Ten interview questions, Seconds to kill all HR, technical interview. iOS programmer must read!

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The best embodiment of job seekers is the ability to interview, can get an offer, depending on the performance of your interview, only prepared to be able to work in the interview process. Small collection of 10 interviewers most love to mention the question, although the subject of ever-changing, but original aim, as long as the skills to grasp the answer, understand the interviewer's ideas, and then difficult to solve the problem.

1. Please introduce yourself

This is the interviewer 100% will ask questions, the General people answer this question is too common, only say name, age, hobbies, the major of the study, if you use a minute to repeat your resume, then, your impression is not!

As a developer, there is a learning atmosphere with a communication circle that is particularly important this is my iOS communication group: 737979092, whether you are small white or Daniel Welcome to settle, share bat, a inside questions, interview experience, discuss technology, we exchange learning and growth!

Be honest and self-confident and focus on the strengths that match the position you are applying to. Your relevant ability and quality is the most interesting information for the enterprise. Because, in many cases, when listening to your presentation, the interviewer will also take a deep look at the points he is interested in.

Therefore, in the formulation, we should strive to be real-based, taking into account the logical and rational expression, to avoid lengthy but not focused narrative. Be sure to inspire the interviewer's affection for you in the shortest time possible. And the enterprise attaches great importance to a person's politeness, job seekers should respect the examiner, in answer to each question after all say "thank you", the enterprise likes the polite job seeker.

Answer Example: My name is XX, this year x years, XXXX year graduated from XX University. has more than 3 years of development work experience, I have deep interest in technology, professional knowledge, strong sense of responsibility, clear thinking, good communication ability, proficient. NET technology system, familiar with MVC. Usually have time to look at the blog, and I also like to write in Jane or CSDN technical articles, with Bo friends to discuss. Thank you!

2. Why come to Beijing for a job?

Interviewer on the off-site job seekers 90% will ask questions, mainly to examine whether you are stable, personal experience ability, ranked first is stability, if not stable enough, then the rest is empty talk.

Answer example: I come from Henan, Henan is a big agricultural province, IT industry is not very developed, I am learning computer professional, also like this industry, Beijing in the domestic IT industry development is the fastest, so I want to seek development here, learn more new technology, can bring self-promotion.

Note: Don't say how bad the company used to be. Also do not say which buddies mixed very good, envy only to come to Beijing. Because the business people want to be able to work for a long time, maybe which one of the Buddies in other places and mixed up better, do you still have to job? So, just say that learning more about new technology and management experience is enough.

3. Why did you leave the original company?

Answer this question must be careful, even in the previous work by the big grievance, how many complaints to the company, do not show it, especially to avoid the company's own head of criticism, avoid the interviewer negative feelings and impressions. Suggestions at this time the best way to answer is to blame the problem on their own, such as the lack of work to learn the development of space, I want to work in the relevant industry in the interview more study, or the previous job and his career planning unreasonable and so on, the answer is best positive.

4. What is your biggest disadvantage?

The interviewer asked the probability is very large, but also HR killer and ruthless recruit, this question is the most difficult to answer, usually interviewers do not want to hear the shortcomings of the direct answer to the job search, if the job seekers said their petty, temper, low efficiency, enterprises will not hire you. Do not be smart to answer "my biggest shortcoming is too pursuit of perfection", some people think this answer will appear to be better, but in fact, he is at risk. Interviewers like job seekers from their own merits, the middle of adding some small shortcomings, and finally turn the problem to the merits, highlighting the advantages of the part, the interviewer likes smart job seekers.

Answer example: This question is very difficult to answer AH! I think ... (The affinity expression, also relieved oneself the tension mood)

My shortcomings are more persistent, such as in the technical aspects of love to study, sometimes for a technical problem overtime to late at night. Also, the work is more step-by-step, always follow the project management requirements to complete the task. The other drawback is that there is a sense of innovation in the overall work area, and it has not been extended to other colleagues. These questions I think I can enter the company in the shortest possible time to solve, my learning ability is very strong, I believe can quickly into the company's corporate culture, into the work state. I think that's it.

5. What is your career plan for the next 3-5 years?

Most of the interview cases will ask if you have a career plan, the question behind is to understand your motivation and thinking about your long-term career development. Before answering this question, have a clear understanding of yourself, know where you want to go and what the future plans, to give the interviewer a positive, studious, motivated, have a sense of planning, the interviewer likes to have a planned job seeker.

Answer example: I hope from now on, within 1-2 years in my current application of this position to precipitate down, through continuous efforts, it is best to have a promotion, I hope that within 3-5 years from development to achieve the architect. At the same time I also hope that I can be in the enterprise platform to get further professional ability to improve.

6. What is your salary requirement?

If your demands on pay are too low, that obviously degrades your ability, and if you ask too much of the pay, it will be too heavy for the company to afford. Some employers usually set an expenditure budget for job-seekers in advance, so their first price is often the highest price they can offer, and they ask you just to confirm whether the money is enough to arouse your interest in the job.

Answer Example one: I have no hard-earned salary requirements, I believe your company in dealing with my problem will be friendly and reasonable. I focus on finding the right job opportunities, so as long as the conditions are fair, I will not care too much.

If you have to say the exact number yourself, then don't say a broad range, not 7000-8000, so you will only get the lowest-limit number, which is 7000. It's best to give a specific number.

7. When can I get into the job?

Most companies will be concerned about the inauguration time, it is best to answer "If hired, the day can work according to the company's rules," if not quit the last job, but work too close, it seems that some imposition, because the handover at least one months, should further explain the reasons, the admission company should be accommodating.

8. Introduce a project that you think is most familiar (project manager)

This question is often asked in technical interviews, and the intention is to look at your growth path and programming habits, because the project you are most familiar with is often the fastest-growing project, and the fastest-growing project often leaves many traces of your future programming habits. So, with your description of the familiar project, he will quickly lock in the flaws and highlights of your technical growth to determine if you can "use it for me".

You'd better introduce a project that you are best at technology, and after listening to your introduction, he will ask questions, so that all the questions he asks are fully confident.

Do not take their own participation in a few projects to introduce, once his in-depth inquiry is likely you will irrelevantly replying, instead of causing more serious impact. You are strong enough to talk to him about the experience gained in that project, which will resonate with you, if possible, to say some of your own tricks, he will be very happy, and this interview will be very easy, get an offer basically no problem.

9. How will you work if the company hires you? (Project manager)

Many enterprises in the recruitment of developers are very important whether to start as soon as possible, so answer this question to "real deal" answer, in the answer it is best to stress can be "as soon as possible" into the development work, so that the leadership is relieved, will feel you are not only blind to work, but a step-by-step, steady beat people.

Answer example: I have only a general understanding of our company, the nature of the job in this position is only one of my own understanding. As for this position, I think first of all, I want to have an understanding of the company's main business, understand the company's operational components, the direction of business development, our customer-oriented nature and so on. Second, I want to understand the position of the department in the company, as well as the work objectives of the Department, so as to determine their work direction. Thirdly, understand the way I participate in the development of the project, the framework, and work closely with the leadership, as soon as possible into the specific development work. This is the plan for my work.

10. Do you have any questions to ask me?

This problem seems to be dispensable, in fact, the interviewer does not like to say "no problem" of the people, no problem is suicide, no problem to convey your lack of interest in the company, but only to find a salary. In fact, in the course of the interview humbly polite ask interviewer how to call, the department work information, such as project situation, development technology or the promotion mechanism of your company is what kind of.

It is very flattering to show a very active state. You can also learn more about your work environment. Companies are very welcome to such job seekers, because it reflects your enthusiasm for learning and loyalty to the company and your ambition.

Master the above 10 questions of the answer skills, mother no longer worry about my work!

As a developer, there is a learning atmosphere with a communication circle that is particularly important this is my iOS communication group: 737979092, whether you are small white or Daniel Welcome to settle, share bat, a inside questions, interview experience, discuss technology, we exchange learning and growth!

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Ten interview questions, Seconds to kill all HR, technical interview. iOS programmer must read!

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