The stability of the server determines the ranking of the website, you konw?

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The stability of the server determines the ranking of the website, youkonw?

With the development of the Society, Network technology, online transactions, online exchanges more and more, then involved in the construction of the station, then the site ranking how to be good, specific factors of influence, you know?

Want to make the site ranking good, light optimization is far from enough, no matter you optimize the better, the website server is not stable, the site ranking is not up to, that site server selection should pay attention to what matters? Let's take a look at some tips from the Web site expert:

Suggestion one, free of unreliable.

The reality inevitably found that some owners in order to save money, or feel their own site space is small, not worth the use of paid server, then you are wrong, if your site choose a free domain name space, it is difficult to be indexed by search engines. Baidu search engine new algorithm will think, for those who use free space site is because stationmaster do not pay attention to these sites, so search engine will task, included these sites also appear to have no meaning, of course, there is an exception, if your website features welcome words, search engine included is not impossible.

Second, we must pay attention to quality.

The quality of a website server, at any time reflect the stability of this site. Do not for greed petty, and pound foolish, when people I said here do not save money is not to say that the purchase of expensive, this depends on the site's space and the stability of the server, the same server, the same size of space, of course, the cheaper the better.

Recommendation three, learn to judge.

Search engine is a very good tool, we choose the server business, you can first put the name of the business search engine, look at these businesses, is not a lot of negative comments, if so, you have to be careful. Of course, if you really do not know how to judge the time, and you have friends around the site, you can ask them to help, see where the host or server will be better, so you can avoid a lot of detours.

Proposal four, do not hang in a tree to die.

If your site does not know a word, it is recommended that you do not buy that one host space, even if the host space is very good, do not be afraid of trouble, change a better, will be good server supplier more than that one, so you can avoid, when a website server error, Other sites are also able to use the normal, and not, all the sites are not open when you are in that blind hurry.

Recommend five, do a good job in the maintenance of the website later.

When the site domain name space selection, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, we should do a good job at any time to maintain the work, such as the most commonly used in the site backup work, no matter when the site backup is very important, here remind don't like to prepare

Part of the webmaster must pay attention to correction, the role of backup is when the site error, you can restore the shortest possible time, to ensure that your site faster and better operation.

Suggestion six, suit oneself, is the best.

Survey found that the use of foreign servers in recent years, merchants have become more and more, it is recommended that the vast number of webmaster friends, in order to the healthy development of their own website, the best choice is a server of their own website, for example, you are Shenzhen merchants, your network

Station is mainly targeted at the Shenzhen Internet users, this time if the use of foreign servers, is undoubtedly not the best choice, of course, if your site is a foreign trade industry site, then you can consider using foreign server space. (to consider the website should not be filed)

Recommended seven, familiar with the host business policy.

Whether it is a domestic host or foreign host, there are a number of provisions need our own to grasp, that is, in the purchase of products, it is necessary to see the server's terms of service, such as the number of files, traffic and CPU indicators, and so on, these need to be based on the circumstances of their own site to be determined, Do not look at the direct tick

Recommend eight, maximize the use of host resources.

This is especially important for overseas hosts, especially most of them are unlimited number of stations, this time, we need to optimize the site, so that we can build more sites in the same host, to maximize the use of resources, which also need to be familiar with the premise of policy

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