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Now the online dating industry has become one of the largest economic sources of society. Almost 0 of the cost will make money, of course, this "0" is a little more than you think-you need to build a perfect site for future work.

What do you think is the perfect website? Now I will explain to you the most valuable elements of such a site, but also for you to accurately understand each stage of the development process, so please do not miss this article any word!

How to create a good dating site 1. Do a competition investigation

In every commercial Red Sea competition is extremely tragic, this is long ago not a secret. Before you start to do your product, you should finally look into the existing site. Take a look at the most successful one, and don't overlook the worst one. You should compare them and then find out why the former succeeds and the latter goes to failure. This will help you avoid making mistakes and summarize new things for your project, which will give you more inspiration.

2. Find a cool domain name

Remember that you are going to make a dating site. Its purpose is to get people to come together, because its name must be romantic enough, or it can make people fantasize. Imagine that more than 10, 20 years later, those who are married thanks to your website will always remember its name. Who knows, maybe they will open the site again just to find the lost memory.

3. Free or paid

Online dating service can be free, partly free or charged. It depends on the target audience you expect. Free websites are most popular with users, but this may be a little casual: serious users prefer paid sites because they feel more secure. A good solution is to make the basic functionality of the site free, and if the user pays, it gets more functionality.

4. Choose your audience

Young people are excited to mention the Adventures of Love. Many young people may enjoy the process of chatting with strangers, dating and falling in love. Older people may have other reasons to enter the site. These people are looking for a serious relationship, or a one-night stand mate. You should differentiate their purpose and make your site meet the needs of different groups of people.

5. Carefully consider landing page

Landing pages generally have two meanings. First, the landing page is where the user arrives at your site and is part of the site. Second, the landing page is not part of your site; it's just an eye-catching page that lets users get to your main project.

Given the location of the site, you'd better express both of these meanings, but the 1th is more important. You should let users find what they want in the first second: A search box, data settings, user databases, albums, chats, and so on.

6. Make navigation more intuitive

Navigation is a key element of every site, but it is particularly useful for dating sites. The composition of the navigation should be clear and provide the following functions: Become a member, find someone's shortcut button, including chat, album, video and pay the toolbar and so on. The menu bar is a bit more casual, you can put it on top or anywhere else. The only need for this site is simple and practical. Throw away the fly-out menu and drop the dropdown list with countless sub-pages.

7. Site layout must be concise

How to make the layout concise? Neither less color nor less content. When everything is in order, every element has its own right, and all visual elements are easy to read, the layout naturally becomes concise. The proportion of Web content and design items is appropriate to make the site user-friendly. These apply to dating sites. Such a theme should have a clear organization of content, each of which is neatly arranged and distinct. If it is an ad, it should be in the same position as the search box in the sidebar. If it is a call-to-action button (note: Use a variety of text pictures and other information to attract users to click on the button), it must be in one of the most conspicuous position. When you design a website with a lot of multimedia, please carefully design its picture display area.

8 An easy-to-use search box

Why do so many people visit dating sites? Because they are looking for their lover. The key word is "look for", so you have to do your best to create conditions for the user. For visitors, the search tool is the most useful element. They open the site and start retrieving it. Most people know exactly what they need (or they need to clarify their needs), so an advanced search is required, such as gender, age, and city fields that must be included.

9. Do not ignore colors

The meaning of color is different from culture, so you can think about the exact meaning of the color only after you have identified the target audience. For example: Red is often used in India for weddings, while in South Africa it is the color of funerals. Yellow is a sad color in Greece, while in the Middle East it symbolizes happiness and joy. In the choice of color, culture plays an important role. And the gender factor is equally important: men and women have different interpretations of color. Men may think of lavender, coral and roses as pink, and women may understand more concretely. In addition, men and women also have common likes and dislikes of color. For example, men and women like the most favorite color is blue, but women also love purple, and men love green.

The choice of color should consider its meaning, understanding, audience, website idea and aesthetics function. You may have thought of going to use white (simple and pure), black (elegant), or use blue (more neutral).

10. Development of fully functional user profiles

The user profile on dating sites is equivalent to a homepage on Facebook or other social media. It contains a lot of information about the user, such as name, date of birth, birthplace, as long as the favorite colors and movies. The resources of online dating must have a large number of characteristics that can bring people together, and whatever it takes to promote communication, it should be advocated.

11. Create all conditions to facilitate communication

Communication tools have a big impact on people's online activities, which is what people want when they open a website. Allow users to send messages immediately after a single click and ensure that information exchange activities are not interrupted. To provide chat room, video Call function. Let your users play more hi, they will certainly thank you.

There's one more thing ———— test, over and over again! This is the golden Rule of web development, especially for the packaging of the site is too versatile.

12. User's privacy control

Spammers are everywhere and letting them attack your site will be your big mistake. You should adhere to the following points to ensure that users can at least achieve the minimum level of privacy security:

    • More secure email address representation: Use Youremail (at) mail (dot) com instead of [email protected];
    • The picture should not have the download function, because this belongs to the private data;
    • Only complex user passwords are accepted.

After the user confirms, check the user information and allow them to use the site.

At the same time, we also need to keep in mind that you are the site owner of your security. Prevent users from uploading adult images, because Google will punish you. Also do not let the site contain strange links, which will make the site messy.

13. Trial Version

Do you remember that the sites discussed are free or paid? This is a supplement to that part of the content. If you want to charge users, then you must have a trial version. People should try this product first (try a day or less) to determine if it is worth paying. In doing so, users can also feel how fast and convenient the service you provide.

Before the user registers, let them actually experience a piece. It's okay to sign up for free. However, the trial version also has a time limit, otherwise the user will never register.

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Only meet the specific needs, including a lot of features, online dating site will always be a good design. In the past, we worked hard to emphasize each element and fully explain how to intelligently design your website. If you have (you will certainly have) more ideas on this topic, please share it with us in the comments section. At the same time, you can show us examples of good dating sites that you think are excellent.

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