The Apple is invincible! Subversion of the mobile phone industry to subvert the condom industry

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The eye-catching Apple 2015 autumn conference near, recently, a rumor like the way to bite the gold halfway out, said the launch may release a "Apple condom" product. A glimpse of the "apple condom" tolerance distortion instantly became the biggest expectation of the Apple press conference.

A number of fruit powder Big V has released the relevant micro-blog, the highest amount of a micro-blog more than 4,000. Most of the speculation about "Apple condoms" is that it is directly equated with condoms, and there are different voices to question. Apple's autumn release will open in Beijing 1 o'clock in the morning the day after tomorrow, and the fruit powder is eager to know the truth about the "apple condom".

  Apple condom up to 0.3mm thick

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Apple condom will appear in the press release of the news aroused netizens and media attention, @ Apple News, @ the global iphone, and other focus on Apple news information of the micro-Broad has released the news about the Apple condom, said Apple "hit Nokia from Microsoft, and now to do the work of the million AI and Durex." ”。 Everyone on the Apple condom is what has been "to" broken heart, only Sina Weibo topic # Apple Condom # on several occasions in the hot list of topics, related reading reached more than 2 million. In addition, in the thread Vogue NetEase, only "open brain hole: Apple condom is what ghost?" , more than 1300 posts have been posted.

Using technology to change sex may be the biggest ambition of Apple condom, Apple this move to "happy Zhangjiang" as a representative of a number of netizens to break the heart, can not let Apple in the new field again a ride dust ah. So we see the microblog comments flooded with the expectations of other technology companies, has always been known as the god of criticism of the NetEase commentary is also "Samsung condoms, only for that moment; Condom, the pursuit of 0 touched, gree condoms, mastering the core technology," and other similar pieces of the occupation.

and is driven by curiosity compared to the media, there is a relatively rational voice, Chongqing times, the morning News, Baoding evening newspaper and other media officials micro-think "although I do not know the relationship between the Apple condom and the iphone 6s, but if you choose to publish at the same time, perhaps it is not used for gender relations, And it could be a new product related to mobile security. ”

Rumors are different, but the thickness of the Apple condom points to the same data--0.3mm. Currently on the market, the thickness of the ultra-thin condom is 0.02-0.03mm, the thickness of the Apple condom is now ultra-thin condom 10 times times! So people look forward to, just in time to catch up with the 10th 1 o'clock in the morning, the Apple condom at the meeting must be a shock to everyone's products.

  The three main functions of legend

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From the 0.3mm this extremely unreliable thickness to see, the Apple condom may not be "set" so simple thing, its positioning is not a simple "Stop Elf". You can make your own brain to fill the 10 a full set of feeling, believe the ultimate experience of the Apple certainly can not do this kind of thing.

It is learnt that the reason for the choice of 0.3mm thickness, which is Apple's engineers in considering a number of factors after the final size, its role is connected with the Apple phone, using the iphone 6S built-in application, to achieve remote control climax, record data, detect sperm quality and other avantgarde features. For example, after a couple of sex, the Apple condom will transfer the relevant data to the app on the phone, and then the phone will be able to show "You beat the world's 99% users this time." Or by Apple's Intelligent health Management platform HealthKit analysis shows that "you this time sperm quality indicators Excellent, the recent can consider making people." There are also fruit powders for the Apple condom to envision a more sci-fi future: When the Apple condom 26S comes out, it allows the egg to meet with the sperm in advance and decide which tadpoles to combine with.

In the support of science and technology, the reality can be infinitely beautiful, some people questioned the thickness of the 0.3mm seriously affect the pleasure, I believe that Apple has enough ways to make up. The only problem seems to be the fruit powder ridicule: the kidneys are not gone! What to use.

The Apple condom is not a condom?

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We look at the industry's relatively reliable speculation, they think most netizens are trapped in the words too literally, in fact, the Apple condom is not a condom, but to protect the mobile phone security of the physical accessories, or a "apple condom" software.


As an industry benchmark, Apple has almost no rival in the world, and it has done little to keep the iphone water-resistant since the iphone's stunning debut. From this point of view, the Apple condom may be Apple's official release of the waterproof parts, with it, your iphone can be like some phones placed under the tap to flush.


It is believed that many people have a deep memory of the private photo leaks of the Hollywood actress, and the information leaks are almost unavoidable if the average user is hacked like a female star. "Orange elder brother" because bought a second-hand apple mobile phone and red The story of the Chinese and American social Network also proves the importance of information security, if "Orange elder brother" and the American Matt is not like the reality of all the malicious, things may also be in a bad direction. These events have prompted Apple to take some additional information security software protections in the newly released product, "Apple condom" may not be physical, but rather a piece of software.

Whether the "Apple condom" is really a condom or just another invention in the name of a "condom", it will be a disruption to the industry it belongs to. Whether this is a condom or a condom, the answer will be announced on September 10 in Beijing time. Although I like thousands of netizens can not wait to know the answer, but we have to wait for more than more than 20 hours, the truth will be formally opened.

The apple is invincible! Subversion of the mobile phone industry again to subvert the condom industry

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