The core of Web Foundation development to solve the problem, the core of Web Foundation Development _php Tutorial

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The core of Web Foundation development is the most important problem to be solved.

The problem that the Web Foundation develops to solve, often also is the purpose that the framework appears-to solve the problem.

1. Convenient DB operation;

2. Efficient form processing;

3. Flexible URL routing;

4. Reasonable code organization structure;

5. Schema extension cache, security, DB extension, etc.

6. A rich library of classes;

The philosophy of each framework determines its ultimate user base.

One of the most complex and time-consuming processes in development is the processing of forms, which involves both front-and back-end coding.

As a result, many people have managed to encapsulate the front-end form validation rules and even form controls to reduce cumbersome and repetitive coding. Common solutions are:

1. Pear Quickform

2. Zebra from

3. Yii Model

4. Various other frameworks built-in form processing

The 122 is an integrated scheme that constructs form elements and their corresponding validation rules entirely through PHP-and, of course, the ability to customize the front-end display scheme, one-time coding, and the front-end universal, is already a great design.

But sensory coupling is still a bit high, and form data is often collected to interact with the database, which means that the data in the form is typically used for DB operations. When the form is processed, it does not mean that it can be used directly in the DB operation.

This scheme of Yii, especially its AR scheme, is the starting point of the database end of the future, and backward pushing the usage scene. With its GII tool, the DB model is generated from the database structure, and the various rules of DB are automatically mapped to the model class. The field validation rule is combined with the corresponding ActiveForm pendant to achieve both front-and back-end synchronization verification, and the coupling is very low, and the front-end interface is fully customizable. The underlying validation rules are self-expandable according to uniform specifications, while ensuring that each validation rule has a high degree of reusability.

It should be said that this is the most reasonable solution I have seen at the moment.

Others no longer say, mainly to do a summary of ideas.

"In-depth experience Java Web Development Insider-Core Foundation" how

This book is very bull! I see the Java Web is the most bull, but the emphasis on the servlet,jsp speak very little! Look forward to the "deep experience of Java Web Development Insider-advanced features," the early publication, which said the filter and other advanced features

In-depth Experience Java Web Development Insider-Advanced features + in-depth experience Java Web Development Insider--a comparison between Core Foundation and Java Web Development

This study is in order. Have to learn--in-depth experience Java Web Development Insider--the core Foundation and Java Web Development in detail--if you dare to get started, learn first--in-depth experience of Java Web Development Insider--the core foundation--if there is a bit of foundation to learn--java Web development in detail--preferably in learning--deep Into the experience of Java Web Development Insider--advanced features--
Recommended Teacher--
Zhang Xiaoxiang's book is more of a connotation--a more detailed writing. are deep into the interior.
Li Xinghua Teacher's book compared to the pursuit of speed. You can get started in the quickest time. But the depth is not ...
Personally think Li Xinghua Teacher's book Introductory words is the best ... true techarticle The core of Web basic development to solve the problem, Web Foundation Development Core Web Foundation development to solve the problem, often is the purpose of those frameworks appear-to solve the problem. 1. Convenient D ...

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