Text design is the foundation of web design, text design Web Design

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Text design is the foundation of web design, text design Web Design

Well, what is the secret of web design?

This is a difficult question and a question that may have no answer. In 2006, Oliver Reichenstein wrote Web Design is 95% Typography. Some people love it, but some do not agree.

If web design relies too much on text design, what is the significance of learning other things? All you need to do is understand the elements of text design, and then you can do well.

Of course, the text design does not only mean the font selection.@ Font-faceWith the advent of technologies and services such as Typekit, Webtype, Fontdeck, and Google Web fonts, your technology in text design has not been improved, you can easily use only one font for the rest of your life to create an outstanding design. If you choose this, those people (designers) have to do so long ago, they do not have Photoshop as a wizard. If there is any difference, more font choices will make things worse. This is because it will become difficult to achieve creativity and beauty once more choices are made.

More toys mean more fun, right? If you want to take this path, do your best to do everything possible. I like to watch different fonts be used and admire those who can successfully use new fonts on the website. However, I have seen too many times what will happen when a development solution is provided to the public, which is not very good (like Myspace ). Typekit allows you to use text design to read a book before you start using a font, which is cool if there is no user agreement-if so, the website will be improved by 10 times.

It's not that I am sharp and mean, that's what you need to know for most websites. Try to carefully view all your favorite website designs, remove all the images, and then ask yourself, "What will happen to websites with only text and blank spaces ?" When designers say "text is an interface", they come to reality. The iA site is an outstanding example. Well-developed 5-year UI front-end framework!

One of my favorite works is A Working Library. It forms an interface based on text display. The white space is just right, and the text design is also in place.

Some people think that this design is boring, and they think that the design should have more popular styles. In the end, the rest of your design may be occupied by unnecessary visual hobbies (you no longer pay attention to the design itself), so you need to complete the first 95% of the design. However, the website where the article you are reading is already doing well, displaying visual design that is still beautiful without relying on images.

It is very likely that a wonderful web page will be designed without Ding Dian images. I know it sounds crazy, but it is very likely. I am not satisfied with this, but if we can only use text design and blank space to show elegance, so why shouldn't we try to insert images, videos, and other effects to create excellence? Well-developed 5-year UI front-end framework!

When using images, I don't mean to mark those images that really want to express anything, but here the images are designed to attract attention. Sometimes a picture is better than a thousand words, so it is best to use the picture (but you still need to consider using the white space ). There are more than two examples of beautiful websites, both of which focus on text design to achieve the entire design. The first website is The Blake Allen Design, and The second is The Harriet Series (both websites use images to express their text Design. You need to realize this)

I am interested in the two designs above because the text design does not just guide you through this process, but is doing it in your own style. You almost feel that text design is the expression of the designer. Blake Allen uses Helvetica to fill his webpage with a fresh and orderly Swiss style. On the other hand, the site of the Harry Potter series looks a little naughty and more experimental. This is the beauty of organized chaos caused by text formatting.

For over 99% of designers, text design and white space are your underlying foundations. Therefore, if you do not know how to correct it, your subsequent design will be as rootless. Stop worrying about your design. The first thing to worry about is how to make the design stand up. After that, start to dress up your design.

The Clear application is a simple task management list application on iOS. When you use gestures to control the interface, you will find that the text design alone is enough to solve everything and let you enjoy this application. Of course, the Helvetica font is used. What if the Comic Sans font with poor padding is used everywhere? Outstanding text design is not necessarily attractive in a good way, but it does not mean that it should also be highlighted in a negative way, and then bring enough harm. Well-developed 5-year UI front-end framework!

Art of the Menu is a great Menu Design website.

The Art of the Menu network has contributed a lot in explaining The importance of text design for Menu design. When some restaurants are happy to add images and illustrations to the menu to attract their eyes, they do not use the appropriate text design structure to make it easier for you to browse the menu, this is a failure. Well-developed 5-year UI front-end framework!

If you are a designer, there is no reason to say that you do not want a proper design. When you design a design without a solid foundation, adding anything to the design will only make your design worse. Too many designers will try to save their designs with worthless things, and they will undoubtedly add fuel to the fire.

Have you better understood the text layout? Not long ago, Smashing published a comprehensive summary of some of the top-notch text design tools and resources.

Some people say that font design is the foundation of web design? Pair

For a ball (the ball is not a dirty word in most parts of China, and the Earth in Shaanxi is a XX of female), you can do whatever you want in the webpage design. It is color, layout, interaction, but it's definitely not a font design. It's something someone is fooling around with you.
We know that the vast majority of current web pages are browsed through browsers. What you design is not important. What is important is what others display, including mobile phones, tablets, desktops, different systems, and different browsers may be different. fonts are called by the built-in fonts of the system for browsers, others will not use fonts not in their own computers to display the web pages you designed (unless you have them downloaded and installed, but who will !).

Look at this picture. This is my browser font setting option. On the webpage, there is a font similar to word. The webpage has a default font with few Chinese fonts, and there are many English fonts, so a lot of Flat work, like to get two English, and then select a font is very nice. In short, in addition to the design of fonts for images on the web page, you can only select fonts for other texts, and set the size and other word operations. Although these operations are also very important, they are nothing more important.

What are the basic elements of web design? Which of the following aspects is the general webpage size and font?

There are nine basic elements of website design: overall layout, valuable information, speed, graphics and layout design, text readability, readability of webpage titles, website navigation, and protection of personal information declarations, accurate words.

Reference: www.obpo.com/Obpobbs/

General webpage size: 800*600 set to 760 in width
1024*768 is 1000 wide
For example, if you want to create a full screen boot page, the page is 1000*600, and the normal page width is preferably 760. either of the two resolutions will not display a horizontal scroll bar.

The font looks as personal.

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