The Android Development training organization just graduated from 12k,19k?

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Yesterday received a high school classmate telephone, this high school classmate did not contact the programming aspect, the university also did not read, in high School is a study slag, high school did not read the kind, the previous months from the online saw the Android training, ran to Shenzhen an Android training organization training, recently just graduated, said to have just found a job in Shenzhen, monthly salary 12K , it is said that a training course to find 19K, the main problem is a phper, has been in the field for several years, currently in the development of mobile app server, involving some high concurrency, big data, architecture, in the royal capital pay is higher than this point (entrepreneurial companies), is the current pay is generally high? That's the price we've got for the training? Or say that Android iOS is a high salary, let me lose confidence in PHP, bitter forced a few years has not been trained to pay high, I am thinking is not to turn Android iOS it. is the current industry salary level really up to this standard?
Add: After receiving the student phone, let me help impersonate his former company leader, asked what project content let me help to deal with, the original is forged resume, forged a few years of work experience ...

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This I know, my friend also has this, your friend certainly dare not to speak with you clearly.
The training organization is sure to find out how much compensation work is available. But...
The training institutions mainly teach 3 aspects:
1, how to make fake resume, even false education.
False resume false education, the general company will not take the relevant departments to test, the naked eye General people can not see.
2, how to deal with the interview.
Interview General will ask what training institutions after years of summary are very clear, really have work experience can not answer, those training out but did not work to answer instead.
3, Learning aspects want to learn or can learn things, but not deep, learn widely, enough to meet the interview
This I chat feel, basically say what he knows point, speak very deep is not clear, but enough to cope with interview, now mobile internet too bubble.

12K this price, now want to recruit a mobile developer, Basic also can only take the training level as the goal.

The main market is too high average price.

But if the master is a senior Phper, 20K should be relatively simple.

Now this industry is the situation, pigs can fly.

A lot of people aren't flying because you tied yourself to a pillar.

1,19k This may be true, but it is also rare.
2, now the mobile internet is really hot, or the bubble is already big, everywhere start-up companies, and generally can pull a lot of investment. They are really willing to pay a high salary, the programmer to go there to make a lot of money, but social security or something is not necessarily complete. Even if a startup fails, programmers make money, and because these companies are generally under pressure, they can improve their personal abilities. Of course, overtime can be scary.
3, as far as I know, the Android and iOS training on this side of the Royal Park is really hot now, and some organizations also guarantee that your employment pay is not lower than a certain value or not tuition. Benefit from the industry's fiery, these crash classes come out of the general mix well. Although do not understand the kernel does not understand the framework, can do general application development is not really a problem, just may not have real project experience and no good working code habits (no Document No comment garbage useless code piles). However, these people in the application, the resume fraud is quite common behavior, lied about the length of work and experience, even the degree of fraud. See so many people because they do not know the training institutions, suspicion of this situation, as an experienced person, not anonymous answer
First tell, graduated from China's three famous schools, Beida Bird, but also graduated this year, although not training Android, but I think I am more familiar with the past
First of all

This situation has, but not much,
General 8k,android words, I am the Web, General 6k, and training out of wages who said to and fresh students than wages?? It's 1-3 years of work experience, all right? And 2-3 years of people do not take 12-15, they still make up so long why???
The majority of training institutions are trained in 2 types,
1. The university did not learn, to graduate to fill in
2. Don't go to college, want to be in this line
The salary propaganda of the training institutions is not very false, indeed some people get so high, here does not talk about talent, nor talk about their efforts in training institutions
Nathan, resume, no diploma to do fake diploma, no experience, to install experience 1-3 years, can write, write so long, not mainly look at the technology, but look at the age
That's right, looking at age!
Training institutions, there are some older, halfway debut,
Do not write a long point, there will be no resume advantages, naturally not up to the promotion of wages,
Because of my age, 21-year-old, difficult to install for many years, my own classmates are still reading junior, I myself is high school dropout, technology, absolute before three, but pay, because the resume is made of fresh college, can only be medium, older years of work experience, more than a few times there, do not say the interviewer not, it is true I also think the internet bubble is too big, the students inside the technology sucks very rotten also rely on false diploma to find a job,
By the way, forget to say, I am the 2nd kind of training course, because it is a false diploma, so into large enterprises, this class wages naturally not to the 1th kind of training course, not technology than, but this society, really is too much value diploma.
I'm going to go to work next year without a fake diploma, here is not anonymous, I am not afraid of the company now check me, it was wrong in my, false diploma, it is really difficult to be (╯﹏╰) 1. Android generally has a higher salary than PHP, but there are exceptions. See if you PHP is doing there's no depth
2. Training institutions are more of a gimmick, practice or on their own understanding. The key is people. If your friend is working hard in this area, besides the training organization, he himself has to learn a lot of things very high ... Take 12k is also deserved. Not much to do with training institutions.
3. I think as a programmer, we should keep a normal heart. There is no need for such a cold heart, people take how much and you really do not have much relationship.
4. Keep going. and constantly broaden their breadth, do not limit yourself is a phper. With June Mutual encouragement! Training institutions basically the salary statement is deceptive! HUNDRED-percent deceitful!!!!! A year ago after training in Chengdu area Average Salary3K-4K, it may be high now. North Canton please self-conversion.

I was in the training institutions did not appear fraud cheat company, training effect is good, also appeared the company and the training institutions win situation. It is the time to recruit students too messy, cheat to listen to the lectures, get high-paying work temptation to enter endlessly.

Remember there is a period of time there is a Japanese enterprise list, recruit 2 people, 3w per month, Japan work, reimbursement of travel. Recruiting almost every day to come up with speaking.

There are high salaries, but most of them are ordinary wage earners. General Salary: Embedded > C + + > Java/php/android > Software Testing

Interest Related: A high-end IT training first brand network engineer before. A lot of people are 985 College graduated from the industry to training, after the training resume in addition to the diploma, but also to you to write the work of XX years of experience, then into the company is not fresh, directly into the engineer, you say can not high.

It's all about experience. Advertising bar ... The internet so the current situation of the Red Sea, do not blow, where the source.
Everybody blows together, the bubbles get up.

Undergraduate fresh domestic first-line it enterprises can also go to 8k,sp there is no 12 said otherwise. Foreign companies often face graduate students. into a code training can rise to 12k, that can only say that HR are blind.

Code training at most to learn elementary code farming technology, cycle structure, environmental basic variables and so on. For the work procedures, habits, communication technology and so do not know the new people, the belly of the goods are not poured out. To the training institutions to learn back a set of interview skills, in addition to fooling the entrepreneurial enterprise has not seen the technology of HR ... (Otherwise, the technical side will certainly be a giveaway)

PHP is now also a very useful technology. Although the code is also a new generation of old people, if you rely on the code as a way to consider re-arming themselves. But Android iOS and the like, personal feeling is ultimately a superficial thing. Now the high pay is mainly due to the strong concept of the app, more startups, more investment, can afford to get a good salary. And this kind of enterprise is what the app is to think about, very few large social network applications, mostly and page to swim a level of vulgar works, take advantage of the internet bubble out of gold. As the saying goes, the Tuyere pig can fly. Speculators engage in this, and the technology is cautious. The bubble broke, and the investors flashed on the other, what about you? Is true, I was trained, a horse in Beijing, where many students have a college diploma, in that study for a few months also very desperately, take this number nothing. Our class is now quite a part of the 13k15k18k, of course, there are some big blow, and finally can not be a month or two to change work, but very few. In fact, I found some work after working for a few years of water, but they work a few k higher than me, so I jumped the job.
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