to draw two lines, where the coordinates I directly take the radius of one of the 4 points, the only thing to note is that only when the progress is greater than 100 when we draw two lines, two line segments are also based on a variable self-increment, the principle of the same. Here Mlineonex and other parameters all indicate the coordinates of two points when drawing the line. When Mlineonex = mwidth * 0.5 Mwidth/4 + Mlineonex is equal to the final point of the line we want to draw.

if (Mprogress >) {            //Draw left line            if (Mlineonex < Mwidth * 0.5) {                mlineonex+=20;                mlineoney+=20;            }            Canvas.drawline (MWIDTH/4, MHEIGHT/4, MWIDTH/4 + Mlineonex, MHEIGHT/4 + Mlineoney, p);            if (Mlineonex = = Mwidth * 0.5) {                if (Mlinetwox < Mwidth * 0.5) {                    mlinetwox+=20;                    mlinetwoy+=20;                } else {                    //Judging all draw complete                    Islinedrawdone = true;                }                Canvas.drawline (MWIDTH/4, (float) (Mheight * 0.75), MWIDTH/4 + Mlinetwox, (float) (Mheight * 0.75)-Mlinetwoy, p); 
   }        }
Then add a marker bit islinedrawdone to judge if you have not finished the painting:

if (islinedrawdone) {            log.e ("Wing", "Draw Done");                   } else{            postinvalidatedelayed (ten);        }

Now basically completed the drawing, do not hurry to add vibration, vibration effect is how to achieve it, you remember, if you forget, you can look at my blog: Custom Animation to achieve a shake shake effect

So we're going to write an interface that onstop back and forth.

public interface onstoplistener{        void OnStop (View v);    }

Complete the final drawing and continue to add a flag that represents the complete drawing.

if (islinedrawdone) {            log.e ("Wing", "Draw Done");            if (!isdrawdone) {                if (monstoplistener! = null) {                    monstoplistener.onstop (this);                }                Isdrawdone = true;            }        } else{            postinvalidatedelayed (ten);        }

Provides a reset () method that allows the user to manually control the redraw

public void Reset () {        mprogress = 0;        Mlineonex = 0;        Mlineoney = 0;        Mlinetwox = 0;        Mlinetwoy = 0;        Islinedrawdone = false;        Isdrawdone = false;        Invalidate ();    }

To provide a way to add a listener

public void Setonstoplistener (Onstoplistener onstoplistener) {        monstoplistener = Onstoplistener;    }

Finally, add a vibration effect to the view in activity

protected void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {        super.oncreate (savedinstancestate);        Setcontentview (r.layout.activity_main);        Merrorview = (Errorview) Findviewbyid (R.id.errorview);        Merrorview.setonstoplistener (New Errorview.onstoplistener () {            @Override public            void OnStop (View v) {                Shakeanimation sa = new shakeanimation ();                Sa.setduration (+);                V.startanimation (SA);            }        );        Merrorview.setonclicklistener (New View.onclicklistener () {            @Override public            void OnClick (View v) {                Merrorview.reset ();            }        });

Hehe hey ... This has been a cheat on the medal of Perseverance.

Source Address: http://download.csdn.net/detail/wingichoy/9394685

Take your hand and draw you a dynamic Error alert Android Custom view

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