The Replace method in JavaScript

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1 The first time found in JavaScript replace () method if directly with Str.replace ("-", "!") Only the first matching character will be replaced.
2 and Str.replace (/\-/g, "!") You can replace all the matching characters (G is the global flag).
5replace ()
6The replace () method returns the string so results when you replace text matching its-argument
7 (a regular expression) with the text of the second argument (a string).
8If the G (global) flag is isn't set in the regular expression declaration.
9occurrence of the pattern. For example,
11var s = "Hello." Regexps are fun. "; s = S.replace (/\./, "!"); Replace the period with a exclamation pointalert (s);
13produces the string "hello! Regexps are fun. " Including the G flag would cause the interpreter to
14perform a global replace, finding and replacing every matching substring. For example,
16var s = "Hello." Regexps are fun. "; s = S.replace (/\./g, "!"); Replace all periods with exclamation pointsalert (s);
18yields This result: "hello! Regexps are fun! "

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