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For developers, it is necessary to understand the more popular open source projects today. Using these projects can sometimes help you achieve a multiplier effect. To this end, CSDN has compiled the most popular Android and iOS open source projects on GitHub, and this article details 20 Android Open source projects.

There is no need to say much about GitHub's popularity in China, and more and more open source projects are migrating to the GitHub platform. Moreover, based on the principle of not repeating wheels, it is necessary to understand the current popular Android and iOS open source projects. Using these projects can sometimes help you achieve a multiplier effect. To this end, CSDN has compiled the most popular Android and iOS open source projects on the GitHub platform to treat developers.

Below, let's take a look at what Android Open source projects are the hottest and most popular with developers on the GitHub platform.

1. Actionbarsherlock

Actionbarsherlock should be the hottest Android open source project on GitHub, it's a standalone library, with an API and theme that makes it easy for developers to use all versions of the Android Action Bar design pattern.

For Android 4.0 and later, the Actionbarsherlock can be implemented automatically using the local Actionbar, and for versions that don't have Actionbar functionality, based on the ice Cream Sandwich's Custom Action bar implementation will automatically surround the layout. Enables developers to easily develop an app that drives the bar (Action bar) and works with Android 2.x and all of its versions.

For more information, please refer to:actionbarsherlock

2. Facebook-android-sdk

Facebook SDK for Android is an open source library that allows developers to integrate Facebook into the Android app they are developing.

If you want to get more information about examples, documents, integrating the SDK into your app, source code, and more, you can visit Facebook developers directly.

3. Slidingmenu (Slidingmenu Demos)

Slidingmenu is an open source Android library that allows developers to easily develop an app that is similar to the popular sliding menu in Google +, YouTube and Facebook apps.

Android Apps using Slidingmenu:

    • Foursquare
    • Rdio
    • Plume
    • VLC for Android
    • ESPN Scorecenter
    • MLS Matchday
    • 9GAG
    • Wunderlist 2
    • The Verge
    • MTG Familiar
    • Mantano Reader
    • Falcon Pro (BETA)
    • MW3 Barracks

4. Cocos2d-x

In the field of mobile development, Cocos2d-x is used for mainstream ios/android game development of the company, the development team countless. Cocos2d-x is an open-source, multi-platform 2D game framework that is developed using C + + and is published under the MIT license based on Cocos2d-iphone. The main branch is rendered using OpenGL ES 2.0 on GitHub, while legacy GLES11 branches are rendered using OpenGL ES 1.1.

Supports multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Bada, BlackBerry, Marmalade, Windows, Linux, and more. Supports C + +, Lua, JavaScript programming languages.

5. Android

GitHub Android App is a github open-source Android client that supports issues, gists, and integrated news feeds to keep you up to date with organizations and interested developers, libraries, and more. At the same time, the app provides a quick access to the dashboards you create, monitor, and publish issue to view and add issues to your favorites to filter configurations for tags, milestones, and tasks.

The Android repository contains all the source code for the GitHub Android app.

6. Android-viewpagerindicator

The Viewpager pointer project, when using Viewpager, is able to indicate where the Viewpager is located, just like the effect of switching in Google Play, as well as using the introductory page for app initialization.

Compatible with the Android support Library Viewpager and Actionbarsherlock, originally based on Patrikåkerfeldt Viewflow, developers can directly log on to Google Play to download the demo app for the project.

7. MonoGame

Monogame is an open-source cross-platform implementation of the Microsoft XNA 4.x framework. Lets XNA developers migrate their games developed on Xbox 360, Windows & Windows Phones to iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows 8 Metro, currently, the PlayStation The development of Mobile & Raspberry Pi is in progress.

For more information, please refer to:MonoGame

8. Android-pulltorefresh

This project is used to provide Android with a reusable pull-down refresh part. It originally originated from the Johan Nilsson library (mostly graphics, strings, and animations), but these were later superseded.

9. Android-async-http

Android-async-http is an asynchronous, callback-based HTTP client development package on Android, built on the Apache HttpClient Library.

Ten. Android-universal-image-loader

One of the biggest headaches on Android is getting pictures, displays, and recycling from the web, and it's possible that the project can help you with any problem.

Universal Image Loader for Android is designed to enable asynchronous loading, caching and display of Web images, and supports multi-threaded asynchronous load. It was originally derived from the project of Fedor Vlasov , and has since been reconstructed and improved on a large scale.


Originally launched by Cyril Mottier, Greendroid is an Android UI Development class library that makes UI development easier and consistent throughout the application.

For more information, please refer to:Cyril mottier ' s Blog


Ankidroid is a free, open-source Android Flash app that can be downloaded directly from Google Play.

For more information, please refer to:ankidroid


The Action Bar is a window feature that identifies the application and user location, and provides the user with operation and navigation modes. In most cases, when a developer needs to highlight user behavior or use Action Bar in a global navigation activity, the action bar enables the application to provide a consistent interface to the user, and the system is well adapted to the appearance of the action bar based on different screen configurations.

The main purpose of Action bar:

    • Provides a private space to identify the application's logo and the user's location.
    • Provide a consistent navigation and visual experience across different applications.
    • Highlight activity's key operations and provide users with quick access within a predictable approach.


Android-viewflow is a gallery of views switching on the Android platform, Viewflow equivalent to the Android UI widget that provides horizontal scrolling viewgroup, using Adapter Make an entry binding.


When using the Android Map external library (COM.GOOGLE.ANDROID.MAPS), Android-mapviewballoons provides a simple way to label the map overlay, which is a simple information bubble.

It consists of Balloonoverlayview, a view that represents the bubbles that show your mapview and Balloonitemizedoverlay, Balloonitemizedoverlay is an abstract extension of itemizedoverlay.


A server-side library that sends push notifications to iOS (Iphone/ipad APNS), Android (C2DM and GCM), Windows Phone, and Windows 8 devices.


Android Annotations is an open-source framework for accelerating the development of Android applications, allowing you to focus on the implementation of functionality, simplifying code, and improving maintainability.


Hockey is an iOS Ad-hoc auto-update framework. It can be used by all apps in the Apple App Store, and it can dramatically improve the whole process of beta testing in two parts: server and client frameworks. The server component requires all scripts, but it can work alone without a client library. It provides a web interface that beta testers can use to install the latest Adhoc configuration files, or to install the latest beta version directly on the device via Safari.

    • You can work with multiple applications that have different package identifiers by simply installing the server one at a time (developers strongly recommend using different package identifiers for debug, Adhoc Beta, and AppStore releases).
    • By default when the app starts or wakes up, the client detects the update from the server, and the user can modify it in the Settings dialog box: Once a day or manually check for updates.
    • The Android platform is supported in addition to support for Ios,hokeykit, but the Android version is still in the alpha phase, supporting OTA and in-app updates.
    • Provides server hosting services for Hockeykit users.


The menu display on Android is different, with the most used and the best experience is to swipe left and right to show the hidden menu, Android-menudrawer is a sliding menu implementation that allows users to seamlessly navigate through the app. The project has a variety of menu display effects, the most common of which is to drag through the edge of the screen or click the "Up" button on the action Bar to display.

Implementation features:

    • The menu can be placed along four sides.
    • Supports attaching a menu that is always visible and not draggable.
    • The contents of the menu and the entire window can be hidden.
    • Can be used with XML layouts.
    • Displays an indicator of the currently visible screen.


Aphid Flipview is a UI component that implements the Flipboard page turn effect.

In the direct to use! The hottest Android Open source project (i), we've introduced in detail the most popular TOP20 Android open source project on GitHub, which has aroused a lot of readers ' attention, as developers, what open source projects do you use most? Is it handy to use? Today, we're going to introduce another 20 Android open source projects, and what do you use in these projects?


Dragsortlistview (DSLV) is an extension of the Android ListView that supports drag-and-drop sorting and left and right swipe deletions. Rewrite the Touchinterceptor (TI) class to provide a more graceful drag animation effect.

DSLV Main Features:

    • Perfect drag and drop support;
    • Provides a smoother scrolling list scrolling while dragging;
    • Supports the diversity of each listitem height
    • Public StartDrag () and Stopdrag () methods;
    • There is a public interface that can customize the dragged view.

Dragsortlistview is suitable for lists with any priority: Favorites, playlists and lists, etc., is currently the Android open source implementation of drag sorting operation is the most perfect solution.


C:geo is a simple and powerful unofficial geo-treasure client on Android devices. Unlike other similar applications, C:geo does not require a Web browser and does not require file output. You can take your smartphone to a geographic treasure-hunt without the hassle of being prepared. Of course, you don't have to pay for it, because it's free.

C-geo-opensource contains all open source code for C:geo.

For more information, please refer to:c:geo


Since Android 3.0 and above, the SDK has a new android.animation package, the classes are related to the animation effect implementation, through the Honeycomb API, can achieve very complex animation effect. But if the developer wants to use the API in a version below 3.0, then nine old androids is your best choice, and the API is exactly the same as the Honeycomb API. Just changed the entrance you use Com.nineoldandroids.XXX.

The project consists of two projects, one is the library, the implementation of the animation effect, and the other is sample, is a demonstration of how to use the API. Developers can go directly to Google Play to download and install Nine old androids Sampleto view the demo.

For more information, please refer to:Nine old Androids


PPSSPP is a free cross-platform open source simulator developed by Henrik Rydgård, a co-founder of the Gc/wii simulator Dolphin , supporting Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS, Mainstream computers such as BlackBerry 10 and mobile operating systems can work directly on CPU platforms such as x86, x64, and arm, and are released under the GNU GPLv2 License Agreement, mainly using C + + to improve efficiency and portability.

As long as OpenGL ES 2.0,PPSSPP is supported, it can be run on fairly low-spec hardware devices, including arm-based phones and tablets.

For more information, please refer to:PPSSPP


Android-query (Aquery) is a lightweight development kit for implementing asynchronous tasks and manipulating UI elements on Android, making Android app development easier, easier, and more fun.


Droid-fu is an open-source, universal Android App Library that is designed to make Android easier, contains many tool classes, and has very easy-to-use Android components.

The areas of support offered by DROID-FU include:

    • Life cycle Help for Android apps
    • Supports processing of intents and diagnostics classes
    • Background task Support
    • HTTP Message Processing
    • Object, HTTP response, and remote image cache
    • Customize various adapter and view

DROID-FU's biggest advantage is its application lifecycle Help class, and if you're developing an Android app whose main task is to run background tasks, such as crawling data from the Web, you'll definitely use the DROID-FU, but Currently the project has stopped updating maintenance on GitHub.

For more information, please refer to:droid-fu


TextSecure, a cryptographic information client on Android developed by the Whisper Systems Team, is designed to enhance the security of user and enterprise communications, and its source code was released by Twitter in the GitHub open source database in 2011.

The software allows users to encrypt all text messages sent and received on an Android device, and can send encrypted information to another TextSecure user.


Xobotos is a research project for Xamarin that uses Android 4.0 to migrate from Java/dalvik to C # and detects post-transplant performance and memory usage.


When writing Android apps, Ignition allows your Android app to get started quickly by providing ready-to-use components and utility classes that contain many boilerplate files. The areas covered by the ignition include:

    • Widgets, Adapter, dialog and other UI components;
    • An HTTP wrapper library that allows you to write simple but powerful network code;
    • A class that loads a remote Web image and caches it;
    • A simple but efficient caching framework (the HTTP cache that responds to all object trees to memory or hard disk);
    • Intents, diagnostics and several other help classes that make the API level easier to backward-compatible;
    • A more friendly and powerful asynctask implementation.

Ignition consists of three sub-items:

    • ignition-core--is an Android library project that can be compiled directly into the app.
    • ignition-support--A standard Java library project, which is deployed as a generic jar that contains most of the utility classes. Developers can use the core modules of the project independently.
    • ignition-location--an Android ASPECTJ library project that can be compiled directly into the application. Enables location apps to get the latest location information without the need for activity location update processing.

For more information, please refer to:ignition Sample Applications


Android_page_curl is an example program that uses OpenGL ES on Android to achieve similar book-flipping effects. (Click the link to view the video demo )


When it comes to asmack, it is natural to mention smack first. The Smack API is a complete open source API library that implements the XMPP protocol, while Asmack is the Smack build on Android and migrated to GitHub at the beginning of February 2013, which does not contain much code, just a build environment. Developers can use the API for the development of an XMPP protocol-based Instant messaging application.

For more information, please refer to:asmack


In-app Billing is a Google Play service that allows you to sell digital content within your app, with a wide range of digital content, including media files, photos and more, as well as virtual content such as game levels, potions, value-added services and features. The Android Billing Library can implement all the specifications of the In-app billing and provide more advanced classes for use.

Google officially released the V3 version of Android In-app billing at the end of 2012, but as of now, the Android Billing library on GitHub can only support the V2 version, which is reported to be updated by Google in early 2013.

For more information, please refer to:Google Play in-app Billing


Crouton is a class on Android that allows developers to replace toast in the environment, displayed as an application window, and its display position is determined by the developer himself.

Developers can download and install the crouton demodirectly on Google Play to see the app demo.


CommonsWare Android Components (CWAC) is an open source Android component library that addresses common problems in all aspects of Android development, each CWAC component packaged into a separate jar file, It contains cwac-endless.

Cwac-endless provides a endlessadapter, which is an automatic paging list that automatically requests new data when the user browses to the last line of the list.

For more information, please refer to:Commons Ware


In Android application development, in order to improve the smoothness of the UI, responsiveness, and provide a higher user experience, developers often racked their brains to think about how to achieve efficient loading of images, and disklrucache implementation is one of the common image caching technology developers. Disk LRU Cache, as its name implies, is a cache of hardware that uses a limited amount of space in the file system. Each cache entry has a string key and a fixed-size value.

Click the link to download the library item.


If you're not satisfied with Android Android Expandablelistview and want to achieve the same effect as Spotify, then Slideexpandablelistview is definitely your best bet. The library allows you to customize the ListView in each list item, and once the user taps a button, the list item area slides.

Panax gauges-android. for Android is an app launched by for real-time statistics of website traffic data on Android devices. Gauges-android contains the app's source code, and developers can download and install the app directly on Google Play .


Acra is a library that allows Android apps to automatically send crash reports in the form of a Google Docs spreadsheet, designed to provide developers with access to relevant data when the app crashes or the error behavior occurs.


Roboguice is a library on the Android platform based on Google Guice, which greatly simplifies the development of Android apps and some tedious and repetitive code. It brings simple, easy-to-use dependency injection to Android, and if you've ever used spring or guice, you'll know how easy it is to be programmed.

Max. Otto

Otto is a powerful, guava-based event bus released by Square that focuses on Android, allowing them to communicate effectively after decoupling different parts of the application.

For details, please refer to:Otto

The hottest Android Open source project on GitHub (40)

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