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Recently, some projects began to use the CMS system, the first is to study Java, but the domestic Java CMS Open source system is still relatively few, the most mature or PHP, of course, now. NET is also a lot of, here do a summary memo, left to study.

Domestic system:

1.we7 CMS

NET excerpt: we7cms System is a model of Web application framework. is an open-source CMS system developed under the. NET platform in C #, with a three-tier framework designed for: commercial Web sites, enterprise intranet and extranet, also suitable for: Portal, e-government, etc., and can use their proposed content model of the custom function, custom application software. is a word: convenient!! It's easier to manage projects in all areas.

The author of the most optimistic We7cms open-source CMS is unlimited extensibility, like an open platform, arbitrary programmer's play, and provide all the source code, I want to change into a suitable for large-scale portal CMS system, released, hehe. Currently the latest version is version 2.5, is hot beta ... (claims to support five kinds of databases: Access,sqlserver,sqlite,mysql,oracle. Of course I just tried the first three kinds, hehe, MySQL and Oracle brother really won't use Ah, no try, sorry ... )


NET Excerpt Introduction:Roycms is the domestic CMS market rookie, is also a few domestic use of Microsoft's ASP 2.0 + SQL2000/2005 technology framework developed CMS, Make full use of the advantages of ASP, break through the limitations of traditional ASP class CMS, adopt more stable execution speed more efficient object-oriented language C # design, along with the continuation of PetShop code framework, new template engine mechanism, new static generation scheme, These functional and technical innovations have shaped an infrastructure to stabilize functional innovation and implement efficient CMS.

With Roycms, you can easily create your own website.

Roycms collection of articles, pictures, classified information, shopping malls, advertising systems, personal/corporate space, links, announcements, surveys and more than 10 functional foundation modules in one, easy-to-use, highly scalable ASP. NET Open source Web site management software, can also with the domestic well-known forum and API interface of the major systems to perfect integration, easy to realize the user in the integrated system at the same time registration, simultaneous landing, simultaneous write-off, one-stop traffic, etc., to maximize the application of the Internet.

Fully open source code, by the major download stations listed as excellent open source projects, look forward to roycms in the future of the Internet market with advanced technology and unique advantages for the vast number of enterprises and webmasters to create more wealth.

3. Easy Powereasy siteweaver

NET Excerpt introduction: The ®siteweaver™6.5 series products were released on January 8, 2008!

The powereasy®siteweaver™6.5 version is fully open source! and POWEREASY®SITEWEAVER™CMS version 6.5 and Powereasy®siteweaver™eshop 6.5 version two sub-products will be completely free of charge for personal non-commercial use! Users are free to download, free to use, free upgrades, no use time and limited functionality.

The powereasy®siteweaver™6.5 version also provides ACCESS database and MSSQL database. Whether you are a business user or a free user, you can choose an easy-to-use ACCESS database or a high-performance MSSQL database to suit your needs.

All mobile 2006 users can upgrade to version powereasy®siteweaver™6.5 free of charge. The appropriate upgrade procedures and upgrade instructions have been provided in the ZIP package. The upgrade process will be very simple.

Let's cheer up and celebrate the release of ®siteweaver™6.5 Edition! Starting today, the company will join hands with hundreds of thousands of software users to re-stroll in the open source world, together with the free peer!

Foreign systems:


1. Microsoft Open source free cms Oxite

NET Excerpt: Microsoft is CodePlex Web site development of a CMS system, it is open source, is currently in the alpha phase, the development of code "Oxite".
December 5, Microsoft officially released the source code, using Microsoft public License (MS-PL) licensing, Microsoft positioning it is a more than a blog engine and can support the operation of large web site CMS system, because it uses SQL Server driver and built-in live Search technology, and the ability to take full advantage of the features of ASP. Microsoft has had a SharePoint server as a portal solution before, and Oxite is more of a lightweight open source product.


NET excerpt: DotNetNuke is a. NET platform, the most prestigious CMS system, enthusiasts call it DNN, development language is
SourceForge on the project address:

Official website: , now has the Chinese version, the domestic researcher, mainly concentrates in:, There is a lot of learning tutorials and skins available there. DNN is a relatively mature CMS system, providing a large number of plugins (feeds, albums, etc.), currently the highest version is 4.0, running under the. Net2.0 Framework.

DNN was developed by, and many developers were not accustomed to style, so DNN enthusiasts created a C # version of the project Address on the SourceForge

The official address is:


NET Excerpt introduction:Rainbow, using C # development, this system is in the MS IBuySpy infrastructure, the current Rainbow2006 and IBuySpy projects are very different, much more than the DNN, Rainbow also has a number of advantages, it supports multiple languages, can customize the body style, can create workflows and so on.


Introduction: NKCMS is a content management system developed using ASP. NET and SQL Server 2000.


NET Excerpt:Cuyahoga is a flexible cms/portal solution developed by C #. It can run on the Microsoft. NET and Mono platforms, supporting SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or MySQL as the underlying database.


NET excerpt:mojoportal is a C # developed face Object site framework that can run on Windows ASP. NET and Gnu/linux or Mac OS x mono.


Net excerpt: ludico is a portal/cms system written in C # that resides in ASP. 2.0. Its modular design is what you can do to use or develop website features as you wish. It has advanced user management, a WYSIWYG editor, and so on.

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