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Mobile Interview No. No. 6.4, two interviews are in the afternoon, Chaozhou 2:20, Shantou 3:30.

is 9 o ' Day in the morning, to the headquarters, and the morning interview with the Shantou friends chat, scared. On the internet, said mobile is not to test professional knowledge, the results of Yang Dong shoes 10:00 Mobile Computer Application post incredibly test a lot of basic knowledge.

Here are the Yang Dong shoes to give us the following interview topics:

1. Database sql, including distinct/where......or ...

2. Differences between the internal and external connections of the database

3. Object-oriented and process-oriented differences

4. Programmatic implementation of string conversions to integers

5. Say a few sorting algorithms

6.linux Basic command: Text edit processing command

Originally saw these problems, I and Huangtong shoes are petrified, because we in the afternoon, Shantou Mobile, no review this problem must hang.

Later learned that the following trial officers are based on each person's CV asked questions, so ... Fortunately, my resume is easy to write, and the technical questions I ask are simple.

1:00 to the hotel, and the morning interview Yang Dong shoes to ask some questions, and then go to change shoes, but the toilet a lot of girls in the dress, fortunately I was changed the past.

Then went to the elevator on the 19 floor to prepare for the interview of Chaozhou, thought is first to the first face, the result is actually in order, I ranked in the last of the number No. 6.4, 2:20 only sign in, and then 2:30 to start the first person, and then I wait until 3:00 actually found the technical surface only face 3 people, Run to ask the sign-in sorghum can be early, I want to 3:30 and Shantou interview, the results uncle looked at the following table said, "Nothing, estimated that I finish the Shantou still not line me (front there are about 20 individuals)." ", I went directly to the 15 floor to the surface of Shantou, Shantou said 3:30 start in fact, 2:30 began, I 3:00 to have begun the interview, in fact, Shantou 20 people face computer application (early on a batch of), I arrived at the time has been to the 8th, and is first to first face, speed and ultra-fast, I guess where I waited for half an hour has already been 8 people around, I am not much 3:30 on the face. Now to the point, my first side is the HR face (technical and HR face intersection, some first technology, some first hr), the HR sister is very nice, the process is as follows:

1. Self-Introduction

2. Why Choose Shantou Mobile

3. Family situation

4. Own advantage, hobby

5. Professional is not what you like

6. The project is not the main person

Also some diverged, I also forget, feel very relaxed interview, hear I say I like Shantou, that sister smiled, feel quite agree with. Then the HR face was solved within 10 minutes, and a small label was posted on the resume. Then said to find staff to the lounge and so on two side.

I saw the Huangtong shoes in the lounge, when he said he was on the side of the question is very simple, wrote a character conversion, to the number of model questions (this person to make a number of models), and then simply told the project is over. I also feel with him that my side is very simple, do not ask professional questions (then did not realize that my side is the HR side), and then asked the question are what personal situation ah, only the project is involved in a little professional. Then I waited for 10 minutes or so to wait for the second side, in 1512 room door I only found that the original two interviewers an HR face is a technical side, my children's shoes is a technical side, and my side is the HR side. Then went into the technical side, the process is also very short, technical interview officer is an uncle is also very nice, the process is as follows:

1. Self-Introduction

2. Ask me the algorithm of the first project, my role in the inside

3. Asked me when the first volunteer was a soft worker, and asked girls like soft workers very little, because too hard.

4. Also asked how the string is converted to an array.

Only the fourth question is more of a reference, eh, I started writing is Integer.parse (str), this is the Java inside the string into an integer function, and then also thoughtful write a try and catch statement, explained the next, the interviewer said not this, he wants to how to achieve the parse, and then I think to write the following this code:

public int Parse (String str)

{ int num,result=0;

for (int i = 0;i <= str.size (); i++)


if (Isnumber (Str[i]))


num = str[i]-' 0 ';


else return-0xffffff;

result = Result*10+num;


return result;


A little mistake, don't spray.

Then I finished explaining, the interviewer very nice gave me a small label of the resume, successfully saved to two tags.

Go back to the staff, by the way, when there will be notice, and then they looked at me two small tags, said I both sides of the performance is very good, should be in, soon can receive notice, small excitement, rarely received so direct praise.

Then ran to Chaozhou there, sure enough not to me, are 4:30, and then I took the time to ask the next children's shoes, they said they have only got a small label, and are in my opinion is very simple HR face there did not get, it is not expected to show the very hope will Shantou bar, of course, I may not be cute (dragged out of the

And then until the 5 point finally to the technical side of Chaozhou, this is very sad urge no shantou that smooth, the interviewer listened to my introduction to see my resume, and then said that in fact, the software development mobile also recruit, but the main or recruit network maintenance, network monitoring, and then said my resume is not very counterpart. Said I think they directly to call me out, and then asked why I this resume to vote this post, I can only racked my brains said, because I like Chaoshan, and then feel that their ability to self-study, in which post can also quickly learn technology, and the university self-taught some of the technology to their listening. Then a bit of silence, an estimated two interviewers are mobile communications, do not know what to ask me, asked the most basic communication problems, do not know, so finally can only ask me object-oriented class inheritance, I also casually pulled a few words, forget. Then let me out, feeling he's going to hang me.

Chaozhou interview must face both sides, so directly to the HR side, good slow ah, and waited for 20 minutes, and then go to HR face, two interviewer or a girl in the dry software development, asked can persist, then there is a personal situation of the investigation, and then asked to get some awards. At the same time asked in Chaozhou two interview questions, if Shantou mobile and Chaozhou hired me, I will choose which, this do not want to know, so I said they all laughed, it is estimated that I am too honest, but also brush me off. Faint sadness, but I do not want to move to Chaozhou, after all, feel that if you go to Chaozhou, home is quite far away.

In this way, I left the country Tak building, is estimated to be the last to go, leaving the whole hotel is quiet, not like noon as the voices.

Talk about Mobile interviewing

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