The custom call advertisement method of Ecshop Mall website Construction (II.)

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When using Ecshop to build a mall website, many of the Ecshop default features are not used after our personalized design. Today we are mainly to analyze if custom call ad bit:
1. When calling a single ad bit we can use:
{Insert Name= ' ads ' id=37 num=3}
Here the ID is the ad bit ID number, this ID can be viewed through the background of the site, the management of the ad bit, num is only we have to invoke a few ads out.
2. When our ads use a lot of special effects, such as when we want to personalize the slide, using the Ecshop default style is not good, then we will use a lot of other jquery effect slides,
So we're going to have to be very flexible in calling ad positions. First of all: we're going to open includes/lib_goods.php
At the end of the document, add:

function Index_ad_diy ($prositionid) {$sql = ' SELECT * from '. $GLOBALS [' ECS ']->table (' ad '). ' WHERE position_id= '. $prositionid. ' ORDER by end_time ASC limit 0,10 '; $res = $GLOBALS [' db ']->getall ($sql);  $arr = Array ();    foreach ($res as $idx = + $row)    {        $arr [$idx] [' id ']          = $row [' ad_id '];        $arr [$idx] [' title ']       = $row [' Ad_name '];  $arr [$idx] [' imglink ']       = $row [' Ad_link '];  if (Strstr ($row [' Ad_code '], "http")) {$arr [$idx] [' imgcode ']     = $row [' Ad_code '];} else{        $arr [$idx] [' imgcode ']     = "/data/afficheimg/". $row [' Ad_code '];}    }    return $arr;}

Open the root directory of the index.php, of course, this is we are to call the ad bit on the homepage, if you want to call the ad bit on the other page then open the corresponding page on the line.
$smarty->assign (' Top_goods ', GET_TOP10 ()) in the index.php, followed by:
$smarty->assign (' Ad_diy ', Index_ad_diy (53));
The 53 here is the ad ID number, can be viewed through the site management in the background of the ad bit.

Finally we open the INDEX.DWT template page and use it where we need to call to change the ad bit:

<!--{foreach from= $ad _diyitem=diyad}--><dd><a title= "{$diyAd. title|escape:html}" href= "{$ Diyad.imglink} "Target=_blank></A></dd> <!--{/foreach}-->

That's it!

The custom call advertisement method of Ecshop Mall website Construction (II.)

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