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Follow these steps to create a ANGULARJS application

Step 1th: Load the frame

As a pure JavaScript framework, it can be added using the <script> tag.

<script src= "Http://" >

Step 2nd: Use the NG-APP directive to define ANGULARJS applications

<div ng-app= "" > ...

Step 3rd: The schema name defined with the Ng-model directive

<p>enter your name: <input type= "text" ng-model= "Name" ></p>

Step 4th: Define the value bindings in the above model with the ng-bind instruction

<p>hello <span ng-bind= "name" ></span>!</p>

Follow these steps to run the ANGULARJS application

Use the three steps mentioned above in the HTML page.




Open textangularjs.html in a Web browser. Please enter a name and see the result.

How to integrate Angularjs with HTML

The Ng-app instruction indicates the beginning of the ANGULARJS application.

The Ng-model directive creates a model variable named "name" in an HTML page and has Ng-app instructions used within the DIV.

Ng-bind uses the model name as long as the user input in the text box appears in the HTML span label.

The end of the </div> token represents the end of the Angularjs application.

The above is angularjs simple application, follow-up to continue to collate relevant information, thank you for your support to this site.

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