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With the release of the new version, Android has become increasingly powerful, with a number of popular applications, as well as the emergence of an excellent set of components.
This article attempts to collect the currently popular components for reference, and if you find components that are not listed in this article, please post them in the comments and I will update this article regularly.
    • A good Chinese course

    • Google Android Official training course Chinese version

    • Awesome-android, Android list.

    • Another, a project on GitHub, collects a lot of Android open source projects.

    • Other
      A list of Android open source projects organized by an engineer in Barcelona.

    • Another, a very good classification of the site

Below is my collection and selection of Android open source projects.

  • Androidkickstartr
    Fill in an expression, select some Android open source projects you want to integrate, and automatically generate an app for you. Is there a more intimate service than this?

  • Android Button Maker
    Android button Maker is a tool that can generate button code online. The Android API provides the drawable resources for the geometric shapes defined by the XML file, including color, bounds, and gradients. These buttons are generated based on the drawable pattern of XML code, which can be loaded faster than normal PNG buttons. You can customize the button's properties on the settings panel and get its source code.

  • Androidassetstudio
    Asset Studio lets you quickly and easily generate icons from existing images, clip art, or text resources. These icons can be applied to the
    Launcher Icons Action Bar and tab icons
    Notification Icons Navigation Drawer Indicator
    * * Generic icons

  • Actionbar Style Generator
    This Actionbar style generator allows you to easily create a simple, attractive, and hassle-free custom actionbar. It will generate all 9 necessary patch assets and related XML drawables and styles files that can be copied directly into your project.

  • Android Holo
    This Android Holo color Generator allows you to simply create Android components for your app, such as Editext or spinner, and can use your own colors. It will generate all 9 necessary patch assets and related XML drawables and styles files that can be copied directly into your project.

  • Android Layout Binder
    The Android layout Binder converts your Android XML layout file into a series of declarations that bind to save all human input. Type a prefix, select the range you want to paste on the XML file, and click Generate. Select "Verbose" to find out the reason for all skipped areas.

  • Apkanalyser
    This is a static, virtual analysis tool that gives you a comprehensive overview of your application's architecture. You can use it to check the API reference documentation to see if the application is dependent and the deserialization bytecode. Apkanalyser is a complete open source toolchain that allows you to modify the binary code of your application, and you can repackage, install, run, and verify the results of Logcat.

UI components
    • Actionbarsherlock
      A powerful Actionbar component (not just actionbar). Android 4.0+ is implemented using the native action Bar, a low version of Android emulation. Strong to no language, must be concerned about an open source component.

    • Slidingmenu
      An excellent side-slip menu component. Google +, YouTube and Facebook have been popular in their applications, and many applications such as NetEase News have adopted this menu. There are several types of side-slip menu components, especially in this section. Look at the official website of the well-known users will know.

  • Android-universal-image-loader
    A powerful and flexible library for loading, caching, and displaying pictures.

  • Android-viewpagerindicator
    Sliding pages are almost standard for domestic applications, especially when you first install/launch the app, there are always several introductory pages that let you slide the display. Use it, and it will not disappoint you.

  • Android-pulltorefresh
    You're not a stranger. Drag at the top or bottom of the list or view to refresh the data and page. Can be used with ListView, Expandablelistview, GridView, WebView, ScrollView, Horizontalscrollview, Viewpager.

  • Picasso
    Powerful image download and cache library.

  • Android-bootstrap
    Bootstrap-style buttons. Use the font awesome icon fonts.

  • Facebook-android-sdk
    The SDK provided by Facebook allows you to integrate Facebook into your app.

  • Android-bootstrap
    Different from the android-bootstrap above. This project is a template for an Android application, equivalent to the functionality of a scaffold.

  • Androidstaggeredgrid
    Want to do waterfall streaming applications? Use it.

  • Cardslib
    A card-style layout control. Remember the former Youdao Dictionary of the default page is this layout.

  • PhotoView
    ImageView extension, supports indenting and gestures.

  • Listviewanimations
    Adds animations to the ListView and also provides the ability to swipe to delete selected items. Delete Actions like Android Mail.

  • Ion
    Another image loads the library asynchronously. At least three are recommended, many wheels.

  • Android-menudrawer
    Another component of a sliding menu.

  • Android-swipelistview
    Another listview extension that supports sliding operations.

  • Android-pulltorefresh
    Another component that drags the refresh. It's a lot more than that. Because some features do have a number of good implementations.

  • Crouton
    Other than toast to choose from.

  • Stickylistheaders
    The header can be fixed by the component. See.

  • Drag-sort-listview
    Drag reorder in ListItem. Developers have given up on maintenance but there are still a lot of followers.

  • Freeflow
    A layout engine produced by Comcast. Freeflow makes it easy for you to customize layouts and beautiful conversion animations.
    See Comcast good excitement, because he is the author of the company's largest customer.

  • Fadingactionbar
    Folding style of Actionbar. Speaking of Actionbar, the first choice is not actionbarsherlock?

  • Android-viewflow
    A view that can be scrolled horizontally.

  • Android-flip
    You can achieve a page-like effect similar to Flipboard.

  • Android-times-square
    Date selection component from square.

  • Circular-progress-button
    The Ring progress bar button.

  • Android-viewbadger
    Adds badger to the view. Can do a better watch.

  • Androidviewanimations
    Beautiful animation of the view.

  • Android-slideexpandablelistview
    There is a expandablelistview component that can be slid.

  • Pinned-section-listview
    The GroupName moves to the top and is fixed until another groupname reaches the top Expandlistview

  • Android-process-button
    A cool component that shows a nice progress bar at the bottom of the button, just like Gmail.

  • Android-betterpickers
    A better time and date library.

  • Staggeredgridview
    Waterfall Stream. Similar to Pinterest.

  • Progresswheel
    Loop progress bar.

  • Calligraphy
    Fonts are easier to use in Android.

  • Android-satellite-menu
    A menu similar to path.

  • Android-actionbarstylegenerator
    Action Bar style online production.

  • Supertoasts
    The extended toast.

  • Glassactionbar
    Ction Bar with a frosted glass effect.

  • Graphview
    You can produce a reduced line graph and a histogram.

  • Stickygridheaders
    A grid of headers and partitions can be fixed.

  • Blureffectforandroiddesign
    A demonstration of the blur effect.

    • Arcmenu
      Another circular menu similar to path.

    • Cropper
      The image is cut and rotated.

    • Android-appmsg

    • Chromeview
      The Android WebView component is implemented, but is based on the latest chromium code.

    • Standout
      It's easy to create a pop-up window.

    • Android-iconify
      Integrated Fontawesome.

    • Android-gif-drawable
      Look at the name and you'll know.

    • Numberprogressbar
      Beautiful with a digital progress bar.

    • Android-swipetodismiss
      Demo ListView Slide Delete.

    • Shimmer-android
      Flashes a glowing text box.

    • Holocolorpicker
      Holo-style color picker.

    • Android-crop
      Image clipping

    • Android-edittext-validator
      text box Check

    • Multichoiceadapter
      The ListView supports multiple selections.

    • Pinterestlikeadapterview
      Waterfall Stream.

    • Mpandroidchart
      Very good charting tool.

    • Android-action-bar-icons
      Icon Resource.

    • Android-undobar

    • Android-pdfview

    • Androidcharts
      Chart control

    • Android-charts
      A chart control implemented by people in Taiwan

    • Descharts
      Chart control

XY Chart

    • Pinnedheaderexpandablelistview
      A Expandablelistview, the head can be fixed, and can be stretched.

    • Xcl-charts
      People produce, chart control, a lot of kinds.

    • Pulltozoominlistview
      Slide the ListView so its Headerview follows the slide zoom.

    • Notboringactionbar
      The top can be shrunk when dragged.

    • Fancycoverflow

    • Transparent-over-animtabsview
      Imitate NetEase Cloud Music

    • Letterimageview
      An android-like mail app with an initial letter as a picture.

    • Chromium-webview-samples
      WebView example.

Class Library
    • roboguice
      Google Guice Framework implementation on Android platform. What's the matter, Guice? It is a spring-like IOC framework. What is the IOC? Forget it, you should learn the basics of Java first.

    • android-async-http
      Android HTTP client components that support asynchronous, callback-based implementations of the Apache HTTP client.

    • androidannotations
      introduces annotations to Android development, greatly reducing code, and better maintaining code.

    • Retrofit
      Type-safe RESTful client library.

    • Dagger
      A fast Dependency injection library. This square company has a lot of component libraries. Square is the start-up of a mobile-paying company.

    • okhttp
      or square produced, Http+spdy client.

    • Eventbus
      A publishing subscription framework optimized for Android, Event bus mode. Data can be exchanged between activity, Fragment, and background threads.

    • butterknife
      is designed to inject a library into a view.

Class Exampleactivity extends Activity {@InjectView( EditText username;  @InjectView( EditText password; @OnClick void Submit () {//TODO Call server...} @Override  Public void onCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {Super. OnCreate (savedinstancestate); Setcontentview (r.layout.simple_activity); Butterknife.inject (this); //TODO use ' injected ' views ...}}

  • Robospice
    A modular Android class library that makes it easier to write asynchronous long-running tasks.

  • **
    An enhanced based Guava Event Bus library. Square produced.

  • Androidasync
    It is also an asynchronous processing library that supports socket,http (Client+server), WebSocket and, based on NiO.

  • Activeandroid
    Active record style operation for Android SQLite database.

  • Androidquery
    jquery is familiar. This is the Android version of jquery.

  • Greendao
    A lightweight, fast ORM solution. Manipulate the SQLite database.

  • Bolts-android
    A set of underlying libraries.

  • Scaloid
    greatly reduce the code of Android, easier to maintain.

  • Conceal
    Facebook's fast encryption class.

  • Android-common
    A toolkit implemented by people in the ROC.

  • Xutils
    A toolkit implemented by people in the ROC.

  • Android-priority-jobqueue
    The job queue produced by path.

  • Android-sqlite-asset-helper
    Database helper classes. This includes creating and upgrading the database.

  • Tape
    A group of queue classes. Square produced.

  • Spring-android
    Not much to say.

  • Joda-time-android
    Optimized for Android

  • Spydroid-ipcamera
    Use your collection as a monitoring device.

  • ACRA
    Acra is a library of functions that allows Android apps to automatically emit Googledoc-format crash reports. Android developers can get data on application crashes or bad behavior via ACRA. If a crash occurs, your app will not add user reminders beyond the existing system crash reminders or reporting capabilities. If you use Toast, status alert bar, or Direct dialog mode, this "force close" dialog will no longer be displayed, even if the device's alert function on the native system is turned on, it cannot send a separate report.

The most popular Android components encyclopedia

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