The 2nd edition of the authoritative Guide to Kubernetes Learning (ii) a simple example

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1: Install VirtualBox, and download Centos-7-x86_64-dvd-1708.iso, install CENTOS7, the specific process can be Baidu.

2: Start the CentOS ssh with the following steps:

(1) Yum List installed | grep openssh-server See if SSH is already installed and if not installed, enter yum install Openssh-server

(2) Vim/etc/ssh/sshd_config,

Open the listening port and listening address:

Allow remote logins:

Turn on use user name password to authenticate as connection

(3) SSH service enabled: sudo service sshd start

Check if the SSHD service is turned on, enter PS-E | grep sshd

or enter Netstat-an | grep 22 Check if Port 22nd is open for monitoring

(4) Ifconfig View the CentOS address, ensure that the host can ping, if not, you need to configure the network type of CentOS:

3:kubernetes installation and related image download

(1) Turn off CentOS pre-fire Service

Systemctl Disable FIREWALLD

SYSTEMTL Stop Firewalld

(2) Install ETCD and kubernetes software (Docker software will be installed automatically)

Yum install-y Etcd kubernetes

(3) After installation, modify the two configuration files:

The Docker configuration file is/etc/sysconfig/docker, where the options content is set to:

Options= '--selinux-enabled=false--insecure-registry '

Kubernetes apiserver configuration file is/etc/kubernetes/apiserver:

Remove the ServiceAccount from the--admission_control parameter.

(4) Start all services sequentially:

Systemctl Start ETCD

Systemctl Start Docker

Systemctl Start Kube-apiserver

Systemctl Start Kube-controller-manager

Systemctl Start Kube-scheduler

Systemctl Start Kubelet

Systemctl Start Kube-proxy

Here, a stand-alone version of the Kubernetes cluster environment is installed.

The 2nd edition of the authoritative Guide to Kubernetes Learning (ii) a simple example

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