The sense of learning PHP development site to the bottleneck, technology do not know how to break through, I hope the great God to recommend a few books, thank you!

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From the HTML small white to PHP, just beginning to feel php to do the site is very simple, but later the more I feel the knowledge is not enough, the site is far from the message board, login registration so simple.

I don't know much about these technologies at the moment:

  1. Server operations, website deployment, technical architecture

  2. PHP Advanced technology, timed tasks, queues (I've been using PHP as a "static" language for a long time, no one's access is dead) composer Docker Ionic PhoneGap

  3. MySQL Transaction, advanced

  4. Other databases NoSQL memcached Redis MongoDB

  5. CSS3 HTML5 HTML5 new features HTML5 website ANGULARJS Framework react Framework Requirejs CommonJS

  6. Nodejs npm Grunt tool git GitHub

  7. E-commerce website system design knowledge, large concurrency, second-kill system design

  8. Search technology, Ernie needs to fix my current SQL Word link '% $q% '

  9. Linux PHP Environment deployment, optimization. Linux Lamp environment optimization, common Web Software environment configuration, installation

  10. Design patterns, algorithms

That's what I'm eager to learn.

I want to learn all about web development, front end and back end, some people say that if you feel yourself to the bottleneck period, then it is time to read, hope the great God to me know, recommend a few books. The front and back end of the actual combat basis can be. Thank you!

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