The Swift Programming language‑in Chinese version (all translations have been completed. html

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The Swift Programming Language Chinese version (The full translation has been completed). Html

Swift Chinese translation group: 364279588 (interested in translation)
Swift interest exchange group: 336146073 and 307017261
Group of Chinese iOS Developers Association: 336146073

Swift developer community

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This time synchronizes China with the world

It is A.M. on June 17, June 12. I spent a whole night checking the final version, and finally I could come up with a release version on June 12.

In 9 days, there were 1317 stars and 310 forks. Over 30 people participated in the translation and proofreading work, and the highest ranking of the Project was 4th on GitHub.

I have imagined many times when the verification was completed. Are you still in tears? At this moment, I realized that fatigue does not allow me to feel any emotion.

To be honest, when I started the project, I did not expect it to develop into today. At one time, I planned to translate the complete book by myself. Unexpectedly, There will be so many people willing to join and contribute their own strength.

When coverxit sent me the last document, coverxit said that I was going to recite words. I asked her if I was going to take level 6 exams on weekends? She said yes.

Pp-prog told me that these days were too tired. The school was half asleep and woke up and continued. At 02:17, send the completed documents to me.

Lifedim said that he would usually go to bed at 01:47 and send it to my proofread documents.

Everyone in the team has their own things, such as going to work, going to school, and starting a business. However, it takes only nine days for us to complete the translation of the entire book. I don't know how much people have paid and how much they have sacrificed, but I know that their contributions will be recorded in these words. Even in the next 10 or 20 years, they will continue to shine, never forgotten.

All personnel list (ranking in no particular order ):

  • Numbbbbb
  • Coverxit
  • Wh1100717
  • TimothyYe
  • Honghaoz
  • Hawstein
  • JaySurplus
  • Stanzhai
  • Lyuka
  • Geek5nan
  • Xielingwang
  • Yankuangshi
  • Dabing1022
  • Siemenliu
  • Fd5788
  • Youkugems
  • Haolloyin
  • Superkam
  • Vclwei
  • Sg552
  • Bzsy
  • Pyanfield
  • Ericzyh
  • 088 haizi
  • Viztor
  • Pp-prog
  • Baocaixiong
  • Marsprince
  • Shinyzhu
  • Happyming
  • Menlongsheng
  • Zq54zquan
  • Evilcome
  • Lslxdx
  • Yeahdongcn

    About Swift

    Swift is a new programming language used to write iOS and OS X applications. Swift combines the advantages of C and Objective-C and is not limited by C compatibility. Swift adopts a secure programming mode and adds many new features, which makes programming simpler, more flexible, and more interesting. Swift is based on mature and popular Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks and will redefine software development.

    Swift development started a long time ago. To lay a solid foundation for Swift, Apple improved the compiler, debugger, and framework structure. We use Automatic Reference count (ARC) to simplify memory management. We build and standardize the framework Stack Based on Foundation and Cocoa. Objective-C itself supports blocks, set syntax, and modules, so the framework can easily support modern programming language technology. Thanks to these basic work, we can now release such a new language for future Apple software development.

    Objective-C developers are not unfamiliar with Swift. It uses the naming parameters and Dynamic Object Model of Objective-C, which can seamlessly connect to the existing Cocoa framework and be compatible with Objective-C code. On this basis, Swift also has many new features and supports procedural and object-oriented programming.

    Swift is also very friendly for beginners. It is the first programming language that meets industrial standards and is as expressive and interesting as a scripting language. It supports code preview. This revolutionary feature allows programmers to run Swift code without compiling and running applications and view results in real time.

    Swift combines the essence of modern programming languages with the wisdom of Apple's engineer culture. The compiler optimizes the performance, and the programming language optimizes the development. The two are mutually independent. Swift can be used to develop small programs such as "hello, world" or a complete operating system. All these features make Swift a worthwhile investment for developers and apple.

    Writing iOS and OS X applications with Swift will be a wonderful experience, and Swift will continue to develop new features and compatibility. We have full confidence in Swift. What are you waiting!

  • The Swift Programming language‑chinese version. html

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