Telnet protocol, SSH protocol (Secure Shell Protocol), SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer protocol), HTTPS (hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) Hypertext Transfer Protocol

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2. Telnet protocol

The Telnet protocol is a member of the TCP/IP protocol family and is the standard protocol and main way of Internet remote Login service. It provides users with the ability to perform remote host work on the local computer. Use a Telnet program (such as Putty) on the end user's computer to connect to the server. End users can enter commands in the Telnet program that run on the server as if they were entered directly on the server's console. The server can be controlled locally. To start a Telnet session, you must enter a user name and password to log on to the server. Telnet is a common way to remotely control a Web server.

3. SSH protocol (Secure Shell Protocol)

SSH is the abbreviation for secure Shell, and SSH is the security protocol based on the application layer and the transport layer . SSH is now more reliable, designed for telnet protocols that provide security for sessions and other network services. the use of SSH protocol can effectively prevent the information leakage in the remote management process. SSH was originally a program on a UNIX system, and later expanded quickly to other operating platforms. SSH can compensate for vulnerabilities in the network when it is used correctly. The SSH client is available on a variety of platforms. Almost all UNIX platforms-including HP-UX, Linux, AIX, Solaris, Digitalunix, Irix, and other platforms-can run SSH.

Traditional Web service programs such as FTP, pop, and telnet are inherently unsafe becauseThey're used on the web.plaintexttransferring passwords and data, it is very easy for someone with ulterior motives to intercept these passwords and data. Moreover, the security authentication methods of these service programs also have their weaknesses, that is, it is very easy to be attacked by the "man in the Middle" (man-in-the-middle) way. The so-called "middleman" attack means that the "middleman" pretends to be the real server to receive the data you pass to the server, and then impersonate you to pass the data to the real server. The data transfer between the server and you is a very serious problem after the hands and feet of the "middleman".by usingSSH, you can encrypt all the transmitted data so that"Middleman"This type of attack is not possible, and it can preventDNSDeception andIPdeception. UseSSH, an additional benefit is that the transmitted data is compressed so that the transfer speed can be speeded up. SSH has many features that canReplaceTelnet, but also forFTP,PoP, even forPPPto provide a safe"Channel".

SSH and Telnet are remote connection, SSH is encrypted, Telnet is not encrypted, now generally use SSH.
SSH is equivalent to telnet, except that telnet belongs to the plaintext transmission, while SSH is compressed encrypted transmission; SSL is a cryptographic protocol.

Ps:java three big frame, ssh==structs+spring+hibernate

4. SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer protocol)

SSL (Secure Sockets layer ), and its successor Transport Layer Security (Transport layer SECURITY,TLS), provide security for network communications and a security protocol for data integrity. TLS with the SSL in the Transport Layer encrypt the network connection.

Secure Socket Layer, developed for Netscape to secure data transmission over the Internet, uses the encryption (encryption) technology to ensure that data is not intercepted and tapped during transmission over the network.

The SSL protocol is located between the TCP/IP protocol and various application layer protocols, providing security support for data communication. The SSL protocol can be divided into two tiers: SSL record Protocol (SSL recorder Protocol): It is based on a reliable transport protocol (such as TCP) to provide high-level protocol data encapsulation, compression, encryption and other basic functions of support. SSL Handshake Protocol (SSL handshake Protocol): It is based on the SSL logging Protocol, which is used to authenticate, negotiate cryptographic algorithms, exchange encryption keys, etc. before the actual data transfer begins.

HTTPS (hypertexttransfer ProtocolSecure) Security Hypertext Transfer Protocol

It is developed by Netscape and built into its browser to compress and decompress data and return the results that are sent back on the network. HTTPS in fact, Netscape 's full sockets layer (SSL) is applied as a sub-layer of the HTTP application layer . (HTTPS uses port 443 instead of using port 80来 and TCP/IP to communicate like HTTP.) SSL uses 40-bit keywords as the RC4 stream encryption algorithm, which is appropriate for the encryption of business information. HTTPS and SSL support use of the digital authentication of the number, and if necessary, the user can confirm who the sender is.

HTTPS is a security-targeted HTTP channel, which is simply the security version of HTTP. That is, the SSL layer is added under HTTP, the security base of HTTPS is SSL, so the details of encryption see SSL.

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Telnet protocol, SSH protocol (Secure Shell Protocol), SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer protocol), HTTPS (hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) Hypertext Transfer Protocol

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