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Introduction: with the broad application of PHP, we use the development of tools from the heavyweight zendstudio to lightweight notepad++ can be said to be a variety of, everything, this brings a lot of confusion for beginners, too many tools will not be able to choose the most suitable for their own needs. I personally test and compare, choose suitable for most developers to pursue both "free, fast, easy" and meet the practical needs of powerful, from the custom PHP run environment configuration file to build PHP development platform, and give detailed steps. Teach you how to use the network Storm webstorm+ integrated development tools phpstorm+ custom operating environment Phpre build PHP development "Golden free new partner", hoping to bring joy and help for beginners.

purpose and Meaning: Custom installation under WIN7/10 php-7.1.3 apache2.4.25 mysql-5.7.17 phpMyAdmin-4.7 wordpress-4.7.3 WebStorm-2017.1 PhpStorm-2017.1 operating environment, easy to implement "run environment custom configuration, development tools integrated powerful features, new and old version free collocation application", strictly different from the traditional relatively passive use of off-the-shelf "package" PHP Run development environment components

build operation steps: Download the latest or suitable software information, easy to install, integrate, build a custom PHP environment and development platform

(1) Software download:

Phpre (Ver 2017.3)


VC14 (Vc_redist.x86.exe)




Php-7.1.3-win32-vc14-x86.zip (non-commercial crypto source development thread safety version: VC14 x86 thread safe)









http://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/download/#section =windows/
Chinese Language Pack Download
Configuration package Download


http://www.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/download/#section =windows/
Chinese Language Pack Download
Download the theme archive package

(2) Install and run Apache server, MySQL server, successfully start the PHP operating environment:

① Run Install.exe Install the development directory and install the MSVC14 (Visual C + + 2015) compiler Vc_redist.x86.exe

② in the development directory D:\phpRE the appropriate subdirectory to install Apache, PHP, Mysql, www\phpmyadmin (note Renaming the four zip files extracted subdirectories), www\wordpress (after unpacking the subdirectory can be renamed RK)

③ run D:\phpRE\install.bat batch file in DOS command Window install Web server, database server and standard profile (Operation DOS command: Type cmd Enter in the search box next to the Start menu button, type D: Enter, type Cd\phpre Enter, Type Install.bat carriage return)

Available hotkeys ctrl+alt+delete Restart or stop Apacherk, MYSQLRK service for running environment debugging

(3) Install Webstorm, phpstorm after the first start to activate/Chinese/Theme Installation or import configuration file to customize the development environment:

① when activated, select License Server to fill in the JetBrains Authorization server URL (License server RL) http://idea.imsxm.com/Click Active to automatically activate, or first open http:// idea.lanyus.com/Web page "Get Registration Code", and then run the software paste the obtained registration code to activate

② Chinese version of the patch can be implemented to achieve the user interface operation, directly copy the Resources_zh.jar to the installation directory in the Lib directory can be

③ can import the Webstorm configuration package Settings.jar, restart the completion Webstorm Editor font shading configuration; phpstorm default font and background color are very hurt eyes, manual replacement of other better topics: can be from/HTTP www.riaway.com/index.php download jar files for various themes, open your editor from the main menu and choose File->import Setting. Import the jar file you downloaded (you must rename the download package to Settings.jar) and wait for the Phpstorm to be configured after the reboot: Open File->settings->editor->colors and Fonts then choose your favorite coloring style theme to

(4) How to use:

Run PHP for Web development after successful installation

① Start Apache network server: Hotkey ctrl+alt+delete–> system service –> apacherk–> run (next boot automatically)

② Start MySQL database server: Hotkey ctrl+alt+delete–> system service –> mysqlrk–> run (next boot automatically)

③ Input http://www.hzb.com Open web development platform PHP Runtime environment

④ your Web site root file or local site program is stored in D:\phpRE\www\

⑤ in Webstorm or Phpstorm runtime select the development directory D:\phpRE\www\ build PHP "Golden free new partner", easy to achieve "run environment custom configuration, development tools integrated powerful features, new and old version free collocation application", strictly different from the relatively passive use of traditional " Package "PHP Run development environment components

⑥ input http://www.rk.com Start your RK Project entry file index.php

Conclusion: the so-called "Gold free new partner" means the integration of the essence of the current PHP integrated development tools, absorbing the vast number of open people's valuable experience, it is really tall, heavy taste, phpre development platform freely with PHP version and best fit WordPress, Webstorm, Phpstorm combination of applications, and these products are behind the very active development community, continue to provide a rich and useful templates, plug-ins, the development of PHP is really to force, therefore, the new partner, synthesis, not by the traditional "package" combination of the binding, but also to keep up with the most trendy standard development steps, Let the starter less detours early into fan son, let the big coffee handy, happy programming, experience the fun of standardized programming, improve phpweb development efficiency

This article is from the "He Jubi blog hezhubi.com" blog, please be sure to keep this source http://hezhubi.blog.51cto.com/11144083/1911994

Teach you to build PHP development "Gold free new partner"

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