The jQuery Validate Form Verification plug-in adds the class attribute Form validation, jqueryvalidate

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The jQuery Validate Form Verification plug-in adds the class attribute Form validation, jqueryvalidate

This article introduces the jQuery Validate Form Verification plug-in, and adds the class attribute Form Verification for your reference. The details are as follows:

The effect is as follows:

I. jQuery Form Verification plug-in, adding class attribute Validation


Ii. default rules Default verification rules:

(1) required: required field for true

(2) remote: "check. php" uses ajax to call check. php to verify the input value.

(3) email: true: You must enter an email in the correct format.

(4) url: true must enter the url in the correct format

(5) date: true: You must enter a date in the correct format to verify ie6. Use it with caution.

(6) dateISO: true: the date (ISO) in the correct format must be entered. For example, 2009-06-23,1998/01/22: only the format is verified and the validity is not verified.

(7) number: true: a valid number (negative number, decimal number) must be entered)

(8) digits: true must be an integer.

(9) creditcard: a valid credit card number must be entered.

(10) must to: "# field" the input value must be the same as # field

(11) accept: enter a string with a valid suffix (the suffix of the uploaded file)

(12) maxlength: A string with a maximum length of 5 characters)

(13) minlength: 10 string with a minimum input length of 10 (one character for Chinese characters)

(14) rangelength: [5, 10] The input length must be a string between 5 and 10. ") (a Chinese character is a single character)

(15) range: [5, 10] The input value must be between 5 and 10.

(16) max: 5 input value cannot be greater than 5

(17) min: 10 input value cannot be less than 10

Default prompt:

Messages: {required: "This field is required. ", remote:" Please fix this field. ", email:" Please enter a valid email address. ", url:" Please enter a valid URL. ", date:" Please enter a valid date. ", dateISO:" Please enter a valid date (ISO ). ", dateDE:" Bitte geben Sie ein g eyebrow ltiges Datum ein. ", number:" Please enter a valid number. ", numberDE:" Bitte geben Sie eine Nummer ein. ", digits:" Please enter only digits ", creditcard:" Please enter a valid credit card number. ", failed to:" Please enter the same value again. ", accept:" Please enter a value with a valid extension. ", maxlength: $. validator. format ("Please enter no more than {0} characters. "), minlength: $. validator. format ("Please enter at least {0} characters. "), rangelength: $. validator. format ("Please enter a value between {0} and {1} characters long. "), range: $. validator. format ("Please enter a value between {0} and {1 }. "), max: $. validator. format ("Please enter a value less than or equal to {0 }. "), min: $. validator. format ("Please enter a value greater than or equal to {0 }. ")},

The above is all the content of this article, hoping to help you learn.

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