The special role of the reverse proxy in the app's access to 3g/4g via a non-line

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    because of some requirements, to temporarily build a local network, to a small range of mobile clients to provide specific network services, such services typically contain common HTTP services, data file download service, restful interface services, etc. Common non-enterprise-class wifi mifi 3g/4g Span style= "font-family: the song Body;" > wifi routing provides network support if app You need to download some off-line packets, Such networks are prone to collapse. To support a large number of users, you can only increase the number of wifi

    The following is an introduction to the use of reverse proxies to cache big data, reducing wifi restful internet the method.

    See, left side is for app internet environment. On the local area network, the dashed line represents app and internet web Interface, this connection is just a short connection, provides a small amount of data for the interface service, and accesses the internet

The key device in this diagram is the reverse proxy server (Reverse proxy), which is also required as a DNS server. After simulation, using nginx to provide reverse proxy function, in nginx Configuration, add the data (installation package, compressed package, picture, etc.) files of the local directory, the API interfaces are forwarded to the Internet for data and logical processing by more powerful cloud servers . The configuration of Nginx can be referenced as follows:

    server {        listen       ;        server_name;         Location/{        proxy_pass;        }    Location ~ \.zip$ {         root   cachefiles;    }    Location ~ \.apk$ {         root   cachefiles;    }                  Error_page   502 503 504  /50x.html;        Location =/50x.html {            root   html;        }    }

The advantages of using this network and software configuration model are as follows:

1, LAN equipment configuration requirements are relatively low

2,high repeatability, easy to operate, can quickly replicate multiple identical networks

3, the local data transmission speed is fast, to 3g/4g Access does not produce the pressure

4, the user experience is good, the real realization of seamless access, including the data packet and interface seamless access

5. No need to repeat the data synchronization caused by the sub-network segment

The above contents are still in the theoretical and experimental stage, and need to be verified by the recent practical operation. Please correct me!

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