The strongest and most complete dry share: Android Development books, tutorials, tools, etc.

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All-in-one sharing, this article collects books, tutorials, tools, information, and weekly resources for Android development that will benefit you at every stage of your Android development journey.

Getting Started
"Learning Android (Chinese version)"
This book is an introductory book for Android, and provides an overview of how to make use of Android's basic artifacts to implement the necessary requirements for building user interfaces, storing data, and connecting to networks. The author uses the application of a kind of Twitter as the main line, and explains it by constantly adding functions. This learning process has accumulated a library of code patterns that can be used flexibly in real-world Android application development. The contents of this book include, but are not limited to: Android Platform overview, Android Design architecture, Android development environment configuration, basic Android user interface build, UI component organization method, build service to perform background tasks and update data, Aidl and NDK introduction, etc.
"Android Siege Lion's first lesson-Getting Started (Chinese video)"
The course covers all Android application development, based on the role of skill points divided into 5 chapters, including the environment, control, layout, component and general, the goal of this course is "to understand, learn, to do", for the follow-up study lay a solid foundation.
"Mississippi R. Valley State University: Android app Development (English video, Chinese subtitles)"
The course presentation is based on application development on the Android platform and is divided into six modules that cover the Android platform overview and its basic components, the initial authoring of Android applications, and the reception and display of network data. With this course, you will have a good understanding of the Android platform, how to use the Android platform, and further study the learning direction of the platform.
"Android app hack and two packaging process secrets"
As the packing party is rampant in recent years, many excellent apps have been hacked into the source code, and have been injected into the market two times after the SDK or deduction codes. For developers without security experience, it might be considered a very difficult process to hack the APK. Love Cryptography Technician Demonstrates how an app is embedded in the AD SDK and packaged two times. With a simple 10-minute process demo we can see that unprotected apps are not safe, and a team of 1 years of Labor has been wiped out in minutes.
The second course of Android siege Lion-1th quarter (Chinese video)
The course takes you to the development and use of Android's common controls, with a knowledge-driven, instance-code driver that leads you into a magical mobile development world.
The second course of Android Siege Lion-2nd quarter (Chinese video)
The course will take you familiar with the debugging methods commonly used in Android development, various dialog boxes, various cue menus, various animation effects, etc. to further enrich your Android knowledge.

"Android Design and Implementation: Volume 1"
This book is a must-read for the advanced practice of Android application development engineers and Android system engineers. It is written by a senior Android kernel expert, from the source code point of view, systematic, deep, thorough analysis of the Android System Framework layer (framework) design ideas and implementation principles, It provides the original guidance for Android application engineers and system engineers to solve various problems in practical work. To reduce readers ' reading costs, Android design and implementation: Volume 1 uses a number of simple UML class diagrams and sequence diagrams to demonstrate the hierarchy of classes and the invocation process of methods, enabling readers to quickly read the design and implementation of Android: Volume 1 and understand its essence!

Explore in Depth
"In-depth understanding of Android: Volume 1"
This is a book that in-depth analysis of Android's source code in a contextual way. Broad content, to the framework layer of the analysis of the main, taking into account the native layer and the application layer; Analysis in depth, each part of the source code analysis to strive for thorough, targeted, focus on practical application development needs, The knowledge points covered in the book are important to Android app developers and system developers.
"In-depth understanding of Android: Volume 2"
The 2nd of the "in-depth understanding of Android" series. "In-depth understanding of Android: Volume 2" Not only inherited the advantages of the 1th book and corrected its shortcomings in the fine place, but also in the overall thinking of writing innovation, more emphasis from the system Designer's point of view to analyze the Android system within the various modules of the implementation of the principle and working mechanism. Specifically, the focus is on the Java layer of the Android framework, which provides in-depth and detailed analysis of the core modules and services involved in the Java layer. With an in-depth understanding of Android: Volume 2, readers can understand not only the Android system itself, but also the ability to analyze large, complex source code.
"Android App performance optimization"
Today's Android app developers often do their best to improve program performance. As applications become more complex, the problem is becoming more and more tricky. "Android App performance optimization" focuses on how to optimize applications quickly and efficiently, making applications stable and efficient, and you'll learn to use the Android SDK and NDK to mix or separate Java, C/D + + applications. The Android App performance optimization also explains the basics of some OpenGL optimizations and the Fundamentals of Renderscript (the new features of Android), the skills to use the SDK to optimize the Java code of the application, and the techniques to improve performance by using memory efficiently ; Techniques for prolonging battery life, timing and techniques for using multithreading, and techniques for evaluating profiling code.
"Android software security and reverse analysis"
The software security, reverse analysis and encryption and decryption technology of Android system are explained in a gradual and progressive way. Includes the necessary knowledge and concepts in reverse analysis and system security of Android software, how to statically analyze Android software, how to dynamically debug Android software, the hack and anti-cracking technology of Android software, and a comprehensive analysis of typical Android viruses.

Tools and Resources
Official Resources

Android Developer Center
Official documentation for Android development. That's not much to say.
Android Design Guide (official English version)) (Unofficial Simplified Chinese version )
Guide you through the design of an Android app. It covers Android app design principles, UI overviews, styles, patterns, and control design.

Technical Questions
Stack Overflow。 Stack Overflow Androidtab pageIncluding very complete information, very valuable reference!
Weekly and aggregated
Android Weekly (English)
Weekly Update for Android Development weekly. Content includes: development information, technical articles, app design, tools, and more.

Tools and Development library
Android Open source tools and libraries
The most popular Android open source tools and development library on GitHub.
Android Vulnerability Detection Tool
Powerful Android application vulnerability detection Tool, one-click Upload Analysis Vulnerability, a key to generate security analysis report, there are loopholes in time to check, no loopholes in advance to prevent, Android developers must!

The strongest and most complete dry share: Android Development books, tutorials, tools, etc.

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