The alarm clock for Android development learning

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Multi-sum thinking, code farmers are not API callers

Progress record:

ListView Display Alarm Database complete

Alarm to be completed when alert

Work today:

Implementing Alarm bells

Eclipse Shortcut: ALT + ALT + upper Next (upper) side new blank line

Ctrl + Alt + up or down to copy the previous line (in the context of the Win7 desktop shortcut), right-click on the desktop. Graphics Options-Shortcut-disabled

Win7 Android API does not display properly after opening: right-Properties-unlock

Today, to make a black dragon, the realization of Android music playback error did not carefully analyze the error, blindly go to the Internet search answers, the results just missed an exclamation mark .... Errors should be analyzed from the source of the error and the bug itself, to develop their own debug habits

Music playback is simply achieved through MediaPlayer:

MediaPlayer MediaPlayer = mediaplayer.create (context,;

Mediaplayer.start ();

The alarm clock for Android development learning

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