The page appears when SharePoint 2013 uses Office Web Apps to view or edit Office documents: "Sorry, there was a problem" error

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When SharePoint uses Office Web Apps to view or edit Office documents, the page appears: "Sorry, there was a problem" error

The page appears when SharePoint 2013 uses Office Web Apps to view or edit Office documents: "Sorry, there was a problem" error

This problem is caused by the use of the System account login site.

Replace other account login problem resolution.

Other errors include the following:

If Office Web Apps does not work correctly when used in conjunction with SharePoint 2013, review the following symptoms and expand the appropriate headings to find corrective steps.

Issue: When you select the new document link in the SharePoint library, you are prompted to upload a document instead of giving you the option to create a new Office document. Select (click) an Office document will open this file in the client application. Previews of Office documents will not be displayed.

Here are some troubleshooting options that you can try out.

Confirm that the SharePoint WEB application used to create a new document uses claims-based authentication

A WEB application that uses claims-based authentication only can open files in Office Web apps. To determine the authentication provider for the WEB application, follow these steps:

1. In the SharePoint 2013 Central Administration Center, click Manage Web applications.

2. Select the Web application that you want to check, and then click Validate Provider in the Ribbon.

The authentication provider must appear as claims-based authentication for Office Web apps to work properly with the Web application. To resolve this issue, you can either delete the Web application and recreate it using claims-based authentication, or you can change the authentication method for the Web application. For more information, see SharePoint Authentication requirements for Office Web Apps.

Make sure that the WOPI zone matches on SharePoint 2013 and on the Office Web Apps server farm.

To do this, run the following command in SharePoint Server:


The result will be one of the following:





Next, run the following command in SharePoint Server.


In the output, look for "Wopizone: Zone". If the result from Get-spwopizone does not match the region returned by Get-spwopibinding, run the Set-spwopizone-zone cmdlet on SharePoint Server to change the WOPI zone to the The results of the get-spwopibinding match. For help with using these cmdlets, see Get-spwopibinding, Set-spwopibinding, and Get-spwopizone.

Issue: You receive a "Sorry, this article cannot open an edit" error when you try to edit an Office document in office Web Apps.

In some cases, a user who is a member of an Active Directory security group may not be able to edit the document in the browser. The solution is to ensure that the user profile Service application (UPA) is configured correctly and is fully synchronized with users and group members. For more information, see Knowledge Base article in SharePoint 2013 security group member users cannot edit Office Web Apps 2013 files.

Issue: When you try to view Office documents in Office Web Apps, you receive a "Sorry, a problem has occurred" error.

Make sure that you are not logged on as a system account, or you will not be able to edit or view the document. Please log in as a different user and try to access Office Web Apps again.

Issue: When you try to view Office documents in Office Web Apps, you receive a "Sorry, there is a problem, this document cannot be opened" error.

If you set up Office Web Apps in a test environment that uses HTTP, be sure to set the Allowoauthoverhttp setting to True, such as Step 5: Change allowoauthoverhttp settings in SharePoint 2013 As described in True.

If you use the New-officewebappshost cmdlet to add a domain to the Allow list, be sure to access Office Web Apps from the host domain in the Allow list. To view the host domains in the Allow list, open the Windows PowerShell prompt as an administrator on the Office Web Apps Server and run the Get-officewebappshost cmdlet. To add a domain to the Allow list, use the New-officewebappshost cmdlet.

Issue: When you try to view Office documents in Office Web apps, you receive a "Sorry, the Word Web App cannot open this document because the service is busy." Please retry "error later.

Did you accidentally install Office Web Apps Server on a domain controller? Unfortunately, Office Web Apps Server cannot run on a domain controller. Office Web Apps Server must be installed on a separate server that is part of a domain. For more information, see Software, hardware, and configuration requirements for Office Web Apps Server.

Make sure that you are running SharePoint 2013 version 15.0.4420.1017 or a later version. On a SharePoint 2013 server, follow these steps to verify the version number:

1. Go to start > All Programs > Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Products > SharePoint 2013 Central Administration.

2. Select "System Settings" > "Manage Servers in this farm".

Verify that the metabase version is 15.0.4420.1017 or later. If not, go to office, Office servers, and related product update Centers for more information.

Issue: When you try to use a user-generated URL to view Office documents in Office Web Apps, you receive a "File not found." The URL of the original file is invalid, or the document is not publicly accessible. Verify that the URL is correct, and then contact the document owner "error."

Are you trying to open a document that has a file size greater than ten MB from a user-generated URL? Make sure that the document size does not exceed ten megabytes.

Issue: The Office document preview does not appear in SharePoint 2013, but instead displays the error "This content cannot be displayed in the frame."

Running out of memory can cause problems with the Office document preview. Review hardware requirements-WEB servers, application servers, and single-server installations to understand the memory requirements for SharePoint 2013. These requirements are the same as the requirements used by Office Web Apps Server.

Issue: You see the error "Data connection is set to always use the connection file, {0:excelwebapp} does not support external connection files." The following connections cannot be refreshed: data connections. ”

This error occurs because Office Web Apps Server does not support Office Data connection (ODC) files that store data connection information. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

1. Open the workbook in the Excel client application.

2. Click Data > Connect.

3. Select the data connection listed in the message, and then click Properties.

4. Click the "Definition" tab.

5. Clear the Always use Connection files check box.

6. Upload the workbook to the SharePoint document library again.

To allow users to interact with the Power view view in a workbook or browser window that contains a data model, configure Excel Services in SharePoint Server to display workbooks. This requires the SharePoint administrator to run the New-spwopisupressionsetting cmdlet on the server where SharePoint server is installed. For more information, see New-spwopisuppressionsetting and Managing Excel Services in SharePoint Server 2013.

SharePoint 2013 uses Office Web Apps to view or edit Office documents when the page appears: "Sorry, there was a problem" error

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